Hamas is a Salafist Jihadist movement, not a single defined entity. Bombs do not kill ideology.

This disambiguation is important because killing off a movement like Hamas as Israel has promised, would require global “witch-hunts” to roust out supporters of the movement and based on  Israel’s claim, an endless war.

“Israel claiming to eradicate Hamas is trying to fool the world. Since Friday, 1 December, it has slaughtered over 1,200 Palestinian civilians, mostly women and children, misusing expensive American 1-ton apartment building penetration bombs,” said nurse practitioner Behar Abbasi from Gaza where she has provided care for rare survivors of these attacks. “The number of deceased may be as many as five times the counted bodies, but nobody knows for sure,” NP Abbasi explained.

A USA GBU munition is made of two parts 2000 lb BLU-109 and a JDAM tail kit.

U.S. Air Force Col. Lucas Teel, 366th Fighter Wing deputy commander of operations (mid), uses a mechanical torque wrench to further secure the fuse that is installed into a BLU-109 bomb body at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, Oct. 28, 2020.

A GBU munition is made of two parts a 2000 lb BLU-109 and a JDAM tail kit.

U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Akeem K. Campbell. Photo is cropped and resized for digital publication. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Magic bomb misused hides child bodies. Either America lied or it was fooled by Netanyahu. The BLU-109 bombs are used to destroy whole residential apartment buildings, not bunkers, in broad daylight when young mothers and small children are at home. This is genocide,” said The RINJ Foundation‘s security director Dale Carter to an emergency meeting of the CSO on Sunday.

Those 2,000 pound BLU-109 bombs  were intended for attacking deep underground bunkers where IQB attackers live, not civilian residential buildings.

These American soldiers are not to blame for what is happening. Their purpose was legitimate but the misuse of their weapons by American and Israeli politicians to kill civilians by imploding residential apartment buildings inwards on the young women and small children living within their apartments is one of the most serious crimes against humanity because it comprises an immoral genocide.


The accused Americans alleged to be complicit in the Gaza Genocide or alternatively to have commit crimes against humanity in the ethnic cleansing of Gaza, killing thousands of women and children in a bid to end the Palestinian Race, have made numerous inculpatory statements but the one that has scholars scratching their heads is being led by the U.S. Vice President on 3 December.

Speaking about USA VP Harris delivering a speech in Dubai about Gaza at the Climate  Crisis Conference, Dale Carter, RINJ Women‘s security director said, “There is nothing that weighs in to satisfy what is needed to describe this Harris woman’s hypocrisy. As reported in Feminine-Perspective Magazine, by mid-November America has shipped 15,000 bombs and 57,000 155mm artillery shells to Israel as well as 100 BLU-109-B 1-ton bombs which you will see exploding in apartment buildings in the video below.”

7 October Political Propaganda disrespects real Israeli victims/survivors 

Hamas is a Salafist Jihadist movement, helped into existence by America and Israel.

Hamas is not a single defined entity but a pervasive global movement that is pro-Palestine with a racist bent.

Hamas is a dangerous movement yet it does not have guns, for example, because it is a political organization, but it has criminalized ideology that vows death to all Jews and therefore incites violence. That is why it has been called a Jihadist movement.

Hamas does have a military component known as the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades (IQB), named after Izz ad-Din al-Qassam.

This IQB militia is the military wing of the global Palestinian cult-like organization, Hamas. Currently led by Mohammed Deif and his deputy, Marwan Issa, IQB is the largest and best-equipped militant group operating within Gaza today, but there are many smaller groups, some aligned with Hamas, and others that tend to be born in Palestinian neighborhoods to act independently for self defence of their community against Israeli occupation attacks.

American BLU-109/B bombs are being dropped through the roofs of Gaza’s residential apartment buildings in broad daylight when mothers and small children are at home. The bombs with triggers in their tails detonate after passing through some 8 stories of the building causing an event that brings the building to the point of implosion which crushes the occupants under rubble. Watch the video showing this event at Hamad Towers in Khan Yunis, Gaza, Palestine.” Rescuers cannot reach the suffocating Palestinian children under the powdered concrete many meters deep. They are pulling out children and women who have suffered suffocation. Those that make it to medical care are still having powdered concrete spooned from their mouths, and cleaned from their nostrils and sinuses,” explains nurse practitioner Behar Abbasi from Gazza.

 The BLU-109 Bomb: What Is It, and How Does It Work? – MilitaryView

The BLU-109 bomb is constructed using several key components that combine to create a highly efficient penetrator bomb. Here are the main components and their construction:

  1. Hardened Steel Casing: The outer casing of the BLU-109 bomb is manufactured from hardened steel, specifically designed to withstand the impact forces upon target contact. Typically, this casing is around 0.5 inches thick and exhibits a cylindrical shape with a pointed nose.
  2. Penetrator Rod: Positioned at the center of the bomb, the penetrator rod is a lengthy and narrow steel rod. Made from a high-strength steel alloy, its purpose is to penetrate the target using kinetic energy. The penetrator rod generally measures approximately 4 feet in length and weighs several hundred pounds.
  3. Warhead: Located at the rear of the bomb, behind the penetrator rod, the warhead is designed to detonate after the penetrator rod has successfully penetrated the target. It typically consists of a high-explosive material, such as Tritonal or Composition B.
  4. Guidance System: The BLU-109 bomb incorporates a guidance system that allows for precise targeting. Different guidance systems, including laser-guided and GPS-guided technologies, can be utilized with the BLU-109 bomb.
  5. Fins and Tail Assembly: To ensure stability and guidance during flight, the BLU-109 bomb has fins at its rear. These fins are instrumental in controlling the bomb’s trajectory. Additionally, a tail assembly situated at the end of the bomb assists in stabilizing it during flight.

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