USA issues a death sentence to 2M people plus humanitarians in Gaza. Trashes UNSC.

The United States just vetoed 100 countries sponsoring a Gaza Genocide ceasefire resolution. Clearly the UNSC is a thing of the past. It is worthless if it cannot protect humans from the malfeasance of rogue states. The people must take their own actions.

The massive effort of the United Nations and its Secretary General have all but been laughed at by America and Britain.

UNSC Faile Humanity

UNSC Fails Humanity. Photo Credit: United Nations

Israel has never had any time for the UN which insists on Israel’s adherence to international law. Both America and Israel have always upheld the belief they are excused from the rule of international law.

The UN Security Council members representing the entire world seeking the end of the Gaza Genocide have been trashed in their efforts to uphold international human rights law making both the United Nations and the UNSC things of the past.

The reaction is not polite outside diplomatic protocols.

Probably there will be many resignations.

The ruling elites of Britain and the USA, because they have failed to totally control all media reports in their country, are about to experience the wrath of many of their own people and all of the rest of the world for promoting the Gaza Genocide and trashing the UNSC.

The crime of genocide and complicity-in-genocide is no small matter. The accused parties must be arrested and sent to prison awaiting trial.

Slaughtering children and women has too often been forgiven of America and Israel. That must end, say experts.

“This is not a time for calm but a time to act against Genocide by any means whatsoever to end the slaughter,” urges humanitarian workers in Gaza.

The human race cannot withstand any more claims of impunity for extrajudicial killings; for the slaughter of innocent women and children; for genocide by Israel and America.

As the UN Security Council met and deliberated over the resolution to compel a ceasefire against the dying population of Gaza, the Israeli/American bombing of Gaza intensified. Another 500 Palestinian women and children have been killed. No members of Hamas perished in the same time period.

The people have no choice but to take up arms and defend the women and kids of Gaza.