Asia owning 21st Century begins with U.S. Containment of China

Are we in the Asian 21st Century? Some experts say, “Yes.”

RINJ Women are saying that the 21st century needs to be the era of global cooperation, pacifism, tolerance and forbearance.

“The only thing,” RINJ Women say collectively, “we can count on for certain is that the world will endure radical uncertainty over the next 100 years if world leaders’ current warpath persistence is an indicator.”


Whose century s this? Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

China’s Belt & Road Initiative opens trade between Europe & China

China’s Guangxi sees surging China-Europe freight train trips in Jan-July. Video courtesy: Xinhua

“The Asian Century is the projected 21st-century dominance of Asian politics and culture, assuming certain demographic and economic trends persist. The concept of Asian Century parallels the characterisation of the 19th century as Britain’s Imperial Century, and the 20th century as the American Century.” –Wikipedia

Many theories fly around today but one stands out: America’s containment of China has backfired as predicted. America under Joe Biden has isolated itself from the world.

The U.S. is in decline and that has been true for the past several decades. It is no less true that no other nation has the overriding military powers of the U.S. however an alliance of China and at least one other country will change that, therefore it’s a stalemate on the military side, what you did for humanity, lately, is more important. All sides must hear that,” China correspondent Ms. Sara Qin opined.

“The People’s Republic of China has never invaded another nation and women in China suspect that will always be the case, despite the sword clanging noise raised over Taiwan secession, which is just that, noisy posturing,” writes Sara Qin, correspondent based in Shenzhen.

“America is a bully. Multiple wars and interventions and tens of millions killed since WWII is proof of that. Were America not such a bully, the spiraling ascent of developing nation China to the perceived rank of a global superpower would not be such a worrisome issue for Americans. The GDP share per capita in the United States is much greater than China. Sales of military items makes up plenty of that difference but presents no benefit to the average American, only the rich get richer and the politicians more powerful. In that, America suffers political instability,” she added.

“U.S. containment of China with outrageous war-like sanctions; America’s massive military buildup on the Philippines islands; SSBN Boomer 80-nuclear-warhead strategic weapon submarine in a South Korean harbour; and adding more nuclear missiles around the east and south Asian seas is not containment it is preparing for an invasion as America has done over and over again in the past 70 years.” notes Simon Baldock, Tel Aviv-based security analyst.

“America has lost global stature to China which is still a developing nation but in the past thirty years has achieved legendary human development. China in that same period is not having as bad a human rights record as America and has invaded no countries nor has it killed the millions of citizens of other countries which America has killed. Pacifism and cooperation have been the order of each day although China is now armed to the teeth as America directs its military to prepare to attack China,” suggests Dale Carter, the security director for The RINJ Foundation.

The American century is over, and the Asian century is upon us believe some experts, while others say uncertainty reins.

The American century is over, and the Asian century is upon us says expert, Kishore Mahbubani. “I’m definitely optimistic for the new C.I.A., which stands for China, India and ASEAN, which I think will be the fastest growing economies over the next decade or so, Singaporean scholar and former diplomat Kishore Mahbubani says in this video.


America’s approach has been to threaten and antagonize China with its actions while accusing China of doing the same. Cooperation and peace would be a better approach than America’s current military preparations for world war.