American wars create insane rape and death culture.

“If it is”OK” to kill people of a certain race, like Russians, Muslims, Chinese, Blacks, then obviously rape crime is a much lessor and ignored thing. You’ll never even hear of most rape crime where victims are hiding from death. Hence women’s and children’s plight in war is seldom even an afterthought. But women and their children are being raped and slaughtered in wars like the American proxy war in Ukraine,” Dr. Nassima al Amouri suggests from the Syria war zone “where America, Turkey, several Salafi Jihadist groups, and Basahr al Assad are each claiming slices of the country and its peoples like a pie.”

Death Culture

This is an adaptation of a cartoon from Punch Magazine, Volume 35 Page 137; 10 July 1858. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

So how much of this USA death & rape culture goes home to roost?

Because contagious rape-culture is what you create when inventing lower classes of humans whom it is OK to harm any way you want. America has done that and there is nobody left to add because the list includes everyone except American Whites.

Americans are raping at a colossal rate that grows each year

Americans are murdering one another at a collosal, growing rate.

America has a culture of rape, yes, but it has a culture of death, also. Year after year, Americans are persuaded by their government to cheer for the killing of alleged enemies of the state. Every year American state killings grow. The numbers of ordinary people America has killed since WWII are now astronomical. The military budget grows bigger and the capability for killing more people at once grows exponentially. It’s a deadly culture that has permeated the American population within which there is no peace nor freedom..

America’s rape culture and its culture of death has massively dropped the USA TFR, one might argue.

To bring a baby into a dysfunctional world; a rape culture; a death culture world, is pure madness. Proof? Between 2007 as the Iraq war deaths piled up, heading for a million civilians killed in Iraq, and the year 2020, the TFR in the United States declined from 2.12 to 1.64. The fewer kids, the fewer family funerals? The population will grow old and the work force will decline. Consumers will disappear.

Solving problems in America is today a new excuse for violence.
OpJane / Anonymous cult threatening pro-lifers helps nada

“OpJane is an interesting cult-like thing that was born as a challenge to the Texas bans on abortion. So, is this going violent and back to burning down abortion clinics, harassing nurses and killing doctors?” asks Monique Deslauriers, executive director of RINJ Women for America.

The root of Operation Jane is likely a Chicago, Illinois affiliation with the Chicago Women’s Liberation Union that operated from 1969 to 1973, But it has now been resurrected by the Anonimous hacker cult as a quasi-violent ‘justice for women’ thing.

“It is completely disingenuous for violent men to be arguing that abortion is violence toward children. Notwithstanding that observation the RINJ Foundation suggests that an abuse of induced abortion, or any government interference in legitimate medical procedures like induced abortion, or abuse of any medical procedure bringing harm to a person, could constitute a serious crime,” said Ms. Deslauriers.

“All life is precious. ‘Don’t use abortion as a method of birth control’, is RINJ Women’s warning, worth repeating. Use contraception to prevent a fertilized egg from embedding in the uterus, then there is no pregnancy and no new human life,” explains Ms. Deslauriers.

First abortion, now its rape. And Anonymous is claiming the government is the rapist. That’s gone over everyone’s heads but buried in the drama is a good message. “It’ not my clothes, it’s not my fault,’ it’s not my makeup, it’s not my smile,” is a chant to decry victim-blaming.

Victim blaming is a serious problem for genuine prosecutors trying to achieve justice in rape cases and sexual interference cases involving children.


The “rapist state” is not a thing. The state is a male beast. That’s the problem. Men scoff at the global surge in rape crime. Their countries then scoff at rape crime and the need for law enforcement.

Rape is a violation of human rights; failure of the rule of law; a conduit for HIV/AIDS and other pathogens like Hepatitis; and an assault on the core of healhy society—the family. Governments which fail to effectively prosecute rape crime tend to have failed states in some measure. The damage to society of a rape culture is endless.

An example of the crisis caused by runaway rape culture is the impunity believed and most often enjoyed by public officials and people in stardom of one kind or another.

Take a look at the case of Jacob Hoggard, former lead singer of the rock band Hedley. What his band mates had to say about his sexually violent and violently misogynistic conduct begs the question, ‘what aberration of human society produced the belief this behaviour was acceptable’. Hoggard has behaved as if he believes his rape of an Ottawa woman was OK. He said about his victims “spitting and slapping were among his sexual preferences”. Hoggard has other matters of sexual violence before the courts.

Zealous Communbity members should put their zeal into helping police, not attacking witnesses.

“Zealous Community members should put their zeal into helping police, not attacking witnesses,” said Katie Alsop of The RINJ Foundationabout the disgusting Hoggard case. Photo credit: Toronto Police Services


Operation Jane

Men create surges in rape crime and offer the rape of women and girls as a prize in war for motivating soldiers, like Ukrainian soldiers, and Russian mercenaries. Image: The Violent Anonymous hacker campaign “Operation Jane”.

Alona Adamovich a RINJ Women director in Ukraine and Grace Edwards, a RINJ Women director in Afghanistan, got into a video conference with Dr. Nassima al Amouri, a RINJ Foundation medical director.

“We are so busy dealing with unwanted pregnancies, and fighting the spread of syphilis, gonorrhea, HIV, Chlamydia, and countless other pathogens, we can barely cope with our duties in tracking down rape criminals in war zones. Nobody does anything with the data anyway. What seems more important to me is saving the lives of the survivors. If we had more people and more money we could go after the rapists,” says Alona Adamovich from Ukraine.

“One thing that I have noticed is that soldiers keep searching for our women’s shelters and rape clinics where we administer STD drugs and do rape kits. They expect to find a collection of vulnerable girls and women. Some expect to find a previous victim and shut her up in the case of rapists with local connections. Russian authorities have never criticized us when our guards have shot invaders at our clinics, no matter what side they come from. The Ukrainians however have a different view. Soldiers are allowed to rape women and girls because that is a reward for war fighting. But the other side to this issue is that their wives in Ukraine would not take too kindly to this conduct and more particularly the disease that he will bring home to her. HIV is at an epidemic level. The majority of tests we do for HIV and syphilis in Ukraine are positive,” said Alona.

Afghanistan is having the same types of problems. Rape is spreading disease.

“We are seeing the same thing with disease in Afghanistan. About now the military families in America and in NATO Europe are discovering that thousands of men have come home with HIV which by now may be manifesting as AIDS,” suggests Grace Edwards.

“In my own experiences in Mosul, Iraq, three regions of Syria, in Turkey near the Syrian border and now in Afghanistan, what I have seen is that American wars leave human catastrophes that spread around the world, even spreading back into America,” she suggested.

“Every day, somebody somewhere in America follows the examples of the American state and storms into a public place, mowing down with rapid-fire combat assault weapons  every person in sight, or targets specific people like school children and their teachers,” added Grace. “The example for this is the American state’s bold murders all over the world.”