Zelenskyy says, NATO is screwing me around.

“President Zelenskyy is correct. To NATO, Mr. Zelenskyy and all Ukrainians matter nought. The West sacrificed Ukraine and its people in a harebrained scheme to weaken Russia and destabilize President Vladimir Putin’s grip on power. Sending Zelenskyy packing with a ‘maybe someday Ukraine can join NATO when conditions are met,’ is a calculated motivation for Russia to keep pounding away at Ukraine and aim at completely overrunning Ukraine over time to keep Ukraine out of NATO,” suggests Dale Carter, Security Director of The RINJ Foundation, a global women’s rights NGO which adamantly opposes the war and opposes arming Ukraine and other combatants with cluster munitions because according to statistical data, these weapons kill mostly children in the long run.

“The RINJ Women are approaching the Kremlin through the Moscow chapter, asking Vladimir Putin to take the lead and vow not to be using cluster munitions again in exchange for Ukraine plus NATO giving the same undertaking. Thus far, NATO has vowed to supply Ukraine with “better” cluster munitions which the world has protested vehemently as just plain cruel to the women and children who will be killed by these weapons in the urban war being waged by America using Ukrainians against Russians and Russian-Ukrainians in Donbass,” continued Ms. Carter who has just returned from Ukraine.

Warmongers keen on killing kids with cluster munitions.Warmongers keen on killing kids with cluster munitions. U.S. President Joe Biden met with NATO Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg in Vilnius on Tuesday ahead of a two-day summit of the NATO nation’s leaders in the Lithuanian capital. “This summit is already historic because the agreement we made yesterday will make Sweden a full member of NATO,” Stoltenberg said as he welcomed his boss, the U.S. President, to the summit. Photo credit: pool. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“NATO has only one role, selling America’s military hardware form the largest military industrial complex the world has ever seen. NATO is predominantly run by oligarchs,” suggests Ms. Carter. “Keeping the Ukraine war running is exactly what the United States (a.k.a.: NATO) is hoping for, plus the eventual massacre of Russia. ”

Zelenskyy Sidelined