Opinion about ICC failing Shireen Abu Akleh, exalting Putin

“The United Nations, the ICC and the World Health Organization appear to be corrupted by the United States but nobody has the guts to say that except women who are so totally pissed off at the misogynistic pricks who run this world that alternative measures have come under consideration,” said Alona Adamovich, a RINJ Women director in Ukraine running shelters and birthing clinics when all else has failed families’ safety. Yes. This is a warning.

“For example, of alternative measures, would this EU world war continue if Biden, Zelenskyy and Putin were all grabbed and thrown in jail? Or worse? What if women extricated these a–holes, somehow?” spouted Alona in an angry moment in Ukrainian.

“Today, most families have no trusted leaders nor trusted institutions. Families can only pray for their safety, or take the matters into their own hands, like millions of Ukrainians did,” said the hard working Ukrainian humanitarian.

Peace cannot be kept by force only by understanding. On that, the UN and the ICC have failed humanity.

“I am tired of this. I send people to work for humanity in environments wherein we workers are in as great a danger as the women and girls we seek to protect. I was thinking that as I raced a clopped-out ambulance like a crazy woman along a Donetsk Basin road with a screaming woman in the back about to give birth to a baby that would only live if we cut mom open. Too many suffer and die. We try to stop that,” said Alona with tears running down her cheeks.

When the United States retreated from Afghanistan it perpetrated an unprecedented human rights violation and created a man-made human catastrophe. Washington’s Biden Administration knew it left behind tens of thousands of its supporters, helpers and workers in Afghanistan to fend for themselves against the ruthless Taliban and put millions of female lives in jeopardy. These scurrilous thugs of the incompetent Biden Administration have caused the bloody slaughter and carnage we see now in Afghanistan! Biden is a scumbag, and he will likely get his comeuppance. The growing collective of fake-Islamic jihadists are gathering in force in Afghanistan and plan horrible things for Biden. They are misogynistic bastards as well and are among the worst, like the USA and EU and FVEY leaderships in the context of harm brought to women and their children.

It’s one thing to arrest Vlad Putin but what about state leadership murdering innocent Filipinos for over a decade, still exceeding the loss of civilian life in Ukraine? Ignore them because they are not White? Ahem.

When will the ICC focus on the murders of journalists around the world instead of issue frivolous warrants against USA targets? Sixty-seven members of the press were killed last year, the highest number since 2018, according to the annual report of the Committee to Protect Journalists which indicates 41 journalists like Shireen Abu Akleh were killed to stop them from doing their reportage. Right. You have scared the sh*t out of journalists so that people who work for CNN, ABC and MSNBC report absolute garbage from the Democrat Party talking point list and not truth to power.

Here’s a truth from over one thousand humanitarian workers in Ukraine: all sides have committed reprehensible war crimes in this eastern Europe conflict that began in 2014.

The excrement that rules Myanmar kills its women and kids en-masse—killed three of our local workers three years ago. When will the UN and the ICC do something? Arrest somebody?

And when will the evil incarnate men who murdered Shireen Abu Akleh be arrested to avoid her becoming a modern-day apartheid impunity icon? We know they were men because their peers have ratted out the group. We just don’t know with confirmation which men did the killing. But we have all your names. Should they receive the same fate as the scumbag ISIS crud that killed our people in Mosul? It’s a thought i hear too often now for this war in the occupied territories.

Rewards for names of Shireen Abu Akleh killers

Everything about the UN and the ICC is now suspect. Did the International criminal Court ever take a look at the massive numbers of rape and sexual assaults of women and children by UN Peacekeepers, UN managers, UN specialists, UN workers, and UN executives? No. What about the international staff member in the UN mission in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (MONUSCO) who was accused of multiple rapes of a child. There are hundreds upon hundreds of cases. Each complainant is asked the question about identification of the perpetrator and the answer comes back, “I don’t know but they were with the UN in our country?

Rodrigo Duterte, who brags about his extrajudicial killings, may think he has an ICC badge of honour. He admits his crimes and fears nothing because he believes there is nothing to fear. Hundreds of his colleagues are complicit in over thirty thousand extrajudicial murders which continue. He seems to be correct in that assumption of impunity.

Here are the numbers. The Philippines Extrajudicial Killings

ICC Fail

ICC Photo.

Vladimir Putin also has nothing to fear from the hollow bullshit arrest warrent issued against him by the USA/Ukraine in cahoots with the ICC which like the UN, can be bought or manipulated by other means, obviously.

That’s going nowhere too because we watched at hospitals where tens of thousands of people in aggregate tried to get on busses to Russia in early February 2022. They voted on their destination with their feet and their butts in bus seats. We watched as we cared for invalids who needed continued medical support and drove them to Lviv.

The ordinary people of Luhansk and Donetsk have been slaughtered for almost a decade by USA and Ukraine troops. They are Russians and welcomed the chance to be arriving heroes in Russia, housed by volunteering families.

We were there. We know what you did. One of the best medical schools in all of Ukraine is there. Its interns, specialists, MD graduates, nurses, all knew and treated your victims since 2013. We know what you did, America.

In Donetsk alone, the UN said, “from 14 April 2014 to 31 December 2021, OHCHR recorded a total of 3,106 conflict-related civilian deaths (1,852 men, 1,072 women, 102 boys, 50 girls, and 30 adults whose sex is unknown).”

Those numbers are actually a lot higher according to hospital records which show a death count in the breakaway Republics in excess of 14,000 but does not discern between combatants and innocent bystander civilians, but we have met their families and sheltered the women as we have done all over Ukraine.

America created in Ukraine the worst rape fest in history and makes the failed Roman Empire look like the losers they were, just like the Americans who are doing the same things today.

Russia does not run Ukraine, America runs Ukraine. Specifically, Joe Biden and his alleged crime family and politicrats run Ukraine. Why is there no arrest warrant for that scurrilous politician? and his coke-snorting accomplices?

Today, families have no trusted leaders nor trusted institutions. Families can only pray for their safety.

Families can only pray.

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