USA Confirms China science research explanation for 5 balloons

But the United States as usual is obfuscating about what it knows about China. It’s revelations about the antenna aboard the balloon it shot down with a war missile confirms what reported. It was an off-course science research balloon, one of five.

Read: Crucial science research project, not China spy balloon, eh.

What China found on the dark side of the moon?

What did China’s scientists find on the dark side of the moon in January 2019 that caused its scientists to start launching massive research balloons in 2019? Photo Credit People’s Republic of China via Xinhua News Agency, a.k.a. New China News Agency, the official state news agency of the People’s Republic of China. Photo is cropped. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Video: ‘Spot the China Spy Balloon”

Meanwhile, Children in Asia have a new Game: ‘Spot the China Spy Balloon.

America claims that the balloon it destroyed with a missile was capable of tracking radio-magnetic signals and geolocating the source of those signals.

China has been tracking swarms of magnetic bacteria particles that can endure harsh UV radiation at stratospheric altitudes, using balloons. China however does not want this connection made. Read: Crucial science research project, not China spy balloon

“What China is so close-to-the-vest about is that the scientific research it is conducting may lead to an Earth-shattering breakthrough in several scientific categories. It does not want those who behave like enemies to have this information,” notes correspondent Sara Qin from Beijing.

Secondly, it is research that was stimulated by what China found on the dark side of the moon beginning 3 January 2019.


Shortly thereafter, Chinese scientists began a massive, multi-institution scientific research project based on what they found.

Since January 2019, China has been conducting research into magnetisomes like this one.

Remember 3 January 2019? China is on the dark side, today?