RINJ Women slam patriarch weapons killing kids on Fathers Day

Threatening their grasp of power, RINJ Women have slammed the men of warring patriarchs for pouring weapons into war zones all over the world, particularly Europe, Asia and Africa and particularly by the United States. Biden is threatened directly, and one of the senior RINJ Women executives, Dale Carter, says the Women’s rights NGO wants an arrest warrant issued for Biden by the International Criminal Court on account of the women and children in Afghanistan, Syria, in Ukraine and all around the world whom Biden has caused to be starved, wounded, displaced, maimed, tormented or killed.

“Distressed children in this video experience rescue, care and life-saving, from RINJ Women humanitarian workers. All these children are removed from violence by our work with safe houses, shelters and medical evacuations,” say RINJ Women.

“We encourage everyone to join us in caring, sharing, love, forbearance, dialogue-not acrimony, not lies but truth: these being the attributes of those who favour peace and safety for our children.

“Happy Father’s Day” to all the 2023 dads who love, cherish, protect, guide, and support kids. In our travels we see too many men who don’t & cherish those who do,” a statement explains.

“The ordinary people, the workers of The RINJ Foundation, in the thousands, are overwhelmed by the violence of a handful of men seeking only their own greater wealth of money, property and political power at the expense of tens of millions of women’s and children’s stable lives,” says Ms. Carter.

“That’s a crime to my way of thinking and a close read of the Rome Statute reinforces that belief,” she added.

11 Year old girl has just lost her legs

An eleven-year-old girl who lost both legs in the August 2022 missile attack at Kramatorsk railway station recovered at Lviv hospital in Ukraine. Many more than the U.N.’s unfamiliar guess of 1,000 small children have been killed in the war in Ukraine. Pouring weapons into Ukraine keeps the war going and keeps the blood flowing,” says Alona Adamovich, Director of Operations in Ukraine for The RINJ Foundation. Photo Credit: Lviv Territorial Medical Union Hospital.
Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Statement delivered by RINJ Women on YouTube.

An important message to men about the slaughter of women and children on Father’s Day

We especially ask all the mother killers sending mega weapons into Ukraine to stop now.

That sociopath Zelenskyy might be cheering you on but the families of the women and babies you obliterated are not cheering for you and are going to rise up against you killers of women and children.

You men of this sick patriarch need to stop pouring weapons into this bloody war or the women and children of all ages of this world, everywhere, are going to start taking away all your power every chance we get with every resource we can muster.

Joe Biden, and your men are psychopaths, and we will get rid of your power and send you off to prison.

Women and children hate your wars. That proves you are sick bastards and need to be removed from where you can do more harm.

Ask any women or child if they agree. You men must stop starving, displacing, depriving, maiming, wounding, killing women and children just to make a God-damned buck.

The RINJ Women
Happy Father’s Day 2023

Lost to patriarch's wars. Brother and sister.

“Nothing prepared me for so many children’s deaths. I want a new home, but I stay in Ukraine in the hope one more child I can save. My leader is Svetlana Tikhanovskaya and she like me believe men should be keeping children safe, not killing them,” says Belarussian RINJ worker with the NursesWithoutBorders.org under Ukrainian RINJ Director Alona Adamovich. Photo is source supplied. RINJ.press will not name the children in this article at this time. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Ukrainian child remembered on Father’s Day. Gone but not forgotten. (Source submitted.)

Ukrainian small children remembered on Father’s Day. Gone but not forgotten. (Source submitted.)

Ukrainian children remembered on Father’s Day. Gone but not forgotten. (Source submitted.)