End gain of function trials. We join Dr. Redfield says civil society

Civil society health pros are again with Dr. Redfield. USA Gain of function experimentation must end. “This is a societal decision…”

“In mid 2019, civil society medical workers in Thailand and in Laos encountered wild animal hunters presenting with a pneumonia of unknown etiology. In Cambodia and in Laos there is anecdotal evidence of similar disease outbreaks among workers in the illegal animal trade going back in time a few decades but particularly the past ten years. Among ASEAN nations, young women working as nurses and interns have been in the company of young men working in this multi-billion-dollar illegal trade. Some infected persons in 2019 were known to have died from their pneumonia-like illness,” explains Karinna Angeles, a senior nurse in Manila working with The RINJ Foundation. since the beginning days of the organization in many parts of Southeast Asia and in Canada.

The research needed to prove the true source of the virus that causes COVID-19 will take many years unless the perpetrator of the gain of function work comes forward with evidence of the crime. That confession is unlikely.

Failing that proof, the USA will likely rely on the theory that the zoonotic virus came unmitigated from nature to argue its innocense in the midst of current accusations.

Numerous theories and examples prove zoonosis is a likely possibility—a fearful one because it can easily happen again if that is true. The current-day alternate theory is that America’s gain-of-function trials in faraway lands are the culprit.

Did gain of function experiments do this?
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USA National Library of Medicine

Growing new or modified viruses in gain of  function research. Photo credit:  Philippe Plailly via USA National Library of Medicine

Ms. Angeles has conducted critical research in the past three years into the experiences of field workers dealing with illegal trade in protected species, particularly workers who have presented with a pneumonia of unknown etiology.

What we know is that most workers in the illegal exotic animal trade had some form of immunity, but people associated with them did not have immunities of the people who handled the mammals, including bats, pangolins and more, daily, and became very ill,” Ms. Angeles added.

“We also know that it stopped there. Their work has spanned decades. Their local communities did not normally become infected. Our people always took extreme isolation steps, almost freaking out.  Because the workers live in a shroud of secrecy in their illegal work, they made it easy for us to get our quarantine,” Ms. Angeles added. “But we only know of a few cases. There may have been many. The zoonotic we have seen is not like SARS-COV2 inasmuch as the latter spread vigorously around the world. People in China in the University science community believe that the Americans did some weird sh*t in China and that is why Xi Jinping personally took over dealing with the outbreaks.

“Our sister in China, Sara Qin, who led a team in a Wuhan hospital and who personally met President Xi, knows students in her university who were funded by Americans to do gain of function research. She now believes that twice in history the Americans used their money to conduct dangerous research in faraway places from America,” said Ms. Angeles.

When contacted, Ms. Qin refused to answer questions saying that her conversation with Ms. Angeles was private and that she will not expose her university friends.

“The governments must do a legitimate investigation. I saw so many people die from this I am nearly beside myself in anger at the news that the USA was sponsoring more illegal sh*t in a far-from-America shores,” Ms. Qin said with bitterness.

Sara Qin agreed that FPM.news could share this with the caveat that she has not and will not release information about her contacts.

The purpose of this introduction is to set out that zoonotic diseases, those which are passed from wild animals to humans (called zoonotic diseases) are capable of migrating to humans without any help or interference from humans but that for centuries, the diseases did not spread to the rest of the population the way COVID-19 spread. There is substantial evidence that America may have created the SARS-COV2 virus.

“On 19 December 2017, the US National Institutes of Health (NIH) announced that they would resume funding gain-of-function experiments involving influenza, Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus [SARS], and severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus [SARS2?].” Citing: Burki T. Ban on gain-of-function studies ends. Lancet Infect Dis. 2018 Feb;18(2):148-149. doi: 10.1016/S1473-3099(18)30006-9. PMID: 29412966; PMCID: PMC7128689.

A few civil society field medical workers are convinced that the pandemic virus is a humanmodified variant of a virus that was infrequently encountered in the wilds of Southeast Asia. The same is true of SARS1. Their only data is anecdotal from patient encounters and a study thereof.

SARS-CoV-2-like viruses are present in bats in the Yunnan province of China and in mainland Southeast Asia.

The discovery is valued because the ASEAN virus is close to SARS-CoV-2 – of the 29,913 aligned bases in the two viruses’ genomes, 93% are identical. All those previously described were detected in animals collected in China, including two viruses found in two species of Rhinolophus bats in southern China, and two more divergent viruses (90% and 85%) found in pangolins seized by Chinese customs in Guangdong and Guangxi provinces. Read more.

Typical habitats of bats carrying coronavirusesGeographical distribution of the three bat species in which viruses close to SARS-CoV-2 have been sequenced. The colored dots indicate the localities of origin of the viruses RaTG13 (blue), RmYN02 (green), RshSTT182 and RshSTT200 (red).
Photo credit: Alexandre Hassanin

A new virus from Cambodia first studied in 2010, was detected in a bat species endemic to Southeast Asia that does not extend beyond Yunnan, where the two previous bat SARS-CoV-2-like viruses were found. This is a similar finding to other slightly different indigenous regional pneumonia-like illness.

A swarm of bats flies out of a cave near Phnom Sampeau, Cambodia.
S. Shankar/Wikipedia, CC BY

COVID19 from raccoon dogs to humans at Huanan not Wuhan market? 

“Greater clarity about the origins of this pandemic is necessary and feasible to achieve,” says a 14 May 2021 letter, signed by David Relman, a microbiologist at Stanford University, plus 17 other scientists (listed below).

“We must take hypotheses about both natural and laboratory spillovers seriously until we have sufficient data.

“A proper investigation should be transparent, objective, data-driven, inclusive of broad expertise, subject to independent oversight, and responsibly managed to minimize the impact of conflicts of interest. Public health agencies and research laboratories alike need to open their records to the public. Investigators should document the veracity and provenance of data from which analyses are conducted and conclusions drawn, so that analyses are reproducible by independent experts,” concludes a statement made in letter form on 14 May 2021 to the world.  

The authors were by signature, Doctors Jesse D. Bloom, Yujia Alina Chan, Ralph S. Baric, Pamela J. Bjorkman, Sarah Cobey, Benjamin E. Deverman, David N. Fisman, Ravindra Gupta, Akiko Iwasaki, Marc Lipsitch, Ruslan Medzhitov, Richard A. Neher, Rasmus Nielsen, Nick Patterson, Tim Stearns, Erik van Nimwegen, Michael Worobey, and David A. Relman.

Clarity on origin of SARS-COV2 is necessary and feasible

“Enhancing potential pandemic pathogens in this manner is simply not worth the risk” (Lipsitch/Harvard)

Marc Lipsitch (Harvard University, MA, USA) is a founding member of the Cambridge Working Group. “I still do not believe a compelling argument has been made for why these studies are necessary from a public health point-of-view; all we have heard is that there are certain narrow scientific questions that you can ask only with dangerous experiments”, he said. “I would hope that when each HHS review is performed someone will make the case that strains are all different, and we can learn a lot about dangerous strains without making them transmissible.” He pointed out that every mutation that has been highlighted as important by a gain-of-function experiment has been previously highlighted by completely safe studies. “There is nothing for the purposes of surveillance that we did not already know”, said Lipsitch. “Enhancing potential pandemic pathogens in this manner is simply not worth the risk.”

—(Citing: Burki T. Ban on gain-of-function studies ends. Lancet Infect Dis. 2018 Feb;18(2):148-149. doi: 10.1016/S1473-3099(18)30006-9. PMID: 29412966; PMCID: PMC7128689.)

The location of the initial outbreak close to the Wuhan Institute of Virology drew suspicion that it may have been a lab leak. But scientists largely came out in favour of a natural spillover from bats to humans, through an intermediate animal host, at the Huanan seafood market located a few kilometers away. No immediate and identical ancestor of SARS-CoV-2 has been found in bats nor in any other animal that was on sale at the market.

Too many theories on Wuhan 2019-nCoV are myths

September 2020 – Civil Society medical pros came down hard in support of Dr. Redfield.

Civil society medical professionals in the field around the world are standing with Dr. Redfield again.

“End gain-of-function research and all other warmongering bioresearch,” says Dr. Nassima al Amouri, of RINJ Women.

Masks are ending the pandemic, not vaccines. Dr. Redfield was correct. If no human becomes infected with the zoonotic SARS-COV-2 the virus will be phased out because it has nowhere to live. Respirator masks prevent 95% to 99% of pathogens reaching the wearers internal organs. That can be enhanced by good hygiene practice.

“We were with Dr. Redfield when he said, “wear your mask”. We are now with Dr, Redfield when he says “gain of function research with deadly pathogens must stop”, says Dr. Nassima al Amouri, one of the medical directors of The RINJ Foundation.

Diagnosticians suffer Orwellian secrecy of Criminals and Politicians in the Post-America world.

Dr. Shi Zhengli, a virologist at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, recently said to the New York Times via smartphone, “How on earth can I offer up evidence for something where there is no evidence?” she said.

“I don’t know how the world has come to this, constantly pouring filth on an innocent scientist,” Dr. Shi wrote in a text message.

Professor Yanyi Wang.

“The Mission of Wuhan Institute of Virology is to spearhead scientific  research on Viruses for the benefit of all the world’s citizens .  The Institute had nothing to do with the origin of the SARS-CoV2 virus. In fact we are completely focussed on the eradication,” says Professor Yanyi Wang.

“It is unfortunate that we have been targeted as a scapegoat, ” she added.

Director General Yanyi Wang, PhD Director General Yanyi Wang, PhD (Beijing University), PI, Antiviral Innate Immunity and Inflammation Group. She received her B.S., M.S., and Ph.D. degrees from Peking University, University of Colorado School of Medicine, and Wuhan University, respectively. Before joining the Institute of Virology, she was employed as an instructor and later on promoted to associate professor at Wuhan University. She received the Young Scholar Award from the Chinese Society for Immunology. She has been the co-chair of the Young Immunologists Committee of the Chinese Society for Immunology since 2013. She received the Young Scholar Award from the Chinese Society for Immunology in 2013. In 2014, she was awarded as one of the Distinguished Young Scholars, which was funded by National Nature Science Foundation of China. Photo Credit: Courtesy WIV

Video: Interview with Wuhan Institute of Virology Director General Yanyi Wang, PhD.

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