Should lawfare be used to prevent another Trump Presidency?

Using lawfare to stifle journalists like Julian Assange is one thing nobody likes but few speak about. What about using lawfare for winning elections? Does anyone care.

Maybe Americans care. The Trump/Pence administration was better than Biden/Harris on the numbers. What numbers? The price of tea, butter, flour, coffee, eggs and butter. Regardless of the American flop in meeting the challenges of COVID-19 which continued through the Biden Administration, Trump was a better President than Biden. Trump has credibly said there would not be a war in Eastern Europe were he still U.S. President. One doesn’t need to like Donald Trump to say he was better for the American people and better for the world than the insanely belligerent Biden Administration.

“A big issue with women and girls around the world who are being slammed by this American proxy war in Ukraine, is the Joe Biden administration’s belligerence to anyone non-white and non-Christian and not male,” says Dale Carter, security director for the global women’s rights NGO, RINJ Women.

Now that Donald Trump is no longer U.S. President, he is a sitting duck for prosecutions for his alleged wrongdoings. Apparently, it is not OK to kiss and bribe her not to tell during an election campaign.

Trump is being called on CNN “a Career Criminal”

It may be true that the speculating American TV entertainment networks like CNN, Fox, MSNBC and ABC are only seeing the sauce on a roast of beef with the Stormy Daniels election meddling being the sauce and some high flying financial crimes most Americans can barely spell, let alone fathom the massive amounts of money, being the main course.

Most Americans spoke with are not happy with the ‘State of the Nation’.

Talking about Stormy Daniels, a stage name for a burlesque worker by any other name, pocketing many cheques for tens of thousands of dollars when a cabbage costs what a roast of beef cost not so long ago and the price of butter is up 32% and eggs have climbed 60%. People are hungry for good news and an affordable meal.

New York Police are clearly worried Monday and Tuesday could bring violence to Manhattan streets and more.

Stephanie Gregory Clifford, known also as Stormy Daniels, may be accused of extortion, say sources close to the Trump 2024 campaign. This follows Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg getting a Grand Jury ‘ham-sandwich’ indictment against Trump for probably a number of criminal activities, some misdemeanors, but election fraud is no small matter.

NYC Police prepare for the worst Trump Rally Yet

NYC Police prepare for the “Worst Trump Rally Yet”. Photo is captured and cropped from a YouTube video. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine has not seen the indictments and is relying on confidential sources (leaks), media commentaries and public records within United States. There can only be speculation this Saturday about what will be unfolding when the indictment is opened on Tuesday in Court. Some people including Trump may get a big surprise.

An allegation against Ms. Clifford may be hard to reason through under the circumstances in which former Trump lawyer Michael Cohen has been convicted on a plea of guilty to paying a bribe over some 11 cheques, with as many days as a week apart between the payments, to the showbiz lady known as Stormy Daniels. It might be difficult to prove the bribe wasn’t offered to shut her up about the alleged affair between her and the former U.S. President in 2006. In this distraction from Biden’s misconduct around the world that is leading to a pound of butter costing ten bucks or more, there will be many messy allegations, suggests an American feminist who is very concerned about Ms. Clifford and her family and friends in this matter, taking into consideration that violence of Trumpers manifested in the events of 6 January 2022.

“Nothing of this matter seems to have the colour of right even the fact that Trump has been charged with “kiss and bribe not-to-tell,” commented Monique Deslauriers, American executive director of The RINJ Foundation, a global women’s rights NGO.

“That a woman was accepting payments to keep her mouth shut about who she had taken to bed in 2006 since one of those people was running for U.S. President in 2016,” Ms. Deslauriers added. “But I understand she [Ms. Clifford] was compensated for not exploiting the moment by releasing her story as a movie or book or article that could remunerate her substantially.”

“I don’t think that Ms. Clifford is a ‘gold digger’ as she has been accused. I believe she is a businesswomen and business is business. Trump wanted to deprive “Stormy Daniels” of the publicity she would gain by telling her story about her love affair with the billionaire who wanted to be the President, so to do that, she would need to be compensated commensurate with her potential earnings,” said Ms. Deslauriers, reasoning out the situation in favour of Ms. Clifford.

Speaking to the Times of London, Ms. Clifford “Trump is no longer untouchable,” said Stormy Daniels. “A person in power is not exempt from the law.”

Timothy Parlatore, Trump’s lawyer said on CNN live in Friday night that he expects the judge in the matter will dismiss the charges outright.

Former Vice President Michael Pence says he would not be surprised if the case is tossed by the judge.

Meanwhile it is clear that Ms. Daniels is benefitting from the Trump Indictment.

“Ms. Clifford suffered child molestation which set her life on a certain loveless path of neglect and vulnerability. She is very worried about being set upon by Trump-instigated violent supporters, and so am I worried about Ms. Clifford’s safety. I doubt she would accept but if she would like, we of The RINJ Foundation can shelter her in a secretive women’s shelter in the USA or Canada for the duration of the proceedings. We can also transport her for court appearances should there be any,” suggested Ms. Deslauriers.