President Misogyny indicted for election hush money to a fling

This story may be more about Donald Trump’s decision to run for the USA Presidency in the 2024 election despite his political opponents being terrified enough to do anything to stop him.

Clearly the Democrat Party has managed to successfully target a political opponent with all of its willing party members pulling their strings. has not seen the indictments and is relying on confidential sources and media reports coming out of the United States.

“The historical significance of these events is at least, worrisome,” is the first response we got for the RINJ Foundation spokesperson who worries about the woman in the matter being dragged through the political muck and the harm it could bring her.

Ms. Daniels and lawyer

Ms. ‘Stormy Daniels’ holding a press conference with her lawyer Michael Avenatti in 2018. Photo is a screen capture from a YouTube video. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Donald Trump could well be facing more than two dozen criminal charges including the alleged bribe of a lady named Stormy Daniels to hush up about an alleged extramarital affair during a presidential election which bribe comprises an unlawful use of one’s money during an election without properly declaring the acts. It’s something along those lines according to sources including Michael Cohen who is a former lawyer of Donald Trump.

Shut him down. Indict Donald Trump
“Shut him Down” is a file photograph taken from a video during one of the attempts to impeach U.S. President Donald Trump. “Finally, something has happened to get some level of accountability from a man who has shat on every social more in U.S. Society,” said a women’s rights advocate on the news. Trump may have broken many statutes for which there may be indictments according to current rumours in Washington DC. But Donald Trump knew this was coming.  He said so. He is a senior citizen and a former U.S. President, and this is not the kind of thing that anyone in that boat should endure. Will Joe Biden go through the same experience after he is out of office in 2024? It all seems very political.  The rumours are flying, and the polls are crashing around Biden’s heels.

Former Vice President Michael Pence told CNN around 9:00pm Thursday that he thinks that the indictment of a former president by a Grand Jury, on a Campaign Finance wrong-doing is an outrage.

Pence commented that the criminalization of politics in the country has exposed America to global ridicule, but it is a drama that the political sphere is excited about, while the population isn’t interested.

“The American people are struggling under the failed policies of the Biden administration,” said Mr. Pence who hinted that he wondered if a Judge would just throw out the charges against Trump which he clearly said were political in nature.

“This sends a terrible message around the world,” said the former Vice President. “This does a great disservice to the country. … This matter about election campaign finance wrongdoing is a political prosecution. …This is a bad decision by a political prosecutor.”

Stormy Daniels and Joan Irvine

Stormy Daniels and Joan Irvine. RTA Press Conference, 2008. National Press Club, Washington DC. This cropped Flikr image is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.0 Generic license. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine. The photo illustrates the real Stormy Daniels who is a person with a respectable career in show business and one who takes community service seriously. In October 2016, shortly before the presidential election, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer Michael Cohen paid Daniels $130,000 in hush money to deny that she had an affair with Trump a decade earlier in 2006. Mr. Cohen was tried in Court and convicted in this matter. Trump’s spokespeople have denied the affair and accused Daniels of lying.