Gaza Genocide continues nonstop with more bombings and Tank fire

Only one hope for Benjamin Netanyahu: war and more war. The disgraced politician can stay in power for as long as the Gaza Genocide continues. Warped, eh?

The tanks are lined up on the east side of Rafah and they are blasting the place lifeless. The hundreds of thousands of people were warned to leave, many are still working on it but the latest siege of Rafah has begun on the east side of the southern portion of Gaza up against Egypt. Cairo is complaining loudly about the heavy blasts along its border.

Rafah hit hard Tuesday morning and all day

Biden’s position is that Netanyahu has the right to do this. Dozens of women have been killed today. Photo submitted by Behar Abbasi in Gaza with her humanitarian worker team. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Rafah was hit hard Tuesday morning with aerial bombing attacks by Israel with American bombs and also by tank fire and artillery fire from 105MM and 155MM barrels.

All day, the Gaza Genocide consortium has been killing dozens of families. Air attacks are hitting residential buildings and randomly striking everywhere, not just in Rafah.

“Everywhere in Gaza the sky is falling said one grieving man who showed us pictures of his deceased family,” reports Behar Abbasi from Gaza’s Rafah City where she and other workers are rushing people from their tents toward mule-drawn carts prepped for evacuation.

China and France as well as the EU have warned that a lot of casualties will result from the current reprehensible attack on humanity in Rafah.

Over 130,000 casualties are alleged to be payback for some baskets of beheaded babies and a raped female population—Netanyahu and Biden fat lies. The world has learned that the 7 October story is one of friendly fire incidents and an incompetent and panicked IDF killing Israelis by mistake.

These men, Netanyahu and Biden, plus both men’s cabinets and their European friends, are making the world sick. The West’s propensity for violence, solving every little problem with bloody war, is killing off the human race. Our leaders should have been cleaning up the Earth instead of adding more weapons and brutally killing populations. These men have a price on their heads offered by numerous Arab billionaires.

The false flag operation of 7 October 2023—Biden and Netanyahu lies about baskets of beheaded babies and choirs of raped women became the lost momentum of the liars’ outlandish propaganda blasts but the killing of civilians continued anyway in Gaza as Fox News outrageously pumps the American rabble into an angry, bloodthirsty, riot. We watched Hannity yesterday and one conservative Republican woman nearly vomited.

Biden and his cronies are going to hang, figuratively.

Probably life sentences will be the Biden Cabinet’s reward for genocide, not ‘another 4 years’.

“Maybe conviction will happen posthumously, because the international wheels of justice are dead slow, but these obviously power-crazed incompetents in the White House are guilty of an historic genocide, full blown complicity for sure, but America is an absolute partner in a genocide, together killing over 25,000 women and kids, willfully,” said Dale Carter, RINJ Foundation security director who following the funerals in Jordan for several RINJ Women KIAs in Gaza, went into Gaza to support RINJ Women directors in Gaza Behar and Ai’sha and their team.

America killed 25,000 women and children, causing over 130,000 casualties and this time America is going to pay for its mass murders.

The Biden White House says he has stalled some new shipments of ammunition next month, anew since Thursday, but that was not until some 26 billion dollars’ worth of new weapons and munitions were hauled off to Israel days earlier—after all war is about making money and getting campaign donations. American arms dealers make millions killing thousands of women and their babies. It’s an American addiction that benefits none of the regular population across the union.

The Israeli Defence Forces and their American advisers have closed off access by humanitarian aid trucks to Gaza. 

Peace is an aberration and war is the norm for the White House. Any White House is the same. Biden learned that while he occupied the VP Office under Obama as the required running mate with no authority, like Harris is now.

Palestinians have evacuated Yusuf Al-Najjar Hospital in Rafah but they are not leaving the area in the numbers expected. The population, about 1.3 million in Rafah is exodus weary.  Israel’s threats to attack Rafah within hours of the warning has had only minor evacuation as a result. Al-Najjar hospital is one of two hospitals in Rafah. It is an abandoned complex but there were folks sleeping on the grounds through last night.

The Netanyahu Cabinet met yesterday and unanimously voted in favour of an all-out attack on Rafah over the next 48 days and Netanyahu quickly reneged on an agreement with Hamas for a ceasefire.

Ceasefire agreement or not, Netanyahu told his office staff that “there will be no stop in the war against Gaza in 2024,” says a woman close to the Israeli PM.

While the clamour for the return of hostages continues, Israel continues to kill them. A spokesperson for the Palestinian side announces that the Israeli detainee in Gaza named Judy Feinstein (70), has succumbed to her wounds sustained during an Israeli airstrike that targeted the location where she and others were held weeks ago. “The same is likely to happen again as others suffer from their wounds,” speculated an ambulance driver.

RINJ Women demand an immediate humanitarian ceasefire.