Justin Trudeau misspoke about public policy change? Editorial

OK. Let’s talk about changing public policy.

“I think that we have a robust, functioning democracy, and public protests are an important part of making sure we’re getting messages out there … but using protests to demand changes to public policy is something that I think is worrisome,” said Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada, late last year.

On one hand public protest does seek or advise public policy change, sometimes for the good, which leaders should act upon. Other times peaceful protest may be just uninformed trivia or the work of rabble-rousing instigators which therefore seeks better government explanations to close those holes. In the former case, listening to the people can never be wrong; in the second case, government has screwed up by not properly explaining its actions and needs to pay heed. Peaceful public protest can only be good and never worrisome.

“When leaders stop listening to the people, they are not leaders any longer.”

FPM.news Editorial by Micheal John


Make the distinction between peaceful protest and malign actors bringing a breach of the peace and breach of public safety.

Of course, the reason for the Canada Emergencies Act implementation in early 2022 was due to the fact that certain malign actors funded by an enemy of Canada in what has become a world war involving 58 countries (Russia, Belarus and Iran versus 55 countries aligned with the United States proxy war) being fought in eastern Europe and the Middle East for now.

This ‘Freedom Convoy’ picked the wrong side and abused their use of heavy machinery entrusted and licensed to them only for the public good, to stage an armed siege against a Canadian city and several of its border crossings affecting over a $billion in trade and posing a safety threat to thousands of Canadians. What’s the hard part? This insurrection had to be stopped.

Thankfully, ordinary peace officers were up to the task and there was no martial law and no troops, just the cops we need every day to keep grandma safe while crossing the streets. These officers seem to have been effective despite the violence that they faced. It wasn’t like 20,000 cops beating down on passive attendees at the G8 summit in Toronto in 2010, it was a few cops dispersing a nasty riot where protesting people behaved with violence, having in their care and control guns and 16-wheeler rigs capable of doing massive damage.

There’s an old saying. “You bring a knife to a fight, and you are going to be cut.”

These are just some of the single-purpose assaultive weapons seized from so called Freedom Convoy Truckers heading for a Canada/US border crossing. That makes them an illegal militia using huge tonnage machinery entrusted to them only for the public good and not for armed assaults on a city or border crossing. Get it? Photo credit: RCMP evidence team, public relations.

Justin Trudeau calls out those demonstrators who are demanding change in public policy. Was this a slip of the tongue?

I suspect that that is just what happened. I can’t find any record of Trudeau explaining himself.

Justin Trudeau must have misspoken himself because nothing else he has said or done is consistent.

Justin Trudeau should admit he misspoke himself. It’s not a big deal.

The Freedom Convoy held a city at ransom and blocked the Canada/USA border crossings in several locations using assault weapons and massive machinery entrusted to them by the public—for only the public good—while demanding government and public policy must change.

That is called malicious intent, anarchy, and/or extortion. Those criminals should be charged. That is what the PM should have said—probably meant to say. However…

Demanding Change in Public Policy of Iran’s Islamic Republic Autocrats can get you killed. For many dozens of mostly schoolgirls and boys, that happened. Their demands were reasonable. Some of the latest tactics are not. Attacking homes of disliked persons with lit bottles of gas is unacceptable and we are out if the men continue that conduct, even if it is true the men are IRGC plants doing this reprehensible violence, go home.

We of The RINJ Foundation are seeking a change in public policy for women in Iran, that they be treated as humans.  Here the misogynists leading the Islamic Republic killed three of our protesters as if they are ‘just-females’ therefore nothing; slaughtered dozens of innocent schoolgirls and young women human-rights defenders; imprisoned about 20,000 innocent critics who are part of the Women-Life-Freedom movement; and sentenced to death a small number of protesters and just getting started at that.

Peaceful protesters killed because they are women is called femicide. No part of this is Islamic teaching, it is the hijacking of a religion by fiends seeking power and control over a country of beautiful, caring, intelligent Iranian people.

In memory: Mahak Hashemi (16)

Nika ShakermiIn memory of Nika-Shakarami (17)

Asra Panah

In memory of Asra-Panah (16)

We encourage the solidarity of members across all borders in the quest for peace, life and freedom.

Video: Respect for solidarity among women, sisters in Israel, Palestine and Iran. “Women-Life-Freedom”

 So when the Canadian PM starts talking as if people seeking change in public policy are criminals, I need to wonder where the hell that thought is going and even where it comes from. He must have, and I insist, he just misspoke himself.

In China, the people took to the street to change public policy and their leader, as always, listened.

In China, people protested demanding a change in public policy. They wanted the very successful ‘Zero-COVID’ policy changed.

The people got what they asked for when Xi Jinping listened to the people instead of his scared advisers in a totalitarian system.

That’s one of the big flaws in totalitarian systems, middle management is scared out of its wits. All systems have their flaws. The people in China got past this one they know about. Smart advisors would have told President Xi what’s up, but likely were too afraid to do what they thought might be contradicting the leader—but the leader hired advisors to hear ideas. The Chinese people solved that.

Xi Jinping knows that when leaders stop listening to the people, they are not leaders any longer. Xi Jinping’s entire life is a reflection of his care and love for the Chinese people. He acted with prudence. It shows.

Cruel Dictators kill those who disagree with them. Iran and the Philippines are just two examples.

Our security contractor in Iran will deter against murder with a force commensurate to the force used against the women and girls the IRGC threatens to kill in thirty cities of Iran.  Since the first deterrence encounters, the slaughters in the protests have been reduced notably. That’s how to deal with autocrats who not only don’t listen to their people who seek public policy change but kill their people to illicit their silence.

Trudeau opened a can of worms. He should close the can. His absurd announcement that public policy change seekers must be repudiated is not the speak of a leader. It’s bile  coming from the mouth of an autocrat. He must have misspoken himself.

I really hope Trudeau did not mean to condemn protest that is aimed at educating public policy makers and urging for a public policy direction change.

For example, the institution that condemned to death over a thousand small children in the Catholic Church’s forced “Indian” Residential Schools (enforced by the RCMP who dragged kids from their homes forever) is still in place and is still as misogynistic and as dangerous to the public well-being as ever.

RINJ Women seek Disbandment of Canadian RCMP over Residential School Murders

The RCMP is steeped in entitlement and misogyny and must be reconstructed or disbanded. Today it just sexually assaults its own female members who are vulnerable but seems also to be responsible for some ten thousand missing or murdered young indigenous Canadian women and girls. RINJ has  published a list of those we think could be found by the RCMP, one way or another.

I am the CEO of an international human rights NGO in consultative status with a division of the United Nations since 2017 and to my knowledge many human rights defenders at high levels agree that change must be affected over time and not just window dressing and also, restitution, even if it is only tokenism, is required–because how can you make restitution for killing young women and children.

Governments Harming, Exploiting and even Murdering Children must be stopped, forever, whatever that takes.

RINJ is going to build two women’s shelters in Northern Alberta and maybe more in the Arctic. Come hell or high water, indigenous Canadians must, even if they do not see, they *must feel* the care that they deserve, for that is the only restitution that can be done, for real.

I hope urging public policy change in Canada will never become what it is like in Iran.


For the record, from Feb. 2022.