Biden cracks jokes about global disapproval as UNGA tells him, Go to Hell

A solid 153 United Nation member states out of the 193 total UN membership backed a resolution, ‘demanding’ a ceasefire in Gaza with only 10 including U.S., Israel & Austria, voting against the resolution. Twenty-three including the UK and Germany abstained.

Last week another UN Security Council ceasefire resolution was blocked by the United States which now has the blood of at least 18,000 children on its hands in just two months of killing using American bombs and artillery shells in Gaza. “A buck is a buck, right, America?,” said a disgusted diplomat.

The UN has overwhelmingly voted for a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza, rejecting U.S. and Austria amendments condemning the Palestinian occupation-resistance movement opposed to the brutal Israeli apartheid which resistance has had many names over the past 7.6 decades and little success in saving Palestinian lives or protecting Palestinian territories.

With a slip of the tongue U.S. President Joe Biden later backed away from, the doddering, senile geriatric U.S. political leader said Israel is starting to lose global support over its “indiscriminate bombing” of Gaza, quipping that America cannot allow the world to change its opinion on the Gaza Genocide.

“Should somebody update the U.S. President on the global hatred of America’s Gaza Genocide, or would he even get it?” asked RINJ Women  security director, Dale Carter, yesterday in New York City.

7,800 child bodies and 10,000 dead missing kids buried in Gaza rubble are USA/UNSC murders says world opination based on views shared last week at the Rafah crossing where diplomats met with Civil Society’s humanitarians.

Blood on the hands of every American

“Biden has put blood on the hands of every American,” says The RINJ Foundation executive Director for America, Monique Deslauriers, speaking from Ukraine where she has been training nurses there for ACLS, GBV and other certifications. Photo credit: United Nations Press Office. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine


“The International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) recognises that Israel’s actions against the Palestinian people constitute an unfolding genocide. States and individuals who provide assistance to Israel are hereby rendering themselves complicit. An immediate ceasefire is imperative to save civilian lives and bring ongoing crimes to an end. The International Criminal Court is called to immediately issue arrest warrants for Israeli officials who are responsible for international crimes against Palestinians.”

Paris, 12 December 2023. Palestinians are being killed every day, every hour, and their living conditions are unrelentingly becoming those of planned elimination. Last week in Paris, after a long and thorough examination, the FIDH International Board – the elected body of legal experts and human rights defenders from all over the world – adopted a resolution recognising Israel’s actions against the Palestinian people as an unfolding genocide.” Citing Report:  FIDH Resolution on Israel’s unfolding crime of genocide and other crimes in Gaza and against the Palestinian People – occupied Palestinian territory | ReliefWeb

Overcrowded no basic necesities“Millions of Palestinian women and children have been forced into the south of Gaza near the Mediterranean Sea and near the Egyptian border without sanitation, water or food,” explains Behar Abbasi from Khan Yunis where Israel and America bomb citizens mercilessly.  Women have no personal hygiene supplies and children are starving. Catastrophe is a light description said nurse Ai’sha from a makeshift birthing clinic in south Gaza where midwives try and help pregnant moms deliver their babies in this horrific human holocaust. Photo submitted by Melissa Hemingway in Gaza and art, cropping, enhancement done by Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine