People of Gaza must move into Israel. Tear down that wall

Israel has blocked all food and water into Gaza. Fanatical lunatics seized Israel’s government with Biden’s support and are now sought for arrest by the world.

In the Gaza Strip the civil defence group has conducted 37,000 missions to rescue Gaza victims and are pretty much tapped-out as the American and Israeli forces bombing Gaza are targeting the heavy equipment the workers need for conducting rescues of children buried under the rubble. That might have been the straw that broke the back of the psychotic killers under Netanyahu.

The RINJ Foundation is talking to a number of countries about sending troops to help police the effort of getting the people out of Gaza and into Israel.

A single state solution lies ahead.

The people of Gaza who leave will pitch their tent wherever they can and UNWRA is asked to get their resources in gear and support the effort of finding safety for the people of Gaza.

Doing the same slaughters over and over, every few years, murdering Palestinians in their own land, is going to end. The human race is seeking this outcome and is largely prepared to play an active role.

Gaza is unfit for human habitation. The stink of death and disease is everywhere amidst unexploded corroding bombs and getting worse. Egypt doesn’t want 2,000,000 new, sick people (around 300,000 Gazans are missing).

The stench in Gaza is from dog and human carcasses in the rubble and human and animal waste sinking into the rubble and starting to rise as water falls as rain and the temperatures rise. The spread of morbid disease is now unstoppable.

Biden Administration total liars seek Gaza Genocide without blame

But these slithering liars are guilty as sin, and try in so many ways to distract and deceive from the role of Genocide Joe. America needs to get its thousands of troops out of Israel and out of Gaza before they become targets.

The RINJ Foundation is getting positive feedback for the evacuation from certain nations that may not agree with the hordes of “American Advisors” helping the criminal IDF kill unarmed Arab women and kids all over Palestine. Get it? Get out.

Gazans must leave Gaza to Israel in a massive, large group at once beginning on a day yet to be announced. Gaza is a danger to all living creatures, all sentient beings.

Gazans must leave to Israel

Preparations must be made. Gaza will likely take a decade to clean up and it will inevitably belong to the new state that will replace Israel and Palestine. Think of a name for your new country, Jews and Arabs and all. Like the rest of us people in the world, you are going to learn to live together in democracy and in peace without killing each other. This latter project may take some time but in fact it could be done in a day. Don’t underestimate the women of the world and their friends and your own abilities to work together to live in happiness.

The killing must stop. Nothing else has worked. Tens of thousands of women and kids have been murdered by fanatics who illegitimately seized the government in Israel. They will be arrested in good time. More women and children are being killed every day and it must stop. This insanity must end. Agree? Join Us!