Netanyahu ordered Shireen Abu Akleh war-crime killing

“Emotions within the communities are at a raging pitch of agonized frustration.”

The Israeli titular head has told Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to cut the crap. Israeli President Herzog doesn’t ever say much but when he does it is worth the time spent listening.

What the current fuss in Israel is about, one that has sent hundreds of thousands of Israelis to the streets to protest, is Netanyahu’s legislation that disables Israel’s supreme Court and gives Netanyahu the ability to quash any Court decisions against him in his complex criminal corruption case. Clearly Netanyahu feels that he is likely to be convicted of some criminal offences, is what critics are saying. But that is pure speculation. “Courts decide, not politicians or their detractors,” says an Israeli lawyer who is an observer, not involved in the matter.

The anger over these actions has caused the loosening of lips against Netanyahu in the matter of Shireen Abu Akleh’s war-crime murder.

In any case, the judicial reforms Netanyahu is trying to shove through the Knesset this week, or at a later date if a compromise is reached with his right-wing friends who keep him in power, would solidify his leadership and make Netanyahu virtually unassailable and permanently installed as leader of Israel.

This would change the direction of Israel, solidifying the quasi-dictatorship Netanyahu has sought with the help of factions of extreme right politicians for whom Netanyahu owes his recent rise to the PM office with a minority coalition government of radical right extremists calling the shots. They are doing that now, demanding Netanyahu stay the course with the judicial reform that could keep these people in power indefinitely says Simon Baldock, an Israeli security consultant who says that is what he fears—that “democracy in Israel is on its way out“, he said.

Netanyahu is accused of bribery, fraud and breach of trust but he has a plea deal option proposed mid-January by prosecutors, of doing community service if he confesses to moral turpitude and stays out of politics for seven years. That would likely end his political career, according to watchers of Israeli politics. 

Crisis has loosened sealed lips on the Shireen Abu Akleh murder.

Investigators from the RINJ Foundation working on the pre-meditated murder of veteran Al Jazeera journalist Shireen Abu Akleh offered a reward for information leading to the discovery of the persons involved on the team that murdered the highly revered Ms. Abu Akleh who wears the moniker “angel of truth” or ‘one who comes from God to tell the story of events as they really are seen by’ [the deity] said one overwrought funeral attendee in occupied Palestine almost a year ago.

“Shireen Abu Akleh has a powerful following in the Arab world. This matter will not settle,” said Leah who is a former detective now working for The RINJ Foundation‘s security contractor but currently on loan to head the investigation team.

Rewards for names of Shireen Abu Akleh killers

“The cavalier attitude toward nation-states killing women and children, including journalists, suggests what statistics show, that it is now commonplace,” suggested Geraldine Frisque, spokesperson for the RINJ Foundation’s investigative team in this matter.

“The majority of casualties in Ukraine since the 2014 made-in-American Maidan Revolution to oust a pro-Russia president of Ukraine, are also civilians,” wrote Melissa Hemingway / FPMag six months ago from Ukraine. 

Leah is a seasoned investigator who spent nearly a year in Ukraine until her partner was killed during an armed invasion of a women’s shelter there by soldiers seeking to kill a victim/witness to a gang rape crime. After some leave, Leah has been reassigned to the case of Shireen Abu Akleh by senior RINJ Women officials. Shireen was a beloved friend of one of the organization’s medical directors, an Arab doctor who has worked in the Gaza strip and West Bank off and on during crisis for years.

Leah has achieved a measure of success which is now expanding. Some of the witnesses have decided to say more following Netanyahu’s repeated attempts to suppress the Israeli Courts which have a case against him, according to his critics, very outspoken in the television media of late.

“The order to kill Shireen Abu Akleh came from the highest level not just in the militrary but in the political chain of command. That’s all I can say,” said one witness who has become a confidential informant.

“That would be Netanyahu at the time of the crime in May 2022,” said Leah. “And I warn you people that this could happen again if you continue to go against Netanyahu,” she added, speaking to Melissa, Rosa and others from

Some wounds are invisible and do not go away.

PTSD – “Some wounds are invisible, says a war crime investigator familiar with the Shireen Abu Akleh matter, who is not authorized to comment and requested anonymity. Her comments and level of experience are too profound to ignore.

“Workers who have experienced crimes against women in war zones, like the occupied Palestine territories, are forever seeking a balance of justice versus their own pain experienced in the case. Sometimes it is as if the cases the investigators can solve helps them recover from their emotional experience on those yet unresolved matters, and from their own experiences working with traumatized families. In the matter of Shirren Abu Akleh, there is widespread PTSD among community members and family who adored this woman. This will not settle. Leah is correct in that assumption.” she said after hearing the team leader’s comments. “Emotions within the communities are at a raging pitch of agonized frustration. Our tears, and our motivation, are for those communities,” she added thoughtfully.   Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Background reading on the alleged Netanyahu-ordered Murder of Shireen Abu Akleh