Help the displaced people of Gaza move to Israel. Take down that wall.

Two women and 4 kids dead every hour in the eighth month is deliberate species extermination. Women and children are being killed to eliminate a race in Gaza at a colossal rate despite all the alleged UN protections against genocide.

Following the deaths of key organization leaders in north Gaza in early March, the patience of the RINJ Women CSO is faltering and a more proactive approach is called for as all global institutions, all nations completely fail to stop the apocalyptic disaster in Gaza that threatens to spark a world war.

Since January, teams of women security workers have infiltrated several countries for the purpose of studying persons named as complicit in the Gaza Genocide and make plans for the arrest and transfer of the accused to the International Criminal Court.

These are skilled operatives working for a private security contractor, the same ones who provide security to specialized women health care workers in Afghanistan, Syria, Iran, Iraq and Yemen.

It is estimated that 600,000 exhausted Arabs evacuated Rafah in the first few days of this week. They are dispersed throughout the debris of the Gaza Strip, where unexploded ordnance sometimes detonates as bombs, bullets, famine and disease rule life expectancy in a region 6 km. wide and 44 km. long.

“All humanitarian aid, including food, medicine, fuel and other life sustaining supplies has been blocked entirely by Israel and a heavy bombardment of Rafah and across all of Gaza is killing scores of exhausted civilians daily according to medical care workers in the region,” says Dale Carter, Security Director of the RINJ Women.

“Bombing, shelling and ground attack is smashing the remaining populace of Rafah, exacerbating the safety and the security of the entire civilian population which had reached 1.3 million people who had been told by Israel to go there for their safety.”

Evacuate 2M Gazans to Israel. Bring tents. Tear down the wall. That’s the goal. This forever worsening massacre must end.

“America’s whitewashing of Israel’s part in the Gaza genocide; it’s frequent abuse of the rules to block ceasefires, one after another across seven now eight months of genocide and  America’s overall efforts to prolong the holocaust are crimes against humanity and the Women of the RINJ Foundation have set this complaint out in an information to the International Criminal Court and in a second appeal to that worthy body soon to be submitted setting out the quantum of death and suffering done by each of the parties to the genocide,” explains Ms. Carter.

“Gaza is no longer fit for human habitation. Disease and rats prevail. The RINJ Foundation contemplates moving people into Israel temporarily,” urges Behar Abbasi.

Famine in Gaza and the spread of disease is out of control. The deceased cadavers rotting under the rubble include humans and domestic and wild animals.

The Palestinian people have been denied the right to protection from genocide ordered by the International Court of Justice. Gaza is no longer habitable. This is genocidal intent on the part of Israel and America and its allies.

Khan Yunis has become a tent city again.

Twenty-six security specialists from the contractor have been sent to the area in mid-March following the bombing and destruction of a clinic with some thirty deaths. The security team is in the region for the purpose of evaluating various methods of saving lives of women and children in Gaza. From this project has come the suggestion of moving the people of Gaza, across the prison wall into Israel, away from the rats, famine and disease from the massively destroyed Gaza Strip.

“We asked a few of [our] IDF friends we had just fed, ‘what is the purpose of this war?’ [translated].  They agreed that the orders they get indicate that the mission is to kill every Gazan they can and make the rest leave,” explained nurse Ai’sha who has been running a mobile birthing clinic in Gaza for a very long time and more recently helped women flee with their family from Rafah.

Ai’sha shared what she heard from the male friends. “We harass them [the Palestinians] every day for 8 months. They are crazy. They don’t go away. Many guys just kill them when they become defiant. We [of the IDF] move them here and there, everywhere, every week, just for the sake of harassing them, and they tough it out. They are holding out for either freedom or death,” observed the older of the three young men.

He went on to tell the women that, “We have no control of the people until we shell them or bomb them and then they start to move. But I suspect this is because they are starving and hungry. Maybe they are still defiant but they walk like the dead who did not fall down. They just try to be free is what we see.  Over and over again the Gazans pick up from a pile of s*** and move to another pile and start over again caring for their kids and making a new life again.”

“The IDF soldier went on to talk about the IQB which we know little about,” reported nurse Ai’sha.

“Their freedom fighters are undefeatable,” said the soldier to the women.

“Their fighters are never with the people. They tail us like a shadow. They are ferocious and devoted. They know when to run; when to duck and cover; and when to run again at us and then shoot us. They attack us against all odds, and we can’t handle it. Honestly, we are losing. These people are fighting for their freedom and their lives. We just randomly kill them which has become boring and pointless,” said the more senior IDF officer.


Motivated Freedom Fighters have IDF Baffled. Al Qassam Brigades may be able to escort hundreds of thousands of tired migrants away from the mass burial grounds of Gaza into Israel. File Photo source submitted. Photo Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine.

Two state solution is an unreal American Wet Dream that keeps the war on Palestinians alive. The Palestinians and Hamas are not terrorists. They are an oppressed race of people who are being subjected to apartheid, and genocide.

Israel is an experiment that failed. The hatred that is consuming some Israelis has reached the point where it cannot be stopped or contained. Many of these people need to be put in prison.

Take the robbery by random settlers of Palestinians off the table and everyone will need to work for their living. Let all these people live together and work together in a true democracy initially supervised by UN-imposed government for a couple years while the mechanisms are put in place to hold an election. The enemy of these people is Earth’s failing atmosphere and weather cycles. Something like that. The discussion among civil society workers and their various groups continues.

The butchers of Gaza