Israelis hate Arabs more than Hitler and Nazis hated Jews

Israel is no state, but a harbour of impunity for soulless, murdering haters. USA is no different if judged by what one sees of Fox News or the brutality against protesters.

smoldering ruins of Palestinian tents and bodies

Smoldering ruins of Palestinian tents and bodies set afire by Israeli rockets. Behar Abbasi

The Jews are slaughtering Arab kids for fun in Palestine and starving those barely living. The living do envy the dead, many have said to humanitarian workers.

Hundreds of ordinary Israeli Jews, whole civilian families come to crossing points and attack humanitarian aid truck drivers, smashing humanitarian aid supplies the trucks carry, and systematically destroy every case of goods they have not decided to put in their car and take home.

Around the world Jews and expatriate Israelis are cheering Netanyahu and fellow Israelis starving the Palestinians to death.

Not all Jews, but too many.

Arabs are people who wear only dirty clothes; sleep in the street when they are tired of walking; Arabs walk carrying their meagre personal belongings from place to place; Arabs are women and kids holding bloody rags to their septic wounds; Arabs are begging for food as they go, or breaking into your house and stealing food; Arabs are the ones walking or crawling to the next place the fools have been told to go. They are disgusting. Right?

Since when do Israelis think about Arabs any differently? Israelis create this squalor every single day.

Israelis destroy food-aid trucks heading to Gaza

Israelis destroy food-aid trucks heading to Gaza. Behar Abbasi

This is why a two-state solution will never work.

Once Israelis live with Palestinians, it all works out. They forget the stereotyping and choose reality. Their friend or neighbour is a very nice person. Go with that.

Israel as a state must go the way of the dodo bird. Extinct. The people will create one democratic state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean Sea that has no trace of any of the former governments and it will be known as whatever the people name it.

Anyone who thinks that is too hard to do is just lazy. This two-state lie is nothing but a hoax test-bed for trying out new weapons and creating a plausible deniability for launching weapons at other states. Don’t trust anyone who offers a two-state solution that uses the same soulless government structures and leaderships.