Jingoistic USA Cancels talks in China over stupid weather balloon.

You too can have a high-altitude balloon from Ebay. But… “Shoot it down, shoot it down,” scream U.S. politicians trying to out shout each other to prove themselves to be the most enthusiastic about killing anything Asian.

“The problem with this logic is that there is American paraphernalia like missiles, bombers, armoured ground vehicles and ships invading every orifice of the planet regardless of who it belongs to, and thus subject to attack if it is OK to blow up Chinese weather balloons just because they are Chinese,” suggests Simon Baldock, a Tel Aviv-based security analyst when asked for his opinion on the latest skirmish between Joe Biden’s supercilious ‘dumb-and-dumber’ administration and the rest of the world.

But ‘Dumb-and-Dumber’ was a 1994 parody and most pundits describe Biden’s administration as something rooted back in the time of the Korean war.

Learning that there are high altitude scientific research balloons in the upper troposphere and lower stratosphere is nothing new. They have little to no radar signature that looks like anything, and they tend to wander with the air mass they are within, wherever that takes them. If you want one, you can buy it here on Ebay.

Blinken and Bongbong Marcos

U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinkin and Philippines President Ferdinand Marcos. Official Malacañang Photo

As America prepares to fight a war with China using Philippines territory on Luzon Island near Taiwan, one of the Biden cabinet members, Antony Blinken (who Mr. Baldock uses as an example to define supercilious) has announced a sudden termination of planned diplomatic meetings in China and cancelled his plans to meet with his counterpart in China, all over what Beijing describes as a ‘civilian airship used for research, mainly for meteorological, purposes‘, in other words, a weather balloon.

The errant balloon has been floating in the stratosphere near the Canadian border over Montana moving with prevailing airflow west to east across America’s mid-west and would continue across the USA unless winds aloft change substantially and unexpectantly (not likely) according to the weather guessers at NOAA.

America’s massive embarrassment is over not knowing about this lighter-than-air unmanned intruder until after it trundled along for hundreds of miles without being detected.

Sidebar: Is it a spy system?

This writer participated in various satellite projects designing radio-electronic packages for gathering maximum useable frequency data from high level balloons and satellites—and cool stuff like that.

Those projects were in the context of massive learning and understanding in this command, communications and intelligence realm. Without revealing anything improper, it is safe to say that unequivocally, former workmates agree, this China-Balloon caper is an intelligence-gathering operation. But it’s more humorous than threatening.

Ever since Earth began its current incarnation, the air masses in North America have moved from west to east.  One can say that from Boise, Idaho the airflow is a cone from Boise to Millinocket, Maine and from Boise to Columbia South Carolina with an ever-widening conical pattern heading east. Across Canada the air flow is west to east from up and down the British Columbia coast straight across, even with the 49th parallel pretty much, sometimes veering south after crossing between Lake Superior and Lake Jelco area in northern Ontario—a fascinating region in the meteorological context.

There are lots of ways to describe these patterns, but the point is that the balloon in question had no business anywhere near where it is being seen and there is no other reasonable flight path expectation than the one it is on give or take a few parallels north or south. What the hell were the Chinese thinking?


So why is the People’s Republic of China Flying Spy Balloons Over America?

“Because Beijing does not want a war with the USA fought in the Philippines. China wants the war fought on American soil. And that would be the greatest possible deterrence to America continuing its path to war with China,” suggests Mr. Baldock.

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