Two million people in Gaza share a catastrophic, hopeless mess as Biden lies his ass off

“Israel is not redeemable. The people of Israel and Palestine must work together to create a one state solution over time,” suggests Dale Carter, the security director of the Civil Society Organization RINJ Women which has been filing a number of cases against the perpetrators of crimes against humanity in Gaza.

“Our concern is the persistent attacks on women and children by America since Biden took office again,” said Ms. Carter.

Another UN Ceasefire resolution is to be debated and voted upon by the UN General assembly within hours. It will have no teeth.

Israel says it is prepared to fight for months or longer to defeat Hamas, which in fact is not a thing in Gaza but a global Salafist Jihadi movement and as a concept, cannot be bombed out of existence.

“This is a lie Netanyahu uses to deceive the Israeli population as his right wing collection of extremist cults work as a coalition to rid Gaza of Palestinians. Gaza is now uninhabitable,” says Ms. Carter who with other officials visited Raffah last week..

Israel attacks civilians with airstrikes and artillery fire claiming it is killing Hamas but the bodies are mostly small children and young mothers, the type of population one finds at home during the daytime when Israel prefers to do its 2,000-pound residential bombings. has been confidentially slipped many policy documents and memos in Tel Aviv which set out that the Netanyahu government is determined to rid Gaza of its Palestinian population and to further settle the West Bank with 500K Israeli-armed setters.  One memo goes into detail explaining why this process has worked thus far without any recrimination and is indeed supported by the Israeli population no matter who may be implicated.

The Israeli public seems to support the alleged mission of the IDF to “destroy Hamas“, at the same time, polls indicate Netanyahu’s personal approval rating crashed, says onepoll by Bar Ilan University which asked Israelis about their level of trust in PM Netanyahu. Less than 4 per cent of Jewish Israelis rated Benjamin Netanyahu as a reliable source of information.

“The world is disgusted at the Biden long record of eviscerating the lives of women and children. Biden’s record is one of devastation of women’s lives in Afghanistan; slaughtering women and children in Donbass since 2014; and Biden’s massive genocide with over ten thousand Palestinian women and children slaughtered with American bombs and jets in Gaza in just two months,” said Ms. Carter following a recent trip to her Tel Aviv office in Israel.

“The hopelessness of the continual American and Israeli attacks on UN Schools, hospitals, refugee camps, and alleged safe areas in Gaza (there are none) may comprise the worst of America’s long history of corruption and war crimes but the lives of the very young population in Gaza will not be helped in any way as Biden. Netanyahu, Austin and Blinken et. al. are marched off to prison for their Gaza Genocide crimes,” Ms. Carter added as she left her office for more deliveries of Court Subpoenas and document services.

Youssef Ayyash.This toddler is Youssef Ayyash. He is not Hamas.

The only survivor from his family, meet Youssef Ayyash, son of Muhammad Ayyash from Gaza. Little Youssef is now in the Sheikh Zuwayd Hospital in Egypt and will soon be escalated to a specialist facility in Turkey. He is quite ill. Photo taken by his family this past summer, recently obtained by and submitted by Behar Abbasi in Gaza. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Attorneys have warned that Biden’s unequivocal military and monetary support for the Israeli genocide in Gaza could make him complicit in a genocide. (Israel’s-Unfolding-Crime)

“The United States and U.S. citizens, including and up to the president can be held responsible for their role in furthering genocide,” says a brief by experts at the Center for Constitutional Rights

Israel is illegally using starvation of the civilian population as a weapon of war. They are not Hamas. They have the right to live in peace, freedom and safety.

A small bowl of food is the daily meal of a family of four small children and their mama. Photo submitted by Behar Abbasi in Gaza. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine