Yevgeniy Prigozhin burial service Tuesday. Trouble to follow

‘Alluring charm of a behavioural psychopath named Prigozhin will be buried in dirt of a St. Petersburg cemetery, with a few good men and one woman, today in Russia.’

“Destruction of an aircraft in flight, if done deliberately to kill Yevgeniy Prigozhin, is what will bring down Vladimir Putin, not the Ukraine war,” says Beverley, an angry soldier in a less-known PMC than Wagner, and a pilot of military and business jets, having served in the IDF.

” I have heard from friends in various military corps and private security agencies and I have talked to many pilots, like you too, and I sense anger and a consensus. Putin went way over the line. If Mr. Putin caused that aircraft to be brought down, and we have good evidence to suggest that is true,  apart from slimeball Prigozhin, Mr. Putin killed respected soldiers and an innocent flight crew, all who were loyal to Russia and Putin and so Foxtrot Tango,” she added. [Means “Eff that, with finality. End of discussion!” in flight crew lingo.]

“All the alluring charm of a behavioural psychopath named Yevgeniy Prigozhin will be buried in the dirt of a St. Petersburg cemetery, with a few good men, today in Russia,” the woman added, speaking from Syria.

Private Military Corps (PMC) Wagner leaders will be buried with friends, surrounded by a massive security effort.

Fortifications at the 2nd entrance to the revered Serafimovski cemetery in St. Petersburg, prepare for the funeral of the leaders of the PMC Wagner aboard the ill-fated Russian Federation registered business jet RA-02795, an Embraer EMB-135BJ Legacy 600 certified airworthy first in 2002, belonging to a U.S. sanctioned Russian registered company, MNT-Aero (owned by Kirill Shcherbakov, Artem Stepanov, and Yevgeniy Prigozhin).

The funeral will begin on 29 August. Fearing the worst, metal detector frames have been installed. Several cars with policemen are on duty around the clock at the cemetery. Several cars were seen with plain-clothes operatives in civilian clothes.


Video of Mr. Prigozhin with the kind of fanfare Hell’s Angels founder  Sonny Barger once received, leaving from the headquarters of the Southern Military District HQ.

Confirmed dead via DNA examination were all persons in the RA-02795 manifest, as of 23 August 2023. Aboard RA-02795 and now deceased, were Sergey Propustin, Evgeniy Makaryan, Alexander Totmin, Valeriy Chekalov, Dmitry Utkin, Nikolay Matuseev,  Evgeniy Prigozhin, Aleksei Levshin the RA-02795 captain, Rustam Karimov the RA-02795 co-pilot; and Kristina Raspopova the RA-02795 flight attendant, according to the Russian aviation safety and accident investigation team.

Many of these people did not ‘sign up’ for risk of being murdered or killed in any manner.

Innocent victim in a reprehensible crime of destroying a business aircraft in flight?Flight Attendant Kristina Raspopova (39). Innocent victim in a reprehensible crime of destroying a business aircraft in flight? Photo is source supplied. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Kristina RaspopovaInnocent bystander, Flight Attendant Kristina Raspopova (39). Kristina was working as cabin crew assisting copilot Rustam Karimov (29), and Captain Alexei Levshin (51). Photo submitted by friends. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Glamour-bio-photo of Flight Attendant Kristina Raspopova,  Innocent bystander caught up in a gangland killing in the mass murder of a business jet’s (RA-02795) passenger manifest?  This lady has friends, some of whom who are members of a RINJ Women chapter in Moscow, wanted Kristina remembered as the fine young woman she was known to be. Our privilege is doing just that.

PMC Wagner building in Saint PetersburgWagner mercenaries and their families have honoured the dead in Saint Petersburg nearby the Wagner building complex. Photo is source supplied from The RINJ Foundation, Chapter St.P.  Russia