The enemy is still a microbe. Get vaccinated say humanitarians

There is barely a population of 8 billion people living on our planet. Most family’s care comes from humanitarians, provided as a free service. Today I share some observations from the world of humanitarians in places readers might not imagine.

RSAC-ASEAN36 after morning UV-c room-sterilization. Starting the day, early morning in an examination room that has just been sterilized. I look at the incoming reports and queries from many parts of the world as the local situation is another extreme weather disaster.


Article by Micheal John with files from RINJ Woman Alona Adamovich in Ukraine’s War Zones and Dr. Nassima al Amouri


Typhoon Goring is still dumping rain everywhere in the South China Sea, pissing all over like a toddler with no diaper. (We get a few of those—real kids, that is. :o)

Landslides are everywhere. Houses washed away.

Raging forest fires at home in Canada.

The news is packed with planes falling from the sky in Russia and American cluster bombs sending humanitarian workers hundreds of kids and their families with pieces of foreign objects embedded in their helpless, innocent bodies or their corpses. That’s the real world.

Looking at the reports from RINJ Women shelters in Ukraine: Stupid British, Polish, American & Canadian mercenaries shot up, in our clinics and anywhere else they find care, seeking last resort help, behind or on their enemy lines, testing positive for HIV, COVID-19 and Syphilis. Some have measles.

It’s an interesting scene for study of the interplay between infectious disease and the ability of the human body fighting infections and then called upon to cope with massive trauma brought on by human misbehaviour.

What normally happens is the fight for their lives goes on as humanitarians clamour and search to get a hospital bed and escalate from the rare fully-equipped medical trauma clinic (intended for civilians)  to hospital, for weeks, and then in hospital, many, they die. That’s infuriating. I look at the medication inventory and the care and try to figure out (my job while working with the medical directors) how do we change the resources, protocols, processes, and medical directives to save more people no matter how badly they are injured and diseased. Some have come a long way and are very much depleted.

In the last few weeks we tried something pretty basic: started throwing many ringers into infected patients suffering blood loss as an aggressive volume resuscitation in the short time (setting aside but watching carefully for lactic acidosis), and boosting anti-retroviral meds and COVID treatments with the antibiotics to slam the bacterial infection (Syphilis) and preventing or treating wound sepsis while doing enteral or IV or any kind of feeding possible. No matter the wound, it seems we are always fighting microbes. That’s the theme of this article. In lay terms, the bugs seem to be magnetically attracted to weakened human systems. Keep that in mind and maintain your health.

That made me think about why Canada’s and America’s COVID-19 hospitalizations are moving up so quickly in the last three weeks. It’s not like it was, but the numbers are headed in the wrong direction. And medical staffs need a bloody break.

Canada hospitalizations.

Population: 40,172,191 adjusted for estimated real COVID-19 deaths

Reported:4,703,47653,299 1.1% CFR4,643,6596,518
Estimate:26,010,22269,288 *0.27% IFR25,679,43436,045

Canada‘s and America‘s populations did a terrible job of fighting COVID-19, proving that their governments’ health care systems are inadequate for emergency response and their numbers of emergency hospital beds are too few for the ordinary population. The rich in both nations are doing fine.

Everybody in America and Canada was infected with some variant of SARS-CoV-2 at least a couple times. That’s great for building immunity but it wanes fast. Get boosted—the next infection might hit badly at a bad time and prove to be fatal. A huge number of patients in the two countries died. Maybe North America suffered the worst numbers in the world, or had the best reporting in the world? We shall soon know the answer.

Have you not noticed the old folks disappeared? “In America, Senior citizens – people over 65 – account for 16% of the U.S. population but 75% of deaths from COVID-19, according to the CDC,” says NPR in “Elderly people make up 75% of COVID-19 deaths. Many more have died from isolation

The elderly are not all out there, homeless, living under bridges and on inner city sidewalks. It seems absolutely certain that North America and Europe obfuscated the numbers of seniors lost to COVID-19. Who cares, right?

Were public health officials and politicians supposed to be protecting the very young and the very old? Or they don’t and lie about this? The data are startling and need further analysis.  We won’t know the precise numbers until this is over.

North American hospitals failed to handle the load, putting trailers in the parking lots for the dead and for those awaiting care. In Europe it has been a different story in places like Germany. What an incredible job. China, South Korea, Singapore, New Zealand, and Taiwan plus little countries like Luhansk PR, Donetsk PR and South Ossetia  showed the world a “how-to” lesson says the data.

COVID-19 Data for Donetsk PR, Luhansk PR and (Crimea Included in Russian Federation COVID-10 data)

Russian Fed.22,986,528399,97222,439,760
Donetsk PR171,51910,186161,295
Luhansk PR32,6013,48329,101
North Ossetia-Alania40,1861,92835,460
South Ossetia14,25715314,090

Canada and the United States have been accused of serious crimes against humanity by hoarding vaccines in massive quantities even to the point of needing to destroy huge volumes of expired jabs.

Meanwhile, China and Russia poured medical supplies and vaccine doses into developing nations in massive loads.

Canada and the United States with Europe’s help throttled the brilliant COVAX project of the extraordinary Dr. Tedros and his team and killed MILLIONS of humans at home and around the world. Take a look at the modest real death estimates:

From the Pandemic outset, humanitarians worked themselves to the bone, caring for terrified, sick  patients. Photo Credit, Nurse Sara Qin. Wuhan. Art, Cropping, Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

An expert team of nine Chinese medical professionals arrive by air with 31 tons of medical supplies to help Italy when its systems became overwhelmed. Photo courtesy China Daily.  Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

11 Million Chinese tested in 5 days

11 Million Residents Tested in Qingdao in Five Days.
The outcome was zero community spread risk. China formula for success: Contact Tracing, Treatment, Isolation, Observation. (Photo credit: CTTIO) Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Rodrigo Duterte greets China-Aid flight

Rodrigo Duterte greets China-Aid flight with 600,000 jabs of Sinovac’s CoronaVac from China.. Photo Credit: Philippines Presidential Communications Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Peacekeepers in ZImbabwe get Chhina Vaccine gift.

Peacekeepers in Zimbabwe get Vaccines from China.
The first batch of Chinese-donated COVID-19 vaccine doses is unloaded from a plane at Robert Mugabe International Airport in Harare, Zimbabwe on Feb. 15, 2021. [Photo/Xinhua] Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

A China International Development Cooperation Agency (CIDCA) spokesperson said that by providing vaccine aid, China has worked with all parties to make new contributions to the global fight against COVID-19.

CIDCA spokesperson Tian Lin said China provided vaccine aid to 80 countries and three international organizations. And for some countries that really have difficulties, China also provided syringes to facilitate their use of the vaccines. “The aid was delivered in a timely and orderly manner.”

Tian said the scope of vaccine aid covered 26 Asian countries, 34 African countries, four countries in Europe, 10 in the Americas, and six in Oceania, adding that China  also provided vaccine aid to the African Union, the Arab League and UN peacekeepers.

Note: What is happening at home in Canada is that most people have no idea what the world is all about and what is happening past the end of the driveway or beyond the inner city sidewalk they are sleeping on in a massively growing number of homeless cases.

Humanitarians fight backslide in vaccination for other diseases.

“No child should die of a vaccine-preventable disease,” says WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus who repeats this message often.

Get your children VACCINATED

Please make certain your children's polio vaccination is done

Photo Credit: LeMoyne/UNICEF

Please make certain your children’s polio vaccination is done. The largest sustained decline in childhood vaccinations in approximately 30 years has been recorded in official data published by WHO and UNICEF a year ago.

“Some headway has been achieved in the past year and we want to keep that going,” says Dr. Nassima al Amouri, a medical director of The RINJ Foundation.

North Americans are getting sick, again, sharing various viruses. The numbers are startling. This risks imperiling humanity because without stopping the spread of disease infection, viruses will continue to mutate as they explore the human body in a capitulating Earth environment wherein only the strongest will survive.

The enemy of humans is a microscopic pathogen. It’s not the Russians, stupid.

If your idiot governments spent half the money they throw into killing today’s enemy flavour of the year, infectious disease would not be such a threat. When are we going to get a proper HIV vaccine, for example.

Why do we need another warship anywhere or battle tank or cluster bombs killing kids when kids at home are dying from preventable infectious disease?

Biden administration flies targeting aircraft over Donetsk PR. Artillery rains down on civilians

It’s a blend of infections on the rise and the correlation inside the body is a degradation impact on all anatomical systems.

The young men and women who are drinking too much and having another piece of pie with ice cream are zooming their blood sugar, depleting their body strength, and catching COVID-19 from determined-to-survive viral strains alive in the party friends? Is that what is happening?

The currently spreading SARS-CoV-2 variant is a nasty, fast-spreading cold kind of thing but it is causing hospitalizations and death because Canadians (and especially Americans—42% to 85% obese depending on the state) are somewhat self-immunocompromised due to behaviour and post-pandemic exposure to some fairly ordinary viruses and bacteria that are maybe a bit stronger than ever, if not the host being weaker than ever.

Humanitarians are carrying the bulk of the weight of humankind’s trauma. The load has been too much.  We are losing nurses to other career paths, is one example.

My role is the administrative side of public health within an organization that delivers care in war zones. It’s not about individual patients but about large numbers of people and what protocols and resources will minimize the impact of disease and trauma.

We vaccinate. You must do that too.

Make sure all family member vaccinations are up to date. If you don’t care, at least save your children by making 1000% sure their vaccination cards are totally up to date. Don’t kill children with carelessness. In most of the world, it is near impossible to get all vaccinations done in a hurry but do your best. Push a bit. The squeaky wheel gets oiled. Love your kids and get their vaccinations up to date. All vaccinations. This is very serious. The polio virus is back with a vengeance. Poliomyelitis, is a disabling and life-threatening disease caused by the poliovirus which invades a body asymptomatically until the victim is paralyzed. Then it kills.


Get your children VACCINATED

In Ukraine’s war zones, Tetanus is a big one. TB, latest SARS-CoV-2 vaccine and believe it or not, Measles and polio. The kids in the past year are in the most difficult situation, most not being vaccinated. We decided to park Medevac vehicles on residential streets instead of waiting for calls in parking lots. One crew member in uniform knocks on doors and invites folks to bring their kids to the unit and get their list of vaccinations checked and updated where needed. One can only do so much. The fear of American cluster munitions is now a big stay-indoors threat. Too many children have been maimed or killed.

We need to cut down the number of comorbid indications in urgent-care patients.

You need to save your life from microbial pathogens which will “f*ck-you-up” as the soldiers say, a lot more than an American cluster bomb is likely to do if you are reading this from some safe place.

Back to Ukraine and the IDPs in Ukraine and Poland. Survey conducted by humanitarian aliances.

Most women are confident in the quality of Polish health care, half know and plan vaccination for their children; more than a half think it is easy to access vaccination in Poland. Those who plan to come back to Ukraine in the next three months, less likely to plan to get vaccination for children in Poland.

• 51% of interviewed mothers from Ukraine do not have a good understanding on how to access vaccination in Poland.

• 38% of interviewed mothers find it difficult to access vaccination services in Poland.

• During focus groups discussions barriers to vaccinate their children that were mentioned most often by the mothers were lack of knowledge on how to get access to a primary care physician and free vaccinations or general anxiety about vaccination; for pediatricians the one of the main concern is the language barrier and lack of awareness on UA/PL vacc calendars.

▪ During the Interviews with mothers who have not vaccinate their children during their stay in Poland, several reasons were mentioned, that prevented them from getting their children vaccinated:

▪ No such demand in a school / kinder garden

▪ Psychological reason for those who want to return – delay until they will be back home in Ukraine “I take our stay here as temporary. We really want to go back”

▪ Drastic changes in life made them forget about the needs to vaccinate their children

• Mother who took part in the interviews expressed credibility and trust in heath workers, BUT the system differs very much from Ukrainian one and services are expensive if they go to the private clinic.

• Other barriers expressed by interviewed mothers* while using the health services in Poland were:

▪ In order to get to the doctor a patient needs to wait a few days (even to the family doctor). And the expectations for a consultancy of a specialist can take months.

▪ There are no specialists in any small towns or cities.

▪ It is impossible to visit a doctor on weekend


17 Jul 2024 COVID-19 Data for The Entire World from CSPaC

Starting the day, early morning in an examination room that has just been sterilized.

Author Micheal John CEO The RINJ Foundation, 2023 08-28 05:35 Beijing Time Zone