Medics confirm NATO surrogates ousted from Bakhmut

“Anger and severe bitterness fill the hearts of Donetsk people who once called Artemovsk their home. The hatred hisses from their teeth as they see the mess the ousted NATO surrogates left behind,” explained RINJ Women regional director in Donbass since 2013, Alona Adamovich has provided medical assistance to fighting men hiding in random Artemovsk buildings, left-behind fighters, of at least five nationalities, she said.

Video: Drone footage, the ruins of Bakhmut/Artemovsk. Source: @voenkorKotenok 

“The devastation of lives has been going on since 2012 when the government thugs raped Oksana Makar and burned her alive.  That was when we set up our first rape clinic here, in 2012. But the mass murder of Donetsk civilians in the past few months is ‘like the Nazis did in Russia in World War 2,’ is what one grandmother told me. She had refused to leave Artemovsk and when I came back to see if our shelter was destroyed, hers was the first wrecked home I visited,” reported one of the women who had operated a women’s shelter in this northwest corner of what was once the Donetsk People’s Republic but now is part of Russia.

“I am Ukrainian but what I have seen the Ukrainians and Americans do in Donetsk made me vomit many times,” she added. “I was beside Oksana in the burn unit when she died. I was an intern and that experience changed my life forever,” explained Alona Adamovich.

Lana sent me a CNN report that some Ukrainian and American soldiers were holding a little piece of western Artemovsk so we went there with some Donetsk militia soldiers and searched the area on foot and in vehicles to find out who lies about this. CNN is lying seriously. There are no Americans or Ukrainians there, no NATO. They are gone. They left a trail of broken things, clothes, uniforms, bullets, things that look like bombs, and rocket launchers behind them. The people of Donetsk, 70,000 of them, minus the thousands the West killed are getting their city back, what’s left of it. And the West and their lying media can go to hell. Their behaviour was disgusting. They killed, women, children, seniors, cats, dogs, chickens, cows, any sentient being that breathed, they killed.”

Bakhmut, Donetsk falls to Donetsk allies.

“Some structures can be saved,” explained humanitarian workers surveying the damage in Artemovsk (a.k.a. Bakhmut) in the northwest corner of Donetsk, Russia. Photo supplied by RINJ Regional Director Alona Adamovich. She supervised a team which like ‘point people’ for civil engineering teams from the Donetsk governorate surveyed the damage, which she reports is extreme. “All of the West’s troops still alive have been driven into the hills or are being hauled away for burial. We have seen evidence that many Americans, British, Ukrainians and Dutch lost their lives. Already souvenir collectors and venders can be seen trading their war-time haberdashery,” said Alona.

“Broken down American weapons and vehicles have been observed for weeks in the city and on the single road into the city,” she added.

Bakhmut, Donetsk falls to Donetsk allies.Map shows general region of Artemovsk controlled by Russian regular forces and Donetsk militiamen, defenders of the Donetsk governorate, formerly Donetsk PR.Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine