Gaza Genocide with impunity trashed world rule of law. Tells people, kill or be killed.

The precedent world leaders set today is fearsome trashing of human rights. This opens a door to self-defence killing of government officials who decide to kill their populations or give that appearance. It also endorses the IQB actions of 7 October as the only way ahead for populations. Before you argue, check the news. It is happening already.

Solving human rights problems in Gaza is not just a job for the humanitarians, there must be a political solution. Every nation on Earth has failed the human condition in Gaza so far. Demand a cease fire. China? Where are you? India? Where are you? Russia, Where are you?

Killing women and children again in genocidal numbersIsrael is Killing women and children again in genocidal numbers. Photo Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

OK so now that Genocide is deemed OK by the West, how safe are people? Who will be next, Canada? Ottawa is scurrilously supporting a Genocide in Palestine. Does that suggest about character that Canada is likely responsible for a past Genocide among its Indigenous Canadians? Or is that next?

There has not been any significant accountability for the thousands of First Canadian children killed in Residential Schools in Canada. Concomitantly Canada has supported the holocaust of murder in Gaza where America and Israel and probably Canada are killing thousands upon thousands of Palestinian children plus their mothers.

The United Nations Security Council has repeatedly supported the Genocide in Gaza. In doing so it pushed the United Nations into effective oblivion.

Imagine a Climate Crisis Convention in Dubai being exploited by disingenuous American Politicians to sell some lies about human rights law abidance as America pours more tonnage of bombs on residential apartments in Gaza during the daytime when young mothers and small children are home? They have killed 1,200 women and kids in four days. Sick!

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Published: Tue, 04 Dec 2023

Regardless of the words, the actions of the parties have slaughtered hundreds of Palestinian women and children, over 1,000, in the past 4 days deliberately using weapons that bury the dead women and kids in tons of rubble.

Not all Jews agree with Zionism and the Gaza Genocide

Israel is not the state of the Jews, Zionism is not Judaism.”
Over 60,000 anti-Zionist Torah Jews have gathered to oppose the ideology of Zionism and its apartheid.

Gaza Children need to be evacuated to functioning hospitals in Europe. Why does the EU ignore this?

Mirjana Spolharic, President of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)


To all world leaders:

Maintaining the status quo in the Israeli vs Palestine relationship will not work. Stop killing; stop the genocide; stop those with complicity in genocide; and start talking outside the current bloodletting paradigm.

New ideas are needed. Israel’s idea of killing women and children in Gaza thinking that will push a capitulation, has not worked, ever.

Injustices and rage are going nowhere. Cease fire, and solve problems instead of trying to irradicate a race of people.

Gaza Genocide

The precedent world leaders today are setting is fearsome trashing of all human rights. This opens the door to killing any and all government officials who decide to kill their populations.