Netanyahu media claim is that Rape of Israeli women justifies Gaza Genocide

This article is in response to Benjamin Netanyahu’s demands that RINJ Women release names of people who say they have been raped on 7 October by supporters of Hamas, and that RINJ Women issue a statement claiming that Hamas instructed its people do wholesale rape on 7 October 2023.

A response to the accused Benjamin Netanyahu by RINJ Women director and FPMag scribe, Sharon Santiago.

Releasing to the public, any information about patient matters has many opinions around the world but for us, all information related to gender-based violence, pedophilia, and any patient information whatsoever, including crimes of a sexual nature, is ethically forbidden internationally. Patients can say and do what they wish. RINJ Women can’t. We have never failed to respect the absolute privacy of patient survivors. Never.

Within hours of occurrence, RINJ Women publicly declared even before 9 October to the world that sexual violence had occurred on 7 October 2023 and in so doing in the public record reported same to the International Criminal Court prosecutor.

The perpetrators are not necessarily members of Hamas whereas one might argue they are supporters of the Hamas movement until all of their identities are made public. Some are alleged CIA and some are alleged U/C Mossad operatives who were already in place gathering good information for valid security purposes but with the trigger of a forewarning from Jordan and Egypt to Netanyahu, the undercovers were asked to report on upcoming events and to assist in a false flag operation.

Not only did these persons commit crimes in the conduct of their duties but also took a lot of photographs. As it turned out, at least two members of our private security team attended on at least two of these persons among others (who fled) who allegedly became deceased in the event of their interception in a sexual assault on SuperNova Rave attendees they prevented from leaving and an alleged attempted rape which we believe with some certainty wasn’t a rape but was faked for phone-cameras.

Nevertheless, the perpetrators had opened fire with handguns when they were instructed to back away from their intended victims and raise their hands. They reached for and obtained sidearms firing wildly, but their opponents had already set up blinds and overwatch. When one party threatened to kill his victim, the only victim who was struggling on the ground with tangled undergarments and jeans, he became deceased after discharging his weapon near the victim into the asphalt.

Their identification has been tracked down to false IDs used before by the aforementioned groups. It is actually very difficult to get fake IDs of Iranian IRGC people or police. Those that are in use are often multiple copies from the same producer who swindles everybody according to our underground resistance in Iran. There is more to that but it is in the hands of the correct authorities in Iran who must make it clear if they choose that these people with the fake IDs are not who they say they are. That’s what we know. As you can perhaps see, this is a can of worms.

Though Israeli officials have repeatedly stated that Hamas terrorists committed rape along with alleged murder and kidnapping, the government has “not released explicit footage or pressed rape survivors to share their stories,” reported The Times of Israel. This has led “many media outlets” around the world to describe rape allegations on 7 October as a claim rather than a fully substantiated fact. Social media is now awash with memes parodying ‘not believing women’ who are Israeli or Jewish. This is yet another “false-rape-claim” crisis. But it isn’t. Rapes did occur.

On 9 October, RINJ Women cautioned authorities that under the Rome Statute, the survivors who contacted us did not want to be involved in prosecution as victim witnesses. The survivors we met were not candidates for rape kits but they did complain about misdemeanor sexual assault.

As an organization for the purposes of the Rome Statute we are able to give evidence that our CSO has treated a number of patients consistent with the Rome Statute definition of the crime of using rape and the fear of rape as a weapon of war. Next would come the argument that war had not been declared at the material time. The prosecutor would need to convince the panel of judges differently.

Here is an example we don’t like to release but we do so anonymously. We have medical people in Gaza almost always. They are now greater in numbers than usual. They have been trying to find some male persons who attended aggressively on a female repeatedly in public placing their fingers inside the woman leaving out the details. That is a rape. Our information is that these rapists were together in a group in a building that was bombed and are now bio-waste in the rubble.

After 7 October we had ten nurses canvass all known complainants during 7 October and again on 8 October to learn if a forensic examination (rape kit) would be appropriate.

In the week we learned that some 97 persons have been killed by persons from Gaza. We learned that most of the deceased suffered massive injuries such as those delivered by Helicopter gunships and Main Battle Tanks which respectively blew up vehicles in the SuperNova roads and parking lots and smashed down buildings in a number of Kibbutz environments where to the IDF, the civilian defenders were indistinguishable from assailants.


The Hamas military arm did not bring Main Battle Tanks or Helicopter Gunships into Israel aboard their pickup trucks, motor scooters, and parasail (motorized parachutes) manned-airborne vehicles. The extensive damage referenced was not done by hand-carried sidearms and rifles that fit in a motorized parachute.

Hamas behaviour, regardless of one seeing Hamas actions on 7 October as crude or highly sophisticated, proves that Hamas leadership not imprisoned for its crimes against humanity since 6 October 2023, must resign Gaza and leave the region or in the alternative accept the rule of the majority in a single state solution.

At least, we did not see any Hamas tanks or helicopter gunships. As we have shown publicly, we had volunteers filming all day long on 7 October while professionals attended persons in medical need. We had snippets of warning from the same people who tipped off America and Israel. We just did not know when, but had teams in place.

We can’t be everywhere and see everything but what we know for sure conflicts with the beheaded babies crap that comes out of the Biden gob, the Biden Administration and the Netanyahu administration.

Netanyahu is a habitual liar and apparently an allegedly confessed fraud artist as per a yet-to-be-executed plea deal. Mr. Biden is a non compos mentis by every definition. Between the two leading the propaganda campaign, there is zero credibility.

None of our usual contacts among hospitals, mortuaries and coroners know of any rape kit that was requested or completed. Our experience is the same. When offered, the rape kit was rejected because, “no he didn’t do that”. This does not say that no rape occurred. In fact getting pawed by many men in a public demonstration of fearmongering is much worse for the health of the survivor according to the experiences of our counsellors. “Like, not just a little bit but devastating.”

Define rape

Let me define rape for you.

1. Rape
Rape is the penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person, without the consent of the victim.

2. Sexual Assault
Sexual Assault is any forced, unwanted, non consensual sexual contact or activity. Physical contact of a sexual nature is a serious crime against the person. We tell children that nobody may contact you at the parts of the body covered by a swimming suit. That is a good thing to remember. Non-consented kissing is an assault and can be deemed a sexual assault as can be other activities. Some things you know but a judge must decide. What else happened? Be sure to completely describe events to law enforcement staff who attend to you.

3. Was I Raped?
Around the world there is a great variance in the statutes and in common law in defining rape. Most laws require some form of penetration without consent before a charge is laid.

That is the fundamental act of rape but the primary ingredient of the crime is lack of consent. Wherever you are, contact us if you need help. We have many doctors, lawyers and other professional volunteers some of whom may be near you.

Even if you did not resist the sexual attack, or were intoxicated, or if you know the person who raped or sexually assaulted you, any forced, unwanted, non consensual sexual contact or activity is a sex crime (of at least sexual assault) and any form of penetration no matter how slight makes it a crime of rape. What to do if I have been raped.
If someone has threatened, coerced, forced, intimidated, compelled you in any way to have intercourse (penetration, no matter how slight, of the vagina or anus with any body part or object, or oral penetration by a sex organ of another person), even if you were forced to say “yes”, you were raped. What to do.

If you were asleep, intoxicated, incapacitated by other means, if there was penetration no matter how slight of your vagina or anus with any of the rapists body parts or any object, or oral penetration by a sex organ, it is a rape crime, regardless of your incapacitation. What to do if I have been raped.

Unwanted sexual contact is a major assault crime, even if not rape (penetration). An act that threatens the safety of the person in any manner whatsoever, anywhere, is an assault, but based on the victim-impact-consequences a sexual assault can never be considered a summary/misdemeanor/minor crime. The safety of the person from this form of crime is an inalienable human right.

4. More About Consent
In the absence of clear, positive agreement for sexual contact there is no consent. Lack of consent is the crucial component of sex crime. Sexual conduct becomes criminal when sexual touch is not consented to, either because the offender forces another person to be sexual against his or her will, or because the other person is considered incapable of consent or to have a diminished mental capacity to give consent.

Those who are deemed incapable of consent include:
minor children under the jurisdiction’s age of consent, regardless of their mental abilities to understand the nature of the act and their ability to refuse;
a developmentally disabled person;
someone who is mentally ill; and
a person who is incapacitated, drugged, drunk, or unconscious or otherwise physically helpless.

There is always a difficult struggle for survivors because becoming what is known as a victim/witness would be deadly. In this matter, the survivors are already in extreme danger where perpetrators alone know who their victims are. We are able to carry the file and allow survivors to remain completely anonymous.

Any person who interferes with that human right commits a more serious offence than the assault in the first place because the threat to the survivor then becomes a death threat based on all recorded statistical evidence which implies absolute morbidity.

People write to us and ask us to make a pro Netanyahu political statement to support their Netanyahu political group and that would fail.

It would fail because the truth would end the game. The number of intromission and insemination rapes of children and women in Gaza, West Bank and East Jerusalem as well as among Palestinians living in Israel proper, done by officials of the Israel government far exceeds the wildest imaginations.

This happens every single day. Every day of the week. Israeli settlers and Israeli soldiers as well as Israeli police, municipal officials and anyone who has any authority over anybody, target specific women and girls and boys over and over again.

Every now and again a random newcomer is added to the list of perpetrators. For over a decade our counsellors have been working with patients on a rape helpline.

In some cases, we have had the opportunity to confront perpetrators via our RINJ members within the IDF and other similar military and paramilitary entities and the perpetrators do seem to cease and desist. In cases where rape survivors have been revealed, they are imprisoned and vanish from the system.

Were it true that we could release our information, the Israeli side would be decimated. Do you really think the Israeli public wants that information? It is better that we are bound by our ethical standards thus protecting survivors. You must protect us because we protect society from the cost of rape which is in Israel the spread of HIV, AIDS and Hepatitis is increasing with the growth of HIV/AIDS.

We provide care for survivors and help them avoid re-transmission of the diseases their rape has left them with if that is the case. HIV spread within the male IDF is one of the highest among military groups that reports but that is not a very interesting comparison. When soldiers rape over and over from the same list of pretty vulnerable girls for which crime there is absolute impunity in Israel just as there is impunity for murder of Palestinians, disease spreads.

Sometimes homicide is justified, but in law, genocide has no excuse, no justification. Our species would not survive would there be a justification for genocide.

The end game of killing off the women and children in Palestine is race eradication. Killing women and children is not war, it is immorally a deliberate genocide and therefore the ultimate evil: species extermination.

RINJ volunteer/members undertake to respect their professional code of ethics and maintain complete independence from all political, economic or religious powers. And this neutrality is not difficult. As usual, all sides have violent criminal behaviour culpability, but genocide trumps all. At that point, most other crimes are lessor inclusives.

The RINJ Foundation’s position is that neither Israel or the Occupied Territories are viable. Both leaderships must be banished if not alternatively imprisoned.

  1. A two state solution allows for the continuation of hatred and more killings.
  2. A one state solution of absolute equality among the peoples disallows anything but peaceful co-existence.

Sharon Santiago

USA Bomb kills moms, kids, in Gaza Apartment Bldgs.
Hides the bodies.

RINJ Women prove deliberate USA/Israel Gaza Genocide using bombs that hide the children’s bodies and destroy whole residential buildings imploding on all residents, mostly women and small children during the daytime bombings.

“The Americans are now using their BLU-109/B bomb on Gaza Strip hospitals, schools, residential apartment buildings and more as a concrete penetration weapon which burrows deep into the residential buildings’ many floors before exploding thus imploding the entire building on its civilian occupants, mostly young women and small children during the daytime bombings, which is also deliberate, because they bomb all night with other bombs like the JDAM,” explains nurse practitioner Behar Abbasi from Gazza who has been treating the few survivors from the top floors since the morning of 1 December 2023. Estimates based on occupancy but not bodies have suggested deaths of over 600 persons since the morning of December 1. That number is not confirmed. Some three hundred and 20 deaths have been confirmed. Most are women and children.