Magic bomb hides child bodies. Either America lied or it was fooled by Netanyahu.

American BLU-109/B bombs are being dropped through the roofs of Gaza’s residential apartment buildings in broad daylight when mothers and small children are at home. The bombs with triggers in their tails detonate after passing through some 8 stories of the building causing an event that brings the building to the point of implosion which crushes the occupants under rubble. Watch the video showing this event at Hamad Towers in Khan Yunis, Gaza, Palestine.

“Rescuers cannot reach the suffocating Palestinian children under the powdered concrete many meters deep. They are pulling out children and women who have suffered suffocation. Those that make it to medical care are still having powdered concrete spooned from their mouths, and cleaned from their nostrils and sinuses,” explains nurse practitioner Behar Abbasi from Gazza.

“Civil society rescuers say they are digging dust away from the faces of suffocating toddlers and that is slowing them down. Not only is this genocide but it is also torture. And this tactic is intended to kill whole families and hide the bodies deep in the rubble. I have heard estimates greater than 600 from one row of apartment buildings alone.


Israel killing children faster than ever thanks to America
Israel killing children faster than ever thanks to America. Photo credit:  Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

USA Bomb kills moms, kids, in Gaza Apartment Bldgs.
Hides the bodies under 8 stories of rubble.

RINJ Women prove deliberate USA/Israel Gaza Genocide using bombs that hide the children’s bodies and destroy whole residential buildings imploding on all residents, mostly women and small children during the daytime bombings.

“The Americans are now using their BLU-109/B bomb on Gaza Strip hospitals, schools, residential apartment buildings and more as a concrete penetration weapon which burrows deep into the residential buildings’ many floors before exploding thus imploding the entire building on its civilian occupants, mostly young women and small children during the daytime bombings, which is also deliberate, because they bomb all night with other bombs like the JDAM,” explains nurse practitioner Behar Abbasi from Gazza who has been treating the few survivors from the top floors since the morning of 1 December 2023.

Estimates based on occupancy but not bodies have suggested deaths of over 600 persons since the morning of December 1. That number is not confirmed. Some three hundred and 20 deaths have been confirmed. Most are women and children.


Immediate Cease Fire, not more bombs.