Filipinos are being Screwed by America in its war with China

“Look what America has done to the women in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan now Ukraine, and next the Philippines.”

America in the Philippines hopes to send the Chinese back to poverty. Whatever happens to Filipinos matters nought.

Ferdinand Marcos’s meeting with Joe Biden last Monday was the culmination of many months of America’s intense diplomatic courting of the Marcos Administration with every top official of the Biden Administration including the U.S. Vice President visiting Manila.

Philippines will be the biggest losers.

Filipinos saying no to U.S. Troops and No to U.S. Bases – YouTube Video Screen Capture.

“Philippines now dragged into a new war,” says human rights defender.

Protesters in the Philippines have been speaking out against the growing U.S. military presence in the country as nearly 18,000 troops from both countries took part in a massive military drill in the South China Sea. This comes as tension is escalating between the United States and China over espionage, economic competition and the war in Ukraine. The Philippines, a former U.S. colony, recently agreed to give the Pentagon access to four more of its military bases bringing the actual total to more than a dozen, including two located in the northern province of Cagayan about 250 miles from Taiwan. Ties between Washington and Manila have been growing closer since the inauguration of Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos Jr., the son of the former U.S.-backed dictator of the same name. Renato Reyes Jr., the secretary general of Bayan, an alliance of groups in the Philippines is opposed to U.S. militarism. He says that “poor countries like the Philippines” will be “the biggest losers if the conflict escalates between the U.S. and China.”

Washington seeks to thwart China’s growing global economic dominance.

It took four decades for Beijing to eliminate the poverty of some 800 million Chinese. A miracle of Buddhist thinking? Now China is a beacon to the world showing how to end poverty and how to make Earth a better place to live.

China’s peace plan for Ukraine is nearly perfect and received high acclaim at the18,000 troops (cops) in Manila to contain the anti-USA/anti-war demonstrations in Manila last week.

Protesters confronted Vice President Kamala Harris at her home last Tuesday morning as she met for an elite breakfast with the Philippines entourage of Ferdinand Marcos Jr.

The New York Times boasts,

“Before becoming president of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos Jr. warned that “if you let the U.S. come in, you make China your enemy.”

“But as he sat at the White House on Monday, President Biden feted him as a top ally, saying there was no better partner that Washington could have.

The Marcoses are accused of looting as much as $10 billion from the [Philippines] government before fleeing to Hawaii in 1986, when the peaceful “People Power” protests toppled Mr. Marcos’s father, the dictator Ferdinand E. Marcos. The family returned to the Philippines shortly after the death of the elder Mr. Marcos in 1989.

Filipinos are infuriated by what many claim was a sellout to America by Bongbong Marcos

Demonstrators have been protesting America’s military return all over the Philippines for over a month once it became clear that the United States was again returning to the Philippines to claim the country as a launch pad for war against China.

Apparently, Rodrigo Duterte was correct when he warned the Philippines is just a target when hosting the American war machinery against China, but Mr. Duterte while he was right, inadvertently set up this alleged sell-out of the Philippines with his dynasty power-deals. His daughter is the de facto lame Vice President and maybe better suited to the presidency. Her neutrality would have been a better choice for the Philippines in a war between superpowers now planned for Philippines soil 100 kilometers from Taiwan.

China’s only choice is to destroy Northern Luzon in the event of hostility over Taiwan. Women and children must leave the Philippines, especially Luzon but in the event of nuclear war, which is where the USA is headed, being anywhere in the Philippines is ill-advised.

Manila Protests

Filipinos saying no to U.S. Troops and No to U.S. Bases – YouTube Video Screen Capture.

Clearly the Philippines is screwed.

Evacuation alert for the Philippines

RINJ women have been meeting and discussing the return of America’s Armed Forces to the Philippines for a year. The dialogues focus a lot on pregnant teens, child sex slavery and brothels, all contributed to Philippines life by America.

“America is the main customer for buying hordes of girls and teen sex slaves. They run their own brothels and sex slave trading rings. When troops come here what we get is the conflict of abortions for small pregnant nine-year-olds to teens, too small to deliver a baby. They come to us, pleading for help, because of the laws against abortion. Typically, the pregnant kids come to a shelter too late for pregnancy prevention and we must wait to the last minute in cases where vaginal delivery is impossible because of the child-mom’s size then do a cesarian section and incubate the infant and finally, if the the mom has not fled,  we send the baby home to the mother’s parents as another mouth to feed—if we can save the baby. The American military is not welcome here,” said RSAC nurse Karinna Angeles.

“The U.S. also wants Philippines medical workers to come to America and hence the RINJ Women Voices for Peace are urging all females and their kids to leave the country and find a good job and good home. Under these circumstances, the Philippines are in grave danger of war. War against China is intended by America.

“If the men want to follow Bongbong into war with China and North Korea, go ahead, or go with your families. The Philippines on this path faces destruction like every other country America has exploited. Why mince words. This is the truth,” explains Geraldine Frisque, spokesperson for the RINJ Women group.

A statement released yesterday says,
“Women and Children in the Philippines are in grave future danger from a superpower war fought on Philippines territory and should immediately and calmly seek opportunities to leave the country and go stay with family abroad or start new lives until and if the safety is restored.

“In the case of those Filipinos who cannot leave, in this article there are preparation guidelines that can be made before war begins. The same steps will be useful for protecting families in the event of radical climate change weather extremes and other natural disasters.”

“Look what America has done to the women in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan now Ukraine, and next the Philippines,” says the top woman of the organization, Katie Alsop.

“The U.S. has been creeping into the Philippines to rebuild its once massive military might in the Philippines before the U.S. was tossed out on its ear by the Philippines Senate and its bases closed leaving hundreds of female victims of crime and 6,000 fatherless babies in the Philippines,” she added.

China for a decade has been jerking the Philippines around because of its bizarre alignment with America. China refuses to bribe officials. For Americans, it is a way of life.

Manila-based political scientist Andrea Chloe Wong told Voice of America the location of the Philippine war camps would give the Philippines a military advantage in the South China Sea, where China, the Philippines, Vietnam, Japan, Brunei, Indonesia, Thailand and other governments are all quarreling, each claiming in conflict with each other they own the coral reefs China has claimed. But only China has occupied these rocks sticking out of the water in the past nearly a century since previous wars with Britain, France and Spain ceded the lands back to China at one time or another.

True history does a better job of explaining China’s historical claims than its absurd “nine dash line” which is a manic adherence to a communist folklore that is as untrue as the flat Earth theory. Research indicates that China doesn’t need the ‘nine-dash nonsense’. With the exception of counterclaims made by Vietnam, nothing much holds water against Chinese claims.

Where the real problem lies is China’s piracy over the fisheries and the other natural resources. It claims large Extended Economic Zones around baseball sized rocks and seaweed it calls islands within the ‘nine dash line’ by dumping land fill into the area and planting military operations bases on top of the land fill. THey have an argument to clain the crap they piled on the rocks and coral reefs but they don’t own the minerals, gas, oil and the fish according to several lawyers chatted with, but nobody offered to take China’s case.

The Exclusive Economic Zone concept is the most misunderstood of all the maritime zones by policymakers around the world and apparently that applies to China. Unlike the territorial sea and the contiguous zone, the EEZ only allows for nominal rights and the law enforcement capacity to protect those rights. It does not give a coastal State the right to prohibit or limit freedom of navigation or overflight, subject to very limited exceptions.

Well, China owns the mounds of dirt, concrete, tarmac and rock it created. It doesn’t own mineral rights nor fisheries according to a World Court Tribunal hearing. China owns a pile of crap but let it go to their heads.

On July 12, 2016, the ‘law of the sea’ arbitral tribunal adjudicating a Philippines’ 2013 case against China in the South Asian  Sea alleging China violated the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), ruled that major elements of China’s claim to the South Asian Sea—including its theoretical nine-dash line; recent militarization activities; and other malevolent activities in other nations’ coastal waters—were unlawful. China reacted bitterly to the Court ruling.

“Warnings have come from China and the Philippines including words stating the obvious from the former President of the Philippines, that the continued expansion of the USA military in the Philippines brings the island archipelago into the war as a target,” explains Sharon Santiago, a director of RINJ, the global women’s rights NGO which has its own media arm called RINJ Press.

“Yung deployment ng US troops dito sa pamamagitan ng mga EDCA bases, lahat ito malinaw naman na nakatuon sa estratehiya ng US. Ang US gusto niya sagkain ‘yung paglakas ng China,” analyst and UP professor Roland Simbulan said at the Pandesal Forum at the Kamuning Bakery in Quezon City.

America would not be manipulating Manila and taking over Philippines military bases if war was not expected. The Philippines is a deep pit of human rights abuses nobody wants to be associated with unless they are desperate to make a war with China using someone else’s territory. War is near.

Women urged to take their children, leave the Philippines ASAP