For the world, for Turkey, Recep Erdogan is the better candidate

The Republic of Türkiye is governed by painstakingly executed democratic processes to elect its officials. This has reached the democratic excitement of a run-off on Sunday at the presidential level. Neither candidate succeeded in achieving 50% of the vote two weeks ago in the general election although the incumbent was the closest of three contenders falling short by half a point.

“In a drastically changing multipolar world, radical change in government is ill-advised,” suggests Dale Carter, security director of The RINJ Foundation which specializes in helping women and girls in war zones.

“In Syria and in Iraq, we came to know the Turks as not only extremely helpful and supportive, but friends, and like the Russian soldiers, very helpful, when needed, in shepherding civilians out of harm’s way. We never asked of the Turks something and got a grumbling answer. I say this is about top-down leadership,” Ms. Carter added.

Erdogan and 2015 Opposition leader

Photo credit: TC Cumhurbaşkanlığı for Voice of America. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

According to then Turkish ambassador to Canada, Selçuk Ünal, in an interview with‘s Micheal John on 5 February, 2016 at the Turkish Embassy in Ottawa, the PKK / YPG are actually one and the same organization.

“YPG is the name that is used in Syria,” said his Excellency, “and PKK is the name that is used in Türkiye.”

“This was confirmed in ar Raqqa by at least a dozen PKK/YPG/YPJ fighters our humanitarian workers had come to know. Many of these girls were eventually helped to escape into Europe and a sane, life of freedom, education and peace. Hundreds. And that did not go over big with the USA which had exploited the child soldiers and had not foreseen their finding an underground railroad,” explained Dr. Nassima al Amouri, medical director for the region.

“In Turkey I am PKK but in Syria I am YPG“, a Kurdish fighter told the civil society medical group RINJ Women which provided medical attention to conflict survivors, many being children, in the formerly ISIS-occupied Syrian city of ar Raqqa in early 2017.

Breaking a Silence on the Child Soldiers the USA exploited to Fight ISIS. Thousands were killed as the UN looked the other way. And then it didn’t but did very little, accepting a promise from the USA and absurd claims of ignorance of the fighters’ ages.

Child soldiers training in a Marxist/Leninist Terrorist group known as the PKK/YPG Child soldiers are in Europe and the Middle East training in a Marxist/Leninist terrorist group known as the PKK/YPG which are acting on behalf of the United States in Syria and are in fact the so-called “Kurdish Allies” US Politicians are talking about. Over ten thousand have been killed. Meanwhile the Kurds deny that the PKK/YPG are Kurdish. Photo Credit: Video Capture Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

The PKK / YPG needed to control the region of Syria that borders Turkey. To do so they drove out other ethnic groups.

When the Islamic State first invaded the city of Kobane, Syria, the PKK / YPG knew its plans were being thrashed by the Salafist militants.  That was when it was a certainty U.S. and PKK / YPG goals synchronized and the PKK  formed its strongest alliance with the USA and became a surrogate fighting force.

What we learned from Ambassador Selçuk Ünal who is a friend of the 12th Turkish President, was that despite the misogynistic Islamic character of one after another Turkish governments, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan was sympathetic to the RINJ Foundation’s cause, to see the ruthless PKK disbanded for the sake of the girls it swept from refugee camps as kids and sent away to various war-training camps in the Middle East and in Europe.

“We didn’t need to be surprised that the Erdogan government was sympathetic to our goals of freeing the child soldiers from their captivity. That’s because people we trusted had kept a narrative going that was the opposite of what we were seeing,” explained Grace Edwards who previously served as a humanitarian worker in Aleppo, Syria and in Gaziantep, Türkiye. She is now stationed in Kandahar Province of Afghanistan.

“But there is one more thing you should know,” added Grace. We know a woman who is a friend of Emine Erdoğan who is the [current] first lady of Türkiye. During the earthquake recovery we met up with her again. She is a great First Lady and the biggest supporter of the President of Türkiye. She says he is actually a moderate when it comes to the misogynistic attitudes of an Islamic nation. I think we already get that,” said Grace.