ICC Case: USA Gen uses Ukrainians as proxy-war cannon fodder

“General Milley is a liar and a criminal. He deserves to be prosecuted. I would hope the Ukrainians open up a case against him in the International Criminal Court (ICC).” (Watch the video below.)… “The Russians are slaughtering these untrained and incompetent [but brave] Ukrainian soldiers,” says a military expert with decades of U.S. Marines and United Nations weapons inspection experience.

A renowned military expert studying the American proxy war in Ukraine wants an ICC case filed against U.S. General Milley.

The American Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff has served in this capacity since 1 October 2019. General Milley has earned a reputation as an aggressive and belligerent military man with a lot of control over the U.S. Government. He is credited with authoring the horrific fiasco in Afghanistan in August 2021; the proxy war in Ukraine; and the military occupation of the Philippines for the purpose of preparing for war against CHina from the Philippines.

General Milley is likely the most controversial military leader of the United States since WWII. Now he is accused of causing the slaughter of Ukrainian troops, conscripted by Zelenskyy and dragged into a war without sufficient training.

“General Mark A. Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, should be subject to an Article 32 hearing under the provisions of the Uniform Code of Military Justice for his conduct and statements as memorialized in the Bob Woodward book Peril, and the 8 August New Yorker magazine excerpt of a forthcoming book by Susan B. Glasser and Peter Baker. Citing written work of Washington Examiner, Why Gen. Mark Milley should be court-martialed

Video: “General Milley is a liar and a criminal. He deserves to be prosecuted,” says prolific military commentator.


Video: A substantive public attack on General Mark Alexander Milley, a United States Army general has been serving as the 20th chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff since 1 October 2019. General Milley is accused of using “incompetent soldiers in the greatest degree”, Ukrainians recruited in March, insufficiently trained for two weeks, and getting slaughtered in Ukraine.

“If there was ever an example of how a purpose-built Ukrainian NATO proxy force would perform against a Russian enemy, the 47th Brigade was the ideal case study. However, within days of initiating its attack, the group was close to literally decimated, with more than 10% of the over 100 US-made M-2 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles destroyed or abandoned on the field of battle, and hundreds of the brigade’s 2,000-strong complement dead or wounded. German-made Leopard 2 tanks and mine-clearing vehicles joined the Bradleys as wrecks in the fields west of Orekhov, having failed to breach the first line of Russian defenses. The reasons for this defeat can be boiled down to the role played by KORA in creating a false sense of confidence on the part of the officers and men of the 47th Brigade. Unfortunately, as the Ukrainians and their NATO masters found out, what works in a computer simulation does not automatically equate to battlefield success,” writes Scott Ritter, former U.S. Marine and former United Nations weapons inspector.

Milley and Biden Copy Trump

A government built on exploiting the peoples of other countries to fight its wars say experts and say the facts. Examples of America’s exploitation of vulnerable people with devastating outcomes, backed by the United Nations, for America’s illegal wars, are the people of Afghanistan; the people of Ukraine; and the people of the Philippines. Has a criminal in the White House turned America into a shattered Family? General Milley is accused of criminal wrongdoing by military expert.

Video: American and European Advanced Armour operated by “untrained incompetent Ukrainians”, destroyed by Russia.


Video: Evidence of a devastating defence against the so-called Ukrainian counter-offensive that destroyed a countless numbers of NATO (American and German) tanks and armoured personel carriers.

Feminine-Perspective Magazine: Criminal in White House Turned America into a Shattered Family -- General Milley and Trump attack America

USA President, Milley and Cabinet plus White House staff with General Milley in combat fatigues heads out through a park to storm a church opposite the White House where Australian journalists were seriously injured by American gunfire. Has a criminal in the White House turned America into a shattered Family? General Milley is accused of criminal wrongdoing by military expert.


Video: Leading the USA war against China, General Milley attacks China for its “large economic growth” and its “world class capabilities”.

Today America is in a cold war with China and the USA under Milley and Biden is occupying the Philippines to prepare for hot war against China using the Philippines and exploiting the people of the Philippines.