Israeli/USA plan is kill as many Gazans as possible by March

Israel does not have a military plan for winning its fight against the IQB in Gaza. It isn’t possible. Since a decisive victory is impossible, Israel’s leadership is desperately killing as many Palestinian civilians as possible with indiscriminate bombing of shelters and homes.

This information has learned from several Washington insiders who are very unhappy with the situation that the Biden Administration has put America into and they say, ‘not in my name’. Notably this strategy is a sudden turnabout for the Biden Administration which had Vice President Harris allegedly seeking respect for civilian safety in Gaza which has never seen any adherence, only mumbled words and thousands of bombs and artillery shells sent for the killing of Gaza women, children and the elderly.

Nevertheless polls indicate that the very racist American public is keen on a genocide in Gaza but does not use that term, ‘genocide’ but rather, ‘payback’ for something that actually never happened on 7 October 2023, like the beheading of three dozen infants and the rape of hundreds of women. This was all just another of Joe Biden’s monstrous and famous lies inciting genocide in harmony with Netanyahu who is on trial for crimes against Israel even though he is the de facto coalition-minority Prime Minister of Israel.

Netanyahu seems to think that his strategy of killing massive numbers of Palestinian women and children—the key to killing off a race of people—makes him, and the Israeli government, look big and strong (killing babies and their mothers), providing him the hope of staying in power and thus able to stay out of prison for his corruption charges.

One thing that is often overlooked is that Gaza is sitting on some 122 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, while recoverable oil is estimated at 1.7 billion barrels that are not difficult to sell. Unconfirmed rumours suggest that Biden and Netanyahu, both under continued investigation and legal action for corruption, have plans for this oil and gas money.

Israeli/USA plan is to kill as many Palestinians as possible by March, hoping the people left alive will want to flee, as Israel and the USA at the same time are canvassing nations asking leaders to take in Palestinian refugees from Gaza.

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While knowing the allegations of these reprehensible crimes taking place to be categorically true, U.S. Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin said on 18 December 2023, “American support for Israel security is unshakable. Israel is not alone.” Note that Israel claims its slaughtering of Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank is for Israel’s security.

Assumably responding to RINJ Women’s Genocide Case Lloyd Austin feigned concern for the catastrophic loss of women and children’s lives with casualties passing 115,000, 75% being women, children and the elderly.

“In any campaign, there will be phases,” Austin said on 18 December 2023. “We will also continue to urge the protection of civilians during conflict and to increase the flow of humanitarian aid into Gaza,” Austin said.

Neither of these promises have happened. ‘They are lies,’ according to medical workers in Gaza who deny that any increase in humanitarian aid has reached Gaza.

Israel has arrested, tortured or killed hundreds of doctors and nurses in Gaza.

Israel has been bombing hospitals, schools and refugee camps in a densely populated area that has been nothing more than a prison ghetto sealed in by Israeli-built walls, tanks and artillery.

Israel has cut off water, food, fuel to Gaza; Israel is using starvation as a weapon of war against Palestinian women and children.

The tonnage of American bombs used in Gaza by America and Israel exceeds five atomic bombs.

Meanwhile, the attacks of the IQB on 7 October 2023 caused 97 combat deaths according to all coroners, morticians and mortuaries.  The Israeli Defence Forces killed hundreds of Israeli people with tanks and helicopter gunships. The stories of rapes and beheaded children are all lies according to at least ten members of the IDF.

Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu have a long history of fabrications and outright lies but their lies are now part of the most serious crime a human can commit anywhere in the world: genocide.

Courts hearing matters of the Convention on the prevention and punishment of the crime of Genocide have seen the following cases.

> Cambodian Khmer Rouge slaughter of the Cham people, the Vietnamese plus others in the 1970s, an estimated 1.7 million killed.

> The 1994 killing of Tutsis in Rwanda that left 800,000 dead.

> The 1995 Srebrenica massacre of some 8,000 Muslim men and boys in Bosnia.

> The 2023-2024 Israeli/American bombing of Gaza, starvation warfare and denial of healthcare which has caused 115,000 casualties in Gaza including 21,000 deceased by Christmas Day 2023, 55,000 wounded and over 39,000 missing and presumed dead or injured under the rubble of Gaza, and disease and famine predicted to lead to 1.32 million persons dead or with serious functional impairment pending early death by the end of March 2024 according to solid biostatistical evidence.

‘The projection for Gaza is 1.32 million persons dead or with serious functional impairment, pending early death, among those victimized by genocidal atrocities from 7 October 2023 to the end of March 2024, including even Israeli and American military and support personnel located in the Gaza Strip.’

Red Cross needs to move 5,000 patients out of Gaza.

A spokesperson for the Palestinian Red Crescent told al Jazeera Wednesday about being bombed by Israel in the Rafah area of southern Gaza and also said that there are approximately 5,000 injured persons of various nationalities in need of traveling abroad for urgent medical treatment.