Life under Taliban is as bad or worse than under ISIL

That’s what Grace Edwards says. She is a Syrian woman who runs a humanitarian outpost of birthing clinics and other services in Kandahar for The RINJ Foundation. Grace’s background includes work in Mosul in Iraq, ar Raqqah and Id Lib in Syria and Gaziantep in Turkey. Ms. Edwards says she is very grateful after hearing that on Monday, the U.N. has made special mention of her work in Afghanistan and the need for more attention to the human rights violations against women in Afghanistan although, as she says, “Afghanistan is not the only country where women are oppressed under wired interpretations of Islam.”

Afghan women herded like sheepThe picture and its story: Afghan women and girls treated worse than anywhere, says U.N. experts. “In Afghanistan today, girls and women are denied education beyond primary level, banned from working outside the home in most sectors, prohibited from accessing public baths, parks, and gyms, and moving freely around the country. The imposed extreme modesty rules of “proper hijab”, meaning a non-fitted black garment with face covering, or not leaving the home without reason, and mandatory maharam (male guardian) policy adds to a controlling environment in which it is difficult for women and girls to move freely outside their homes, the report by the experts said.  The UN experts expressed grave concern about the absence of legal protections for women and girls, and the normalisation of discrimination and violence against them.

Photo credit: Photo is cropped and enlarged. Photo-art/cropping: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine.

Nurse Practitioner Grace Edwards  is a Syrian Canadian who has been in Kandahar province since 2021 when she was promoted from her role in Syria’s Id Lib province running women’s shelters there for The RINJ Foundation.

“Life for women is only getting worse by the day. I have been a Muslim all my life and have even engaged with pious members of the ISIL community in eastern Syria. What the Taliban is doing is not any kind of strict Sharia, it is one word: craziness,” she added.

“The country has no talent because in the past ten years, the women have filled the universities and filled the important professional roles, Now they are banned.”

One Talib told Gracie Edwards that the only purpose women have on the Earth, is giving birth to men’s children.

11 September, 2021 Kabul, Afghanistan 11 September, 2021 Kabul, Afghanistan Are some women afraid of what will happen to them if they do not follow the orders of the Taliban? Photo credit: Discover TV/Twitter, Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective Magazine

Why women are afraid of Islamic Extremist Salafi Jihadists like the Taliban.

 Public murder of a women for disobedience. This is what needs to be reported to the world. It happens every day, say humanitarian workers out in the provinces. They murder her and scream “God is great”.

“The doddering zealot Taliban fools have outlawed women and killed their country.”

“The few Taliban clerics who know us scold me but they still bring us their women and children for us to care for. Why? Because it is the best care, from women medical professionals. It makes me so mad. We walk through a village and see a little boy with malnutrition issues and try to talk to a parent and they grab the kid and run away looking around to see if one of the bearded drooling Taliban is watching. Officially we ‘Quran-defined Midwives’ are only allowed to provide care for girls.

“Since the American, NATO, U.N., Messy withdrawal from Afghanistan, in August 2021, the nightmare is one the world cannot even believe, let alone perceive”

“Our first experience coming back to Kandahar province was the preponderance of ISIS creeps running a child sex slavery business. They would buy or steal girls from families and herd them like sheep across the borders with Pakistan and Iran to sell on the ISIS international slave trade ring. These were the worse losers on Earth,” explained Grace.

“I got permission to get a bump-up on our security and our contractor a couple years ago sent in a team of the most seasoned ISIL-haters on the planet. I learned what was going on mostly after the fact. Let’s put it this way, over the first year back here, kidnappers  vanished. And many children were taken back to their home, even to parents who had sold them to ISIS-k for enough money to feed the other kids. I think this is the only place in the world where that happened,” said Grace.

“Believe it or not, we also had a lot of cooperation from Iran because in the north of Iran there is  really good cleric we can work with. That’s what I am told. I never met him. But in all, not only did the Taliban look the other way, they patted my head without words. We both despise the violent men of the Islamic State. Al Qaeda we do not see much of here.

“We have a few of the girls who were returned here, working and getting a secret education from our staffs. We teach basic education, and vocational skills like life-skills, nursing, medicine, midwifery and things that girls can officially use here in this country, in any province. Taliban men will not let another man see his wife down there as she has a baby or gets pre-or-post natal care. This is a very strict thing,” emphasized Grace.

U.N. upset about fleeting glimpses of horrific treatment of girls

On Monday the desperate plight of women and girls in Afghanistan came up at at the Human Rights Council meeting where “independent UN-appointed human rights experts” warned of systematic “gender apartheid” and “gender persecution”.

“This is something where NATO and America start staring at the sky when one speaks about the crush of women’s skulls in Afghanistan,” notes Gracie.

“Women and girls in Afghanistan are experiencing severe discrimination that may amount to gender persecution – a crime against humanity – and be characterized as gender apartheid, as the de facto authorities appear to be governing by systemic discrimination with the intention to subject women and girls to total domination,” the experts said.

In a joint report by the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights in Afghanistan and the Working Group on discrimination against women and girls presented to the UN Human Rights Council today, the experts, Richard Bennett and Dorothy Estrada-Tanck, said the plight of women and girls in the country was the worst globally. The report calls on the de facto authorities to respect and restore women’s and girls’ human rights and urges the increased attention of the international community and the UN to the widespread discrimination against women and girls in Afghanistan.

Dr. Nassima al Amouri who is a medical director providing medical directives and practice procedure guides for the clinics in the region says the U.N. is catching on too late.

“It’s annoying. Maybe they should stop sending men to evaluate the status of women. The real women in the places where women can be women, are not able to talk to men. I find it hard to understand how a quick trip of seven days to the most civilized centers (from 27 April to 4 May) Kabul and Mazar-e-Sharif actually paints a full picture,” said Dr. Nassima.

“These U.N. words describe most countries in the Middle East. I can’t believe that the United Nations still acts surprised that women are oppressed under Islam, a throwback to the 7th century. Weeks ago, Iran’s leadership was slaughtering schoolgirls in the streets because they refused to wear a hijab,” said Dr. Nassima al Amouri.

Gen Z school girls call liar on Iran leadershipThe picture and its story: Iran Killing schoolgirls for refusing to wear their hijab. These are the diseased. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“The world must be told that most Muslim women love our beloved Allah but we are quiet about other things and try to live a life in the 21st century. Allah created men and women equal, and some women, especially those who know how special farm animals can be, think all sentient beings are equal in the eyes of Allah.

“Give women a few years of freedom and we will be doctors, lawyers, accountants, farm managers, surgeons, nuclear physicists, energy developers, microbiologists… I am thinkng of women I know,” lectured Dr. Nassima to what was becoming a room filled with women listening to the radio communication and trying to get a word in…

“It is assuredly a man’s world, the failing patriarch like that in Turkey where Europe’s men try to win favour with the government in Ankara because the Turkish army is so big,” scoffed Dr. Nassima al Amouri who has been annoyed at the patriarchal wars spreading around the world, even in Southeast Asia where American armed forces are taking over huge chunks of the Philippines to fight a war with China.

The Taliban