America seals its complicity in Gaza Genocide: World Opinion

17,700 Palestinians have been killed and 48,780 injured in Israeli attacks in Gaza since 7 October, Gaza’s Health Ministry said on Saturday. Deaths are now approaching an average of 500 per day as Israel continues using the special 2,000 pound bombs America has given to Israel for destroying residential apartment buildings. Watch the video below.

Saturday, as Israel shoved the population of Gaza toward the Mediterranean, American 900 kilogram bombs and other munitions splattered residential buildings, schools and UN refugee operations from the north to the south of Gaza according to medical workers in Gaza.

Well over a hundred United Nations humanitarian workers and thousands of their sheltered refugees have been bombed and killed by the American and Israeli war teams. The decimation has left the United Nations unable to carry out its mission in Gaza as the population dwindles, many still lying dead under the rubble, an estimate of over 30,000 and many dying of infectious disease as the food and water to Gaza are now cut off for over two months.

Israel claims it is winning and for sure Israel has set in motion the end of the Palestinian population. “Over 1.3 million Gazans will be dead by next March,” suggests biostatistician Dr. Fred Harris from Singapore, “if this current situation continues”.

But perhaps Israel has made a mistake in claiming that its goal is the destruction of Hamas which is a multinational Salafist Jihad movement.

Documents intercepted by FPMag suggest that the true goal of Israel, which makes more sense on the evidence of what is truly happening in Gaza, starving the people and bombing them in their homes, is to rid the Gaza strip of Palestinians which Israel is definitely going to achieve. Gaza is unlivable.

Gaza has 122 trillion cubic feet of natural gas

The Gaza strip is sitting on what some estimate now to be about a trillion dollars in oil and gas riches. Hence Gaza is a target just as is shoals and submerged sandbars in the South China Sea, where politicians are risking the lives of millions of civilians in armed quarrels over ownership, hoping to make a lot of money for themselves in the oil and gas sector before the dirty fuel is, if ever, shut down by climate crisis imperatives.

A 2019 study by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) identified existing and potential Palestinian oil and natural gas reserves in the West Bank and Gaza that could be developed for the benefit of the Palestinian people. The report cited the Levant Basin Province, comprising 83,000 square kilometers of the eastern Mediterranean Sea, with 122 trillion cubic feet of natural gas, as one of the most important natural gas resources in the world.

Palestine’s forgotten oil and gas resources | Oil and Gas | Al Jazeera

Biden will also be credited (accused) and will benefit with the winning of Israel’s goals in Palestine.

Hundreds of Palestinians have been slaughtered in the West Bank and in East Jerusalem by Israeli Forces backed by the United States, mostly civilians, many of them children. Settlers armed by Israel and the USA have been raping and killing the Arab citizens of the West Bank.

The New York based American Human Rights Watch says, “By continuing to provide Israel with weapons and diplomatic cover as it commits atrocities, including collectively punishing the Palestinian civilian population in Gaza, the U.S. risks complicity in war crimes,” the UN director at HRW, Louis Charbonneau said in a released statement following the USA veto on Friday of a near unanimous ceasefire resolution backed by a coalition of over 100 nations at a special session of the UN Security Council which once again according to many angry world leaders is complicit in a genocide. The special session had been called by the U.N. Secretary General using section 99 of the U.N. Charter which allows the Secretary General to demand a UNSC conference to hear warnings of an impending global disaster. With the failure, war plans are emerging all around the world according to diplomatic and security chatter.

Unexploded American missile in Gazan Family home

Unexploded American or Israeli missile in Gazan Family home removed by Khan Yunis Police bomb disposal unit. Photo submitted by Melissa Hemingway in Gaza. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“Once again the US used its veto to prevent the Security Council from making some of the calls the US itself has been demanding of Israel and Palestinian armed groups, including compliance with international humanitarian law, protection of civilians, and releasing all civilians held hostage,” the HRW statement added.

Algeria, Bolivia, China, Egypt, Indonesia, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Malaysia, Morocco, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Tunisia, Turkey, as member states of the World Health Organization submitted a draft resolution on Friday to urge Israel to respect its obligations under international law and protect humanitarian workers in Gaza. Hundreds have been killed including over 100 UN workers, dozens of medical professionals and roughly 100 media workers have perished due to Israel’s bombing or direct assassinations.

The draft resolution is due to be examined Sunday during a special session of the WHO’s ‘Executive Board’ which will be convened to examine and discuss “the health situation in the occupied Palestinian territory” which is “deteriorating at a radical rate as dysentery, cholera and upper respiratory disease plus malnourishment threaten the lives of 2 million population in Gaza,” explains nurse practitioner Behar Abbasi from Gaza.

Unexploded American missile in Gazan Family home

Unexploded American missile in Gazan Family home removedby Khan Yunis Police bomb disposal unit. Photo submitted by Melissa Hemingway in Gaza. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

In his usual voice dripping with vile hatred, Israel’s UN Ambassador Gilad Erdan thanked the USA for keeping the Gaza Genocide going. “I thank the United States and President Biden for standing firmly by our side, today and showing their leadership and values. On this Hanukkah holiday, a little of the light dispelled a lot of the darkness.”