NATO has not made the people safer. NATO is over if women get their way.

“NATO has been a powerful corporation and the world’s most influential lobbyist for America. NATO is the armed enforcer of America’s sphere of influence,” explains Dale Carter, security director for a global women’s rights NGO, RINJ Women.

“The North Atlantic Treaty Organization is about keeping oligarchs rich through arms sales. It does not promote peace; it promotes only war; it has not made the world safer; and has created more global insecurity than ever existed before,” Ms. Carter added.

Giving monstrous amounts of tax money to weapons makers is draining the taxpaying population.

“Washington can keep NATO and its arms-dealing patrons well fed but it cannot keep the American infrastructure in a functional state; the people’s railroad running; and keep the trains on their tracks. There were at least 1,164 train derailments across the USA in 2022,” observed Monique Deslauriers, the executive director of The RINJ Foundation in the USA.

“America is burning in three train derailments each day as American infrastructure collapses. But the U.S. government still spends trillions of dollars on over 800 military bases around the world and buys enough new nuclear weapons to destroy Earth many times over,” added Ms. Deslauriers.

Norfolk Southern contractors moving a burned Benzene tank car. Environmental Protection Agency photograph. Photo is cropped. Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine


While most Americans suffer through difficult daily lives with food prices leaving cupboards bare, Washington politicians pour mega cash into foreign wars to enrich arms makers who pay lavishly for election campaigns of their owned politicians. War is a big business that keeps political parties flush and politicians in their seats for decades.

“NATO is as elaborate in controlling its message delivery as was Hitler’s war machine with massive well-funded media control and armed enforcers controlling the dialogues,” Geraldine Frisque, a spokesperson for The RINJ Foundation and participant in the conversation about disbanding NATO.

“One more NATO war, NATO invasion, or NATO proxy war is going to end the human race,” Ms. Frisque added.

Ms. Carter added that “NATO eastward expansion across Europe to Russia’s borders since 1997 has ended American diplomacy toward Russia and spawned the American proxy war in Ukraine which followed the American proxy war against Russia in Georgia and before that the American invasions of Bosnia Herzegovina, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Libya—all in conjunction with NATO which has built a record of catastrophic outcomes for the human race and a series of law breaking antics that make Adolf Hitler look like a mere playground brat. NATO has slaughtered millions of civilians in the name of those peoples’ security.”

“NATO’s monstrous failure in Afghanistan has resulted in the worst possible outcome for women and girls and allowed scumbags the world over a precedent for depriving women of human rights with a new interpretation of Islam authenticated by NATO, America, Britain and Canada in Afghanistan,” suggested Grace Edwards who runs the Kandahar humanitarian operations for women.

“How the justification of the emaciation of the Afghan female population came about is reason enough to shut down the massive salaries, lavish offices and perks, and corruption of NATO,” added Ms. Edwards.

The conference which had evolved over the weekend had concluded that women must end NATO or women and thus and the human race will not survive.