Joe Biden is a supercilious runt, a danger to humanity says shrink.

“The largest military buildup since WWII is under way in the Philippines against China. Driving this is a male who handed over to the Taliban Salafi jihadist terrorists all the women of Afghanistan and provoked a major war in Europe starting in 2014 and erupting in 2022—Joseph Biden. A minor misunderstanding could start Biden’s world war with China and Russia while this supercilious intellectual-runt is in the White House madly pulling war levers. Don’t you see that as a problem?”

That was a question put to a group of humanitarian experts discussing the emergency logistics plans for implementing a massive evacuation from the Philippines involving the globe’s over-burdened humanitarian infrastructure.

The women planners fear the man at the war controls, a man with a long history of bad character and bad judgement, and they expect, as the Pentagon insists, war with China fought from the Philippines, is at the door.

“When Joe Biden takes the stage or grabs the microphone and speaks off-script, he talks like he is standing, holding his penis at the urinal and relieving himself while talking to the men at adjacent urinals in the men’s washroom. He speaks to the public like he is shooting the breeze with like-minded wannabe macho males. This is not an intellectual giant but a thug,” said psychologist Sheri Fowler who consults to The RINJ Foundation on social behaviour issues.

“The biggest conventional military buildup in the world since World War II, doesn’t happen for no reason,” says new Australian Defence Minister who says America may be ready for war with China but Australia is not.

America taking over Philippines to make war on China putting Filipinos at risk of devastating war with China while protecting American soil by fighting wars on someone else’s homes.

“This is a dangerous move run by an incompetent, belligerent leader, Joe Biden, who is apparently to most people as ‘not all there’ but for certain the least competent statesmen America has ever put forward as its President. Even a minor misunderstanding could light the fuse to world war at any moment,” says Dale Carter, security director of The RINJ Foundation, in the Philippines to evaluate the potential of evacuating Filipino families from potential war zones should as American Admirals and Generals have promised, war happens as expected and planned for by America in the Philippines, within two years.

Biden takes over Philippines.

“Biden talks about things like how he blackmailed officials in Ukraine to fire a prosecutor who was allegedly investigating money laundering behaviour alleged of him and his son. Biden calls nation-state leaders ugly names as he did a few days ago while attacking condescendingly China leader Xi Jinping. He has also called American troops “dull, stupid bastards“. But Biden appeals to the lowest level of neanderthal men in America, potentially violent men in a nation that thrives on violence, who hate women and carry guns whether they should or not. That’s the recent indication of a study that is being conducted on the Joe Biden presidency,” Sheri Fowler added.

The Economist and YouGov released a survey this week showing Mr. Robert Kennedy Jr. with the highest rating of current 2024 presidential candidates. Forty-nine percent of respondents said they saw him favourably, and 30 percent viewed him unfavourably. Fifty-six percent see Biden unfavourably.

“The cold, hard reality humanitarians must face is that the world has some very bad leaders. The world is in very serious trouble when a weaponized nation runs amok as America is now doing with dangerous power grubbing political incompetents propping up an old man voters feel is unfit to serve, at the helm and holding the nuclear weapon buttons.”

The “supercilious intellectual runt,” is now in the White House but likely not in control, fear humanitarian observers and pacifists.

Joe Biden wants China to know of America’s increasing presence on its doorstep, and how America’s entire existence is focused on killing people with powerful military toys.

The ever-belligerent Biden Administration is putting on a spectacular show from the Philippines, damaging peace and stability in Asia exploiting the acquiescence to Philippines sovereignty-loss by incompetent leaders America helped elect in the Philippines.


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Creeping American military presence in the Philippines was allegedly for climate change protection… “THEY have returned for more war”.

Biden takes over Philippines

America taking over Philippines military bases to make war on China putting Filipinos at morbid risk and protecting American soil by fighting wars on somebody else’s home. This is a dangerous move run by an incompetent, belligerent leader, Joe Biden, who is “not all there,” says psychologist. Photo is video capture from video above.
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