UN Security Council is complicit in immoral genocide. This is a warning to them.

Invoking a rarely used article ninety-nine of the UN Charter, UN Secretary-General António Guterres just hours ago called on the UN Security Council to “press to avert a humanitarian catastrophe” in Gaza and unite in a call for a full humanitarian ceasefire between Israel and Palestinian militants.

The Women of the RINJ Foundation support our hero Guterres to all extents. Nothing could be more important than an immediate ceasefire. Read Mr. Guterres’ letter. AG letter_of_6_December_Gaza

RINJ Legal files genocide complaints

Statement of Particulars, Genocide in Gaza

WARNING: From the ground in Gaza comes a warning of unprecedented suffering and death if this human catastrophe is not stopped with a ceasefire and the supplies needed by humanitarians do not start flowing. It’s all there. The UNSC must stop blocking the means to save the women and children of Gaza.


Rafah in Gaza now has 1.5 million refugees being forced by Israel to move this way and that, but wherever they are sent, they are bombed by America and Israel.

Ceasefire! A political agreement to stop the killing must be executed this week in order to allow the world’s humanitarians to do their work.

“Or we waste our love, our time, and our blood on people you kill anyway along with us,” explains RINJ practitioner Sharon Santiago who has been supporting the midwives and nurses in Gaza.

RINJ Women urge Cease fire

Be silent when kids sleep, not when kids are murdered. A ceasefire must be imposed on the murderers committing genocide, say RINJ Women.

“Israel has become a failed state, led by a criminal, Benjamin Netanyahu, who has been accused by the Israeli Dept. of Justice of being a fraudster and a corrupted politician,” says Dale Carter, RINJ Women security director.

“Israel has been led by a bevy of cult-like extremist political parties to become a rogue nation that is mass murdering women and children using a pack of lies as the justification, thus an enemy of the human race,” says Ms. Dale Carter.

“What makes it worse is that Netanyahu’s ethnic-killing-spree  is  supported by a cadre of thuggish, power-crazed leaders running North America plus the European Union and Japan who also hate Muslims and support the killing of Arabs and Palestinians who are Muslims. They don’t seem to want to support the killing of Palestinian Jews or Christians.

“Clearly, the people around that table are pushing for the right to kill off the people the State decides it has no use for their ethnicity,” added Ms. Carter.

“Meanwhile, diarrhea and respiratory infections are widespread including a nasty bacterial pneumonia that does not seem to go away but needs treatment with azithromycin for dealing with pneumonia, diarrhea, and certain other intestinal infections that may turn out to be cholera and dysentery,” RINJ medical director Nassima al Amouri chimed in from Iran where she has been working with the RINJ Women in Tehran after being bombed a few times in Syria by Netanyahu’s creeps, hoping to keep her out of Gaza.

Netanyahu killed civilian hostages. They were not released because they are dead. That’s what is being said in Gaza.

“It never was a priority of Netanyahu to aim for the release of hostages. Hamas offered to release hostages many times as far back as mid-October 2023, but were told to ‘go to hell’, medical workers in Gaza and Israel were told by both sides,” suggests Israeli security analyst Simon Baldock.

“The word the nurses and midwives got from several militants in Gaza is that there are no civilian hostages left in the control of Hamas or its IQB (Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades).”

Neither side is truthful. Of one thing, we are certain: the bodies of the little children and their dear moms.

Below: Photos of FPMag’s Behar Abbasi and art of Rosa Yamamoto


The work of two passionate women who stand firm against the USA, UK, Canada, EU, Japan, Israel killing of innocent women and children in the thousands in Gaza. Photos of FPMag’s Behar Abbasi and art of Rosa Yamamoto


“There may be some persons still alive and in the hands of other militants. It is doubtful they fared well. Allegedly none have been killed by their captors but they have been bombed by the USA and Israel and killed in the carpet bombings,” explains nurse Ai’sha from Gaza during a moment of good satellite comms.

“Hamas has clearly said they released all the living civilian hostages. We don’t believe anything from Hamas because of the nature of the movement and its passionate hate for Jews but this is confirmed by non-Hamas Palestinians who are likely to know the facts,” adds nurse practitioner Behar Abbasi from Gaza.

Editor’s Note

IRGC is increasingly apoplectic at the slaughter of Arabs

An argument was presented to FPMag by a Salafi Jihadist in Iran where the RINJ Foundation women have been responsible for creating a resistance movement to fight for women’s rights and to keep Iranian schoolgirls safe from the IRGC even if that means wearing school uniforms. Some members of the IRGC terrorist group, although it is not an institutional policy, has been raping and murdering young school girls for not wearing religious attire and for being boisterous rule-breakers in the view of some Islamic extremists.

In the aforementioned argument, the speaker maintained that the persons sitting around the table at the UN Security Council, only those who are insisting that the Genocide continue, are fair game to being assassinated in self-defence.

I told the person that while the interpretation of the concept of self-defence is not too bad, the requirement for contiguity in actus rea (clearly mens rea exists) to an event that presented a clear and present danger to the party being defended, but that is not present and not likely to be present. Emotion, I suspect prevented that concept from being accepted by the advocate of criminal violence under the guise of self defence. Maybe in time the person will realize the folly of the theory.

Regardless, I felt this was someone who knew a lot and that somehow because of our passionate loathing of the massive murders of women and children anywhere, this person thought we would be allied to the cause of bumping off the diplomats and leaders who are doing the killing of the women and children in Gaza.

But it is interesting to note that this is actually a world war in its incipient stages, and frankly, if war is what is needed to stop random states from slaughtering women and children, I have kids, I will get a gun too, and stand ready to stop the killings of innocent women and children.

The guilt at the UN Security Council (UNSC) includes the murder of one small child every ten minutes. I am livid. Every day I talk to young women medical practitioners treating the injured which we estimate to be over 60,000, most of whom are never treated.

That UNSC guilt includes complicity in nearly 16,000 civilian deaths, 70% being women, children and the elderly, for whom the bodies have been found.

The guilt at the UN Security Council includes an estimated 15,000 innocent non-combatants who are still buried in the rubble of Gaza, because of the special American bombs which are now used to hide the bodies deep in the concrete rubble.

Israel and its supporters in the UN Security Council are genocidal murderers about to kill more women and children in Gaza using their state’s weapons and deliberately intentioned malignant policies.

The members of the U.N. Security council are criminals who have commit massive murders in complicity with a genocide that is taking place in the Gaza strip.