Zelenskyy in Washington hoping to convince Gaza baby killers in DC to kill more in Donbass

The women and children in the Luhansk and Donetsk regions of Donbass have been slaughtered a few more every year since the start of 2014 by Americans and Ukrainians, many of whom have been avid Nazis.

“The corrupt fake president in the White House is building quite a reputation for himself as a genocidal psychopath. We had him pegged as a sociopath every time he came here in the eight years from 2008 to 2016 but we see he is now way past that docility,” said humanitarian team leader Alona Adamovich as she threw another knife into the dartboard across the room.

“We’ve got Zelensky and Biden in the same room in Washington DC right now making plans for getting rich. The little piece of dirt Zelensky is now a billionaire Oligarch here in Ukraine with all the money Biden has poured on him,” said Alona, speaking rapidly in excellent English.

“Much of the cash sent to Ukraine by the American people goes back into Biden’s election fund through a chain of corporations that buy and sell weapons and pay ‘commissions’ along the way.

“No amount of money will get the genocidal creep Biden re-elected, perhaps, if the people in America have half a brain. Biden has helped kill off most of the men in Ukraine and the women have fled in the millions to other countries although lots are coming back here to deliver their babies because Poland is a nightmare,” said Alona.

“So we deliver their babies, because we are the best in the world. We let the women deliver the baby in the very primal mode that works best for them and guide them through the process where needed and of course care for the baby 100%. We don’t try and steal the birthing process from a woman if she is perfectly healthy enough to deliver naturally—and that is about 85% of all births,” explained Alona.

“Last week a mom and her daughter came to see me with a little child I started breathing six months ago. The oldest daughter who is six-years-old showed me a picture that had been on her classroom wall all these months, put there by a teacher who celebrated my young friend. The story goes like this.

“The mom and her two children arrived at my clinic exactly on time in May, from Poland, to deliver a little baby girl. They were in a panic. When the contractions begin for a woman who has already delivered two children, things will start moving fast. To make a long story short, I did the delivery with the mom and when I put the baby down on mom’s tummy, I asked her daughter if I could have the bow and ribbon in her hair. She whisked it off and I tied the umbilical cord with that. The picture she drew was her infant sister wearing the ribbon and bow and the caption she wrote said, “the first clothes my baby sister wore, my ribbon and my bow that my dad gave me before he died in the war”. She had them with her too, all clean and bright yellow.

“I was the midwife for each of these children’s births. Seeing the little darling’s picture from her grade one class made me realize what was important but it made me so angry at these foul men who kill babies, mothers and dads, here and in the Middle East. They make me sick. All of those men. Those warring men make me sick. They killed my three little friend’s dad,” lamented Alona.

“So anyway, it was my turn to draw a picture, I said, as I hustled up some sandwiches and cookies for the kids and their mom. I put a piece of paper on the table and drew a quick sketch. They loved it. I mean they were jumping up and down. Mom cried. The child her husband never met had in a strange way, created a tribute to her dad by wearing the golden yellow ribbon dad had bought for his oldest girl. I emailed the draft to Rosa and she will make it nice. I told the kids to put the yellow ribbon between two pieces of glass and frame it so it will last forever. They loved the idea.”

“This is what I call important work, not killing women and children and their dads like the evil men in Washington keep doing.”


In memorial

Art by Alona Adamovich in Ukraine and Rosa Yamamoto in Canda.

Sidebar: What started this conversation is Zelensky in Washington Pleading for Cash. But the people need it more. Life sucks, in Ukraine.

Zelensky is in Washington begging for money to keep his war going against the people of Donbass now backed by Russia since January 2021.

Before Russia backed the armies of Luhansk and Donetsk to fight off a massive 70,000 Ukrainian/American troop invasion that was building up at the contact line in Donbass, Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy was polling around 25%.

Within a year people were calling Zelensky Ukraine’s Winston Churchill.

But do you remember what Britain did to Winnie after WW2 ended? Brits threw him out on his arse, in a humiliating election defeat in 1945.

Zelensky will retire a rich man based on a look at his growing offshore bank accounts, if he lives long enough to do that. He has lost the war against Donbass and Crimea backed by Russia although both regions are badly damaged. So too is Ukraine. The best thing Congress could do for the world right now is send Zelensky packing without even a dollar.

This would end the war in the same way it would always have gone on its own—the self-determination of the people of Donbass forming their own republic(s) and Ukraine can elect a better life than they ever had.


Thank you for this beautiful tale and all that you do, my dear sister Alona Adamovich in Ukraine. — Your friend, for life, Rosa Yamamoto