MSC proves letting Facebook elect our leaders was an epic fail

Lieutenant James Earl Carter Jr.

“Far removed from the angel Carter and his love of humanity, the warmongers comprising our global leadership congregated at the Munich Security Conference (MSC), 17 February through 19 February. They are mostly people who have no clue to what they are supposed to be doing so they chant hateful things,” says Dale Carter from the MSC.

“Our leaders demand more guns, more bombs, more missiles, more killing. Meanwhile, the Russians who have picked one side in a civil war within Ukraine these past nine years—the Russian-Ukrainian peoples’ side—are kicking the crap out of the USA in its failed proxy war against Russia in Ukraine,” added Ms. Carter who is the security director for the global women’s rights group, RINJ Women.

(The Munich Security Conference (MSC; German: Münchner Sicherheitskonferenz) is an annual conference on international security policy that has been held in Munich, Bavaria, Germany since 1963.)

“NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg spewed American propaganda at the conference saying despite America’s destruction of the European environment and demolishing the NordStream2 pipeline to Germany, ‘the most important lesson from Ukraine is that North America and Europe must stand together,” stressing that “without NATO , there is no security in Europe,’ but the irony of that is so strong it is clearly a bold-faced lie as is everything coming from the White House and NATO. European leaders are truly stupid, as wellas being warmongers,” said Ms. Carter.

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Destruction of Nordstream 2

“The problem with having leaders who are total warmongers staging a world war in eastern Europe is that at least half of every load of weapons they push into Ukraine explodes in Ukraine. The rest is being channeled by Volodymyr Zelenskyy‘s buddies within the black market into Syria, Afghanistan, Nigeria, Somalia and other places where Salafi Jihadists are aiming at a resurgence. A few people are getting rich while millions of Ukrainians and Russians are having their lives destroyed if not taken,” Ms. Carter added to her rant with a Zoomed shrug.

‘Russia is kicking the crap out of America in Ukraine, a place where America should have never gone’, said Alona Adamovich, Ukraine Director for The RINJ Foundation.

“America is not so great to its own people. It is a country steeped in murder. Every talk from the White House about killing permeates the American psyche and the killings begin in schools and carry out to the streets with adults shooting each other. The only lesson America has to teach the world is about murder and destruction. I cannot bring myself to accept that Jimmy Carter is the last of the good guys who really cared about humanity.

“America is very good at losing wars. That’s all it does. It’s politicians and arms industry is rich but its infrastructure is near dead and American people are desperate,” said Monique.

“The U.S. military industrial complex runs the country and that is why the U.S. cannot win a war, no matter how hard our boys fight or our proxies and mercenaries fight—the goal is to sell more weapons and keep warring alive no matter who wins. The defence industries also sell to all sides,” quipped Monique Deslauriers, an American RINJ director who was part of the video conference. “We should have stayed out of Ukraine. Only dirty politicians go there and now they dragged the whole country into an end game for humanity,” Monique added.

“A case to make the women’s point can be found in most speeches made at the Munich Security Conference, 17 February through 19 February where mankind’s national leaders have been waxing on their impunity for their errors and their crimes all the while screaming their blame on those who did not attend. The acrimonious yelping is violent and only more violence well emerge from this Armageddon-prep,” said Israeli security analyst, Mr. Simon Baldock, speaking softly after listening to the women’s global Zoom conference.

Monique got the last word. “While this is going on, the forgotten 8 billion great unwashed population needs to be hysterical about aliens from space flying UFOs and China spying on everyone with balloons as if the thousands of tons of American military debris orbiting the planet in space—and some falling into the tundra—isn’t relevant to why every time the USA kills somebody with a missile there are also whole families of children wiped out. What? Military satellites are blind to women and children? Maybe our country should be flying balloons instead of shooting satellite guided f—–g missiles at families like those folks in Afghanistan… sheesh I get so angry at the reckless politicians killing innocent women and children and then all we get is, ‘it’s not my fault, it’s the Russians fault’.

“‘Let us all agree. On behalf of all the victims, both known and unknown, justice must be served against the Russians,’ stammered Kamala Harris shrilly in staccato sentences as if the teleprompter was also quivering. There is nothing good that can be said about the MSC.  The verbal violence brings us all closer to Armageddon.”

Ironically America has been leading this cacophony of death. The U.S. is in such bad shape since the anti-Trump election rivalry that with a sneaky bit of doings here and there it elected touchy-feely, not-so-bright, self-claimed-sneaky, influence-peddling Joe Biden. Here’s Joe Biden to explain (video).

Video: Joe Biden explains how he used financial coercion, (‘You don’t get the billion dollars unless you fire the prosecutor,’ a bribe?), to call the shots in Ukraine’s governance going back to the time of the Obama Administration.

These women have a point, said an observer to the conference wrap-up by the women’s group. “The end is near. Our leaders are way past the level of their own incompetence causing the human existence to spiral downwards.”

“Clearly the Munich conference has not assuaged the concerns of the hundreds of millions of women sent into poverty and desperation everywhere by sanctions and the hybrid world-war in eastern Europe that spreads now to include Iran, Philippines, China and the Korean Peninsula; the global selling of children to allow their siblings to eat for another week; and the horrible state of the world created since Facebook elected the most incompetent group of murdering narcissists and sociopathic quasi-humans to so-called democratic leadership,” chimed in Katie Alsop, Executive Director of The RINJ Foundation.

Our leaders have only one interest. Their own skins.

“It is not the time for dialogue because we have a Russia which has chosen war, which has chosen to intensify the war, and which has chosen to go as far as committing war crimes and to attacking civilian infrastructures,” Emmanuel Macron said, spinning precisely the U.S. collective’s prescribed talking points as did 100 plus representatives at the MSC.

That Vladimir Putin is a ruthless opponent there is no doubt. He is horrid to his enemies and a Godsend to his friends.

Mr. Macron’s story is making no sense as a year passes with Russia holding solidly one quarter of Ukraine’s territory, the portion of Ukraine that is ethnic Russian.

A sizeable proportion of eastern Ukraine’s people, nearly 100,000 former Ukrainians are also bearing arms against Ukraine, America and some 55 other warring countries. Macron and the other European leaders never talk about that.

That is what this Ukraine civil war is all about. Those eastern Ukrainians are people who hated the corruption, hated the American interference and despised the KIev Nazis, so they broke away, forming their own countries.

Meanwhile North America and Europe are trying to tell their own colonies with their violence in Ukraine that if you break away, we will kill you.

That is why the lies from the U.S. and EU that only Russia is in this fight, as Macron foolishly claims.

The leaders of North America and Europe are fully responsible for their malfeasance and for this global catastrophe for the human population of Earth.