Philippines with USA troops on its soil is not an independent state

That is what the experts say, and they ask how many foreign troops does America allow on its soil? Zero.

The USA proudly brings its best weapons to the Philippines to fight China, including the $billion-USD-each Patriot Missile batteries.

A bevy of women’s safety NGOs including now urge women and girls to get their families out of the Philippines to live with family abroad or to get employment far from the Philippines pending-war zone. America, as in the past, brings rape, sex-slavery, brothels and leaves thousands of fatherless babies among the two millions of abandoned Amerasian and other children in 2023.

It should be noted that American families adopted 1,350 abandoned Filipino children between 2009 and 2015, according to the U.S. State Department.

Katie Alsop of The RINJ Foundation says the organization is beginning to ask for rape survivors in the Philippines to open up and expose some more of the American crimes of the past in the Philippines.

“American neocon politicians and Pentagon radical right men want to bring  weapons to the Philippines and have a war with China in the midst of the near global nuclear war America has already set in motion in Europe. That is the definition of insanity. America will rue the day it set its weapons on hundreds of millions of women and children of the world as you have done in Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, The Philippines, Ukraine, Iraq, and more,” she said on Monday. “But for now, Philippines women must save their families if they can.”

Nurses say they are at the ‘end of their tethers’. “Another war? I am out”

RSAC Nurse Karinna Angeles speaking to a crew of nurses said, “You add up what you have been through, the mass murders by the government and the death squads, the pandemic for which families had little to no help, the  American war in Ukraine, the killing of journalists and human rights advocates, the Americans’ past occupations, the wars, the red tagging, and now war with the only country that makes it possible to buy inexpensive masks, scrubs, sundry items, medicine and toys for the children—this next war, we may not survive! And the DoH want us to work our butts off for low money and risk dying as thousands of us have done already in the pandemic. Too many of us haven’t survived already. I am going to Nova Scotia. I am sorry but I am not being raped by another soldier or blown up and yet not having enough money to cover all the bills. The government gave away the Philippines to the Americans for a war with China and we must go to safety,” said Karinna, and 7 women around the table nodded as did those who had stopped to listen.

“America would not be manipulating Manila & occupying Philippines military bases if war was not expected. USA troops are back and there will be more rapes, brothels, child sex slavery and fatherless children. Women and children are no longer safe in PH.” – Twitter

USA Brings its best to Philippines to fight China from PHA U.S. Army MIM-104 Patriot surface-to-air missile system is fired for a coastal air defense event during Balikatan exercises 25 April 2023. U.S. Marine Corps photo by Cpl. Tyler Andrews. Map is from Google Maps. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine.

“The big question I have is how many thousands of military personnel will the United States need to bring into the Philippines to fight China. Already it looks like about 25,000 are at the dozen or so bases they occupy now, and more are in the 7th Fleet ready to land at a moment’s notice.  One scenary is that China will attack the Philippines and throw out the Americans. China’s mega-sized landing craft are just finishing sea trials,” said Dale Carter, Security Director for The RINJ Foundation which warns women and girls in the Philippines that they are at grave risk of starvation, death, slavery and sickness from just the “American occupation of the Philippines”, and the probability of a U.S. war with China.

“Why else would the Biden administration have helped get Marcos elected in the Philippines?” she speculated. has been unable to confirm the allegation that the USA helped the election of Marcos.

Video: This year America has restricted its more aggressive coverage of U.S. Forces preparing to fight China from the Philippines but in 2022 it was obvious what was happening.

Video cover, 25 April 2023, by U.S. Marine Corps Cpl. Tyler Andrews. Film shot 03.31.202 by Cpl. Joshua Brittenham during Exercise Balikatan.

The Experts who say, “Philippines with USA troops on its soil is not an independent state.” contacted three University defence and foreign affairs expert professors and none would speak on the record, but all were flabbergasted that Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos, they said, “lied to the Center for Strategic and International Studies last week saying that the 2014 Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA) and the military exercises and takeover of Philippines bases was to deal with the effects of climate change.

“The foreign minister of China just visited with me ,” said Ferdinand Marcos Jr. “I told him and I assured him that no, these are not intended to be military bases to attack, to move against anyone, any country, not China, not any country,” said Bongbong Marcos who was Rodrigo Duterte‘s failed former running mate, now the president of the Philippines next to Sara Duterte, the former president’s daughter.

“Do you know how bad this looks?” asked Israeli defence and foreign affairs security analyst Simon Baldock from Tel Aviv.

“Did Marcos use the money that his family stole from the Philippines to get Duterte and then himself, with America’s help, and Duterte’s daughter, elected?” asked the former Israeli intelligence officer.

“How much was Meta [Facebook] paid through all of this? It practically governs the Philippines. How much did the Biden Administration do to help Marcos get elected? This looks like American regime change. Why would the Filipinos not pick someone like Leni Robredo with a reputation for integrity, honesty instead of the most disreputed American-backed criminal dynasty in the world? Do the Filipinos realize that America is trying to engage China in a war on Philippines soil because otherwise China would obliterate American coastal cities in a heartbeat?” added Mr. Baldock who along with the University professors is raising a red flag over the American troop occupation of some dozen Philippines military bases.

“The Marcos network painstakingly seeded disinformation and reshaped the narrative surrounding the Marcoses on Facebook over the years prior, to build ‘an entire fortress of Marcos supporters'”

On Rappler’s special coverage, entitled, #WeDecide: Disinformation in the 2022 Philippine elections, Pauline Macaraeg, digital forensics and research specialist, underscored their findings on the disinformation network, particularly how Marcos’ network penetrated Facebook and benefited from the platform.

“Prior to the elections, we’ve been looking at the network of accounts doing campaigns, supporting different types of presidential candidates. We’ve looked at Facebook, Twitter, and Tiktok. From the data that we saw, we found out that the Marcos network, the network of his supporters, is really leading in Facebook and Tiktok,” Macaraeg said.

Citing Rochel Ellen BernidoRappler. 

“China in the South China Sea may be a pain, and their nine-dash-line absurd, but there are better data in history that decide who among the many nations claiming they own those stupid rocks jutting out of the shallow reefs here and there. They are worthless,” said Mr. Baldock in near exasperation over the idea of making war over what’s in a name, the Republic of China or The People’s Republic of China which is basically what the American-instigated Taiwan crisis is all about.

“Without management and conservation,” said Mr. Baldock,  “fisheries will not exist. China is forcing fishing territory management something for which it has yet to devise a management strategy or multinational agreement. As for oil and gas rights, nobody is that stupid. In neither Manila or Beijing can you walk around and breath the ambient polluted air without protection or without coughing your guts out. Oil and gas are not needed. Ocean surface wind turbine power and solar power and even nuclear are going to save the polluted air in Asia. Not oil and gas.  The people need to continue to discuss and solve their differences. And Taiwan was never a problem until Biden decided to antagonize the situation with “One-China” violations of sending senior officials to Taipei and not Beijing and selling billions of dollars’ worth of weapons to Taipei which doesn’t need them but makes deals to keep America spending gazillions of dollars at Taiwan’s microchip foundries and its massive electronics component sector. The American’s are not so smart as they think. The Chinese in Taiwan are not loving the American weapons. They hate them. They are loving the American money they are raking in,” he added with a chuckle.

“I like the suggestion of the RINJ Women that the military islands of China in the SCS could be converted to search and rescue bases and fisheries and other non military resource management. This could be led by China, the largest nation and the one that has already created the infrastructure. Roles could be shared with the ASEAN nations each having a management title and responsibility, should work. I don’t know why China has not done that. I know it was discussed in Beijing but somehow the squabbling drowned out the common sense,” added Mr. Baldock, who was recalling recent history over the past five years in response to a question.

Wind power not oil and gas rights in the SCS.

“Focus on wind power not oil and gas rights in the SCS,” says expert. A wind power project in China’s Hubei province. China has begun building the world’s largest floating wind farm off the coast of Hainan. Photo credit: Courtesy Sembcorp Industries

US military bases are a danger to the Philippines | The Manila Times

“Now five civil society organizations have urged women and children in the Philippines to calmly depart the incipient war zone in the coming months before war breaks out. The general consensus is that America has commit an act of war against China and that there will be retaliations against the threatening American forces occupying the Philippines,” said Mr. Baldock.

“China is about ready at this stage of its massive modernization project. What are the Americans going to do and how many Chinese can the Americans kill when millions keep rushing ashore at a time? This is pure madness. The Chinese are furious enough to take action despite their amazing patience and forbearance thus far,” he added.

Evacuation alert for the Philippines

Evacuation alert for the Philippines


The Philippines House of Representatives adjourned 22 March and will resume session Monday, 8 May 2023.

Teacher’s Representative France Castro said the Makabayan bloc, an opposition group of Filipino lawmakers to which she belongs, is considering filing a resolution for a Philippines congressional inquiry this week on the bilateral defense guidelines between the United States and the Philippines agreed to by Bongbong Marcos with Joe Biden leaving out Philippines lawmakers.

“Ang US naman in-exploit niya yung strategic location ng ating bansa to advance its geopolitical agenda to the detriment of the Filipino people,” Castro said. (The US is exploiting the strategic location of our country to advance its geopolitical agenda to the detriment of the Filipino people.)

The United States and the Republic of the Philippines Bilateral Defence Guidelines

Download: The-united-states-and-the-philippines-bilateral-defence-guidelines.