Philippines in proxy war danger by harboring enemy of neighbor

Philippines child sex slavery rings are in high gear ready to sell their human slaves to Americans again and a smaller number of nurses than ever prepare to deal with pregnant kids when Americans rape the 12-year-olds. RINJ Women are apoplectic that a new surge of American Forces and American weapons will again come and go and leave thousands of babies behind as they did the last time. Read: ‘The dirty side of human slavery in the Philippines‘.

“As America continues to take over Philippines military bases in exchange for three clopped out, over flogged C-130 transports and some U.S. Naval Reserves maritime patrol boats a little bigger than an Agoo fishing boat, Chinese military officers are scanning the regions of the Philippines archipelago with the most sophisticated satellite and island-mounted surveillance equipment in the world,” explains correspondent Sara Qin from Shanghai where she has been interviewing navy officials about the recent developments in the Philippines.

Malacañang has said the Philippines doesn’t plan on storing enough U.S. war materials for a war, but standing at Subic Bay and seeing the massive influx of weapons, belies that claim. The Chinese are seeing everything.

Militarization of the South China Sea just became a bigger problem.

Mr. Wu Shicun is president of China’s National Institute for South China Sea Studies and chairman of the board of directors of the China-Southeast Asia Research Centre on the South China Sea. His thoughts on recent developments are instructive.

“First, ever-deepening US-Philippine security cooperation will be a main driver of militarisation in the South China Sea, with US deployments in the region including the growing number of forward bases, larger military exercises, and frequent close-in aerial reconnaissance of China,” writes Wu Shicun in an SCMP Commentary (China and the Philippines must ensure the U.S. and South China Sea issues don’t come between them”)

“Second,” says , “ASEAN’s centrality in the regional security architecture, founded on multilateralism, is being challenged by groupings built by non-resident forces, such as the US-led Quad alliance, Aukus and trilateral groupings featuring the US and Japan.

“Third,” he continued, “the unilateral actions of some claimant countries in disputed waters will have a negative impact on the South China Sea and on bilateral relations. Some littoral states have conducted unilateral oil and gas exploration and development in overlapping areas, and carried out expansion on illegally occupied islands and reefs,” said Wu Shicun.

American weapons pour into the Philippines.

American weapons pour into the Philippines readying for war with China as thousands of Filipinos protest in the streets. Photo, Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Protesting U.S> troops in Philippines

While many Filipinos are torn on the issue, the thousands protesting in the streets are raging angry and want the American military gone, “U.S. Troops Out Now,” demand Filipino protests. Photo credit: Twitter.

Video: In memorial of the 51 FIlipinos who lost their lives in July 2021 in one of two geriatric C-130s donated to the Philippines in January 2021 by the United States. This crash killed 51. The last one in 2008 killed 30 young Filipinos.

Video above: Hercules C-130H failed landing attempt kills 51 — Some fifty-one bodies were recovered after a U.S.A. / Philippines operated C-130H Hercules military transport aircraft, tail number 5125, arrived in the Philippines and received by the PAF on 29 January 2021, was destroyed in a failed landing attempt near Jolo on Sulu Island, Philippines, 4 July 2021.

Jolo (ICAO: RPMJ – IATA: JOL) is a Class 2 minor domestic airfield. The aircraft overshot the runway, and sadly crashed in the nearby municipality of Patikul, and tragically caught fire. “May the souls of the lost Filipinos rest in peace,” said a tearful nurse who attended the surviving injured. Dozens of troops were injured when they literally jumped from the screaming airplane before it crashed to a stop.

Bongbong Marcos takes direction from U.S. Secretary of Defense

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III meets with Philippine President Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos in Manila, 2 February 2023. Bongbong Marcos takes direction from U.S. Secretary of Defense on how many bases are needed to fight China in a war according to persons close to the information. DoD photo by Chad J. McNeeley. Photo is cropped. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

“Biden and Marcos looked strange and strained together,” during a White House meeting, Monday.

“Biden tries to pull Philippines President BongBong Marcos away from China with White House meeting,” suggests Rob Crilly, Senior U.S. Political Reporter for Dailymail.Com.

“This recent Biden-strangeness was with the accused Bongbong Marcos visiting the dubious Biden White House while Mr. Marcos was dodging Contempt of Court charges. According to documents produced by Rappler, Mr. Marcos is evading a $353-million contempt judgment of a US Court. This according to other media reports make the photos of Biden and Marcos look very sketchy, as blatant as that could be. Mr. Marcos must be giving up something very valuable to America for a U.S. President to overrule a U.S. Court and throw away hundreds of millions of dollars,” noted Ms. Qin who explained that media in China and around all of Asia had raised this question as had some of the officials she has interviewed.

What Marcos wanted more than anything when he became Rodrigo Duterte’s (failed) running mate in 2016: “Diplomatic Immunity”?

U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman confirmed that Marcus Jr. will not be arrested if he entered the U.S. once he is president because he will be protected by diplomatic immunity.


The Americans claim their surveillance technologies are superior to those of China but what they don’t mention is that theirs is built by Chinese scientists and that the Americans are invading Chinese neighborhoods where China is extremely strong. Today, more Chinese live in the Philippines than do Americans.

According to a report in the New York Times, “When the Defense Department launched Project Maven, an effort to remake American military technology through artificial intelligence, it leaned on a team of about a dozen engineers working at Google. Many of them, according to two people familiar with the arrangement, were Chinese citizens.”


The Philippines is in a shameful state and Filippinos are easily exploited by the Americans who pay off bribes (tips?) to everyone. “Nobody can be trusted in Subic Bay,” says a fisherman left out of the cash-flow melee.

“Food prices have gone through the roof, but pay cheques are smaller and everything costs more…,” says Isabelle, a shopper at Pure Gold in Baguio City.

Filipino nurses died at disproportionate rate during pandemic. Filipino nurses were some of health care’s heroes during the pandemic, but their health and heritage is looked over. 25% Of COVID-19 deaths were Filipino nurses according to one analysis.

“We need to sue the Americans for the cost of caring for the 6,000 babies they left behind the last time we kicked them out of here,” says Karinna Angeles, a nurse with the RINJ Women. “Many of those kids were born to child mothers raped by American soldiers,” she added.

Video: Over 30,000 families still grieve the loss of their loved ones, the victims of extrajudicial killings.

Biden Should Press Philippines’ Marcos on Human Rights Concerns is what  Human Rights Watch had to say.



Goal of demilitarization of the Asian Seas | Demilitarize South China Sea

RINJ Women have advanced a proposal that the man-made islands currently militarized by China be demilitarized and turned into collaborative search and rescue bases with multinational contributions of equipment and personnel. Additionally, fisheries management and environmental overwatch are roles that all parties to the region could work together on, thinking forward as fish stocks continue to be threatened and global warming’s climate change impacts the navigation of the crucial waterways.

On July 12, 2016, the ‘law of the sea’ arbitral tribunal adjudicating a Philippines’ 2013 case against China in the South Asian  Sea alleging China violated the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS), ruled that major elements of China’s claim to the South Asian Sea—including its theoretical nine-dash line; recent militarization activities; and other malevolent activities in other nations’ coastal waters—were unlawful.

China reacted bitterly to the pro-Philippines Court ruling but may by now agree that the shared threats of environmental catastrohpies and turbulent waters require structured non-military overwatch using a lot of the same surveillance assets currently installed by CHina on man-made islands.