Why did RINJ Women tell Filipinos to evacuate? War is certain

“Cheer for USA weapons and gear pouring into Philippines all you want but… This is not a movie, not a K-pop video or a cartoon, leave the country before the war”

The balance between subsistence and existence for families in the Philippines is worse than being precarious. Millions are food insecure, many to a life threatening extreme.

Filipinos who are able have been fleeing the country en masse. The most able to depart are skilled workers and professionals like nurses and doctors. But there are many countries that seek both skilled and unskilled workers for a long-term commitment. After three years in some instances, families can get their citizenship in their new home. It is all about commitment.

The nurses are doing the right thing. They were killed in huge numbers by COVID-19 and generally it is considered that the nurses in the Philippines have been massively abused. Probably this was a crime. They are poorly equipped, underpaid, and overworked and face nearly hopeless prospects for raising a family in the Philippines that just got worse when the powers that be decided to use the Philippines as the base for an American war against China. The former President Duterte insists the Philippines should have remained neutral.

U.S. Navy “Admiral John Aquilino, commander of the Indo-Pacific Command, told a House Armed Services Committee hearing that Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, North Korean missile tests and the threat of violent extremism have all increased the risk of war.

China, he said, remains the only serious competitor capable of combining its military power with advanced technology to displace the United States as the world’s leading superpower. Citing the reputable Washington Times.

USA Weapons pour into Philippines

“China is capable of combining its military power with advanced technology to displace the United States as the world’s leading superpower,” said the Admiral.  That is why America wants the Philipines. It does not want to fight China from its own territory and start to look like bombed-out Donbass, Ukraine in a few weeks. Let that be the Philippines in ruins, not the USA.

This is why the RINJ Foundation women decided, just like they did in Ukraine urging women and kids to leave the Ukraine a year ago, now urging Filipinos to leave the country now or as soon as possible.

“Evacuate as soon as you are able because war is predicted within the year to a time 18 months ahead. America is doing a frantic build-up of military assets you are not being told about. Your government lies. The American occupation of the Philippines is now higher than it has ever been,” says Dale Carter, security Director of the Philippines.

“The problem that we face is that there are no humanitarian resources sufficient to cope with the humanitarian disaster the Philippines is headed for if it maintains this path. Already the fisherfolk have been denied access to their fishing grounds by the Americans during the year’s most bountiful fishing season. Not by the Chinese but by the Americans so they can have their naval and aviation exercises along the Luzon coast on the South China Sea,” explains Ms. Carter.

“The best thing women and their families can do is leave the country now. War is coming. Be sure of that.”

F-16 Fighting Falcons Clark Air Base, Philippines, May 2, 2023

F-16 Fighting Falcons Clark Air Base, Philippines, May 2, 2023. Photo by Airman 1st Class Sebastian Romawac. Photo is cropped. Photo-Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine


The domino effect of China’s bullying is about to slam China and the Philippines like a Tsunami. Bullies must never prosper.

China should rue the day in 2012 when it began bullying Philippines fisherfolk making it dangerous to head out to sea toward traditional fishing grounds to get a catch of small fish to help feed the millions of hungry Filipinos who rely in the nation’s fisherfolk.

“I think one needs to be a humanitarian worker in the field for a long time to understand the devastating impact of state-sponsored wrongful behaviour,” suggests Katie Alsop of RINJ Women, a global women’s rights group.

“I have seen horrible conduct in many places of the world like the Islamic State bringing psychopath surgeons to steal organs from living and the dead on the second floor of the Ibn Sena hospital in Mosul, Iraq, to sell on the black market for a literal fortune. Then going back further in time there was Bashar Al Assad killing kids and posting the bloody videos on YouTube and elsewhere. That can be blamed on psychopathy, but what about massive state-sponsored wrongdoings?” she added.

China’s deprivation of Filipino children of small fish is a major crime against humanity.

“Maybe the worst crime against humanity I have seen yet is the deliberate deprivation of tens of thousands if not millions of simple folks by choking off the fisherfolk in the Philippines from their traditional fisheries by the Chinese paramilitary,” she said.

So why is that so bad?

The impact is insidious. Half the kids five and under in the Philippines are stunted.

In the same five year period the Chinese have been vigorously assaulting or just blocking simple fisherfolk vigorously. Small fish have been missing from the food diversity. Protein food is missing. That is a disaster over time. Put a gun to someone’s head and pull the trigger is obvious murder. This is insidious murder. Genocide in a stretch.

Why is that important to the children? Nutritional protein.

What about it? Well, the diet of rural provinces is local grown vegetables. Wonderful. Where does the protein come from? Small fish.

“I am blaming corrupt and greedy government officials with impunity and a prevailing class discrimination mindset as well as the Chinese stifling of the flow of balanced nutrition thus creating such a massive number of small children whose growth is stunted,” said the Executive Director of the RINJ.org.

“Nutrition and health care are going to hit bottom in the Philippines as the government enjoys and spends American bucks and lets the Americans occupy the country for a war with China,” added Ms. Alsop. “War kills women and children more than the men who create and fight wars.”

While the forecast growth for the Philippines is around 6.25%, as of 12 May, inflation is far out of control and will eat that 6.25% and then some. People are going hungry in the millions.

If North America really wanted to help the Philippines, it would deal with some dire problems like the EU once tried to do before it became a hegemon competitor to the USA and China.

Philippines Infant Mortality: 17.5  Infant Deaths Per 1,000 Live Births
In Canada that number is 4, in the USA that number is 5. (all countries)

Philippines Deaths Under Age 5: 24.8  deaths per 1,000 Live Births
In Canada that number is 5, in the USA that number is 6. (all countries)


“The point is that the population of the Philippines lives within a shallow balance of subsistence. I am not talking about the wealthy in Davao, Cebu and Manila-region where crime is a way of life, mining the working population in the provinces, but the vast island agriculture regions where one finds the majority of the 113,739,973 population living (estimate as of Friday, 12 May 2023),” explained Ms. Alsop.

A stunted child has a low height for their age due to malnutrition and perhaps repeated infections and illness. The World Health Organization categorizes kids who are stunted as those whose height is lower than regional average for their age, and at least two standard deviations below the WHO’s Child Growth Standards Median.

  • Poor nutrition due to lack of diverse foods
  • Poor sanitation and little or no access to clean drinking water.
  • Lack of proper healthcare for children and their moms.

A parade of American leaders have been in Malacañang trying to charm the new leadership made up of the son of the worst dictator ever to plunder a country using the money gained in that thievery to get elected, and Rodrigo Duterte’s daughter as vice-president.

Current Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos was Rodrigo Duterte’s running mate in 2016. He was trounced by a genuine candidate, Leni Robredo, a renowned human rights champion who was then sidelined by Duterte for six years.

Both Duterte and Marcos are under investigation for serious human rights abuses in the past six years in the Philippines. Strange bedfellows for the Americans.

Evacuation alert for the Philippines

“In a steady, calm, calculated manner, plan to save your family by leaving the Philippines this year if you can, next year if that is what it takes. The probability of further mismanagement of the country, which is now beyond fragile, is grave. The Philippines is no longer neutral in the Sino/USA war but is now by its actions in a de facto condition of undeclared war,” says Israeli security analyst Simon Baldock from Tel Aviv.

“Helping women and children in war zones is what we do. The first and best way to save women and children in wars is to get them out of the war zone,” said Dale Carter.

“Women and Children in the Philippines are in grave future danger from a superpower war fought on Philippines territory and should immediately and calmly seek opportunities to leave the country and go stay with family abroad or start new lives until and if the safety is restored,” citing the RINJ Women statement: Women urged to take their children, leave the Philippines ASAP – The RINJ Foundation

“In the case of those Filipinos who cannot leave, in [this linked article] there are preparation guidelines that can be made before war begins.  The same steps will be useful for protecting families in the event of radical climate change weather extremes and other natural disasters. It is time to start taking that seriously as well. The Philippines is disaster-prone,” said Ms. Alsop.

How much time do you have?  Nobody knows. But all experts say war is ahead.

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