Most of the world is at war. Will our lovely children, be OK?

“Sustained campaigns of global violence, one group of families against other groups of families, has broken our dreams. Women want to know if the children will be OK.”

Life on the South China Sea has changed. We could once see the massive warships on the sea-lanes horizon but paid no mind. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, we did this most weekends—primitive fun-life on a simple searing-hot beach 20 km from home where food prices now climb steadily these past three years.

Life everywhere has changed. The world has changed.

Analysis by Sharon Santiago, Rosa Yamamoto, Katie Alsop, Behar Abassi, and Micheal John

Are the children, OK?“We need to worry–will our lovely children be OK tomorrow?” South China Sea photo credit: Micheal John. Photo is cropped. Cropping/Art: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Now the world is very different. Fear is everywhere. Checkpoints and threatening faces, these are our experiences all over the world.

“The children have a worried look every day,” say two doctors in Syria.

“The TV news flashes on and presents the kids with images of blood in the streets. The news is horrifying. Wars everywhere and new wars starting,” says a humanitarian worker in South Sudan.

“We went through hell in Iraq and Syria, but I never cried, now here in Afghanistan, the cruelty from all sides, Europe, America, the Taliban, the ISIS, Al Quaeda, brings me to tears of frustration,” said Grace Edwards, a humanitarian team leader in Kandahar, Afghanistan.

“That demented old man Biden says he will nuke North Korea as the Kremlin says it might arm the DPRK if South Korea arms Moscow’s enemies. All the while, Russians of Donetsk  PR took back ownership of their last Ukrainian / American-occupied city and we are still patching up kids hurt in that skirmish which since 2017 the Americans refuse to support because we do abortions for needy women in wars. Bakhmut was a pretty place but now it is mud and rubble, still filled with bodies under ruins, I suspect,” says Alona Adamovich from Kiev, Ukraine. Throwing up her arms she continued, “I am going to ask the government if they even give a hoot about the Ukrainian people their decisions continue to kill or maim.”

“Sudan has blown up. Haiti is apocalyptic. Europe is hungry. This cannot go on, this way,” notes Dale Carter, RINJ Women security director.

But China is taking a lead with a cool head at the helm and peace talks in Ukraine are just getting started.

“We need to pick somebody with a sane mind and a calm disposition to call a world leader,” suggests Dr. Kathy Poon who just finished her internship in Singapore.

Saudi shook hands with Iran thanks to China who reminded its neighbours that they are indeed brothers and sisters.

But Israel with the U.S. presumed endorsement is still slaughtering families in the occupied territories and killing journalists like Shireen Abu Akleh with impunity. What do we tell the children.

“We need to worry–will our lovely children be OK tomorrow?”

Video: What do we tell the children. Alaa Abu Hatab, his wife and daughter visiting graves of family members who were killed by Israeli airstrikes.


Wake up. Our world is at war, getting bloodier by the day

“What can we do when the whole world is in a sustained campaign of global violence, one group of families against other groups of families. This violence has broken our dreams, and nobody is listening to reason,” said a frustrated Dr. Nassima al Amouri who is a medical director for The RINJ Foundation, organizing humanitarian operations in the Middle East and Europe.

Our world is at war.

Map showing countries and regions at war, a sustained campaign of global violence one group of families against other groups of families. Wake up. Our world is at war, and it is getting bloodier by the day. Photo Art/Cropping/Enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

The Patriarch is learning to kill selected thousands at a time without taking any risk. These civilians don’t fight back and the killing is done by remote control.