Biden, Netanyahu together stage a fake quarrel as humanitarian workers struggle with their mess

Just as Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu were co-conspirators in a quasi-false flag operation for 7 October, they are cooperating for both of their political purposes in a fake breach of trust. The outcome is that both of their political bases are happy. Biden’s and Netanyahu’s lies about baskets of decapitated infants and pictures of hundreds of women being raped have become legendary lies.

Both men Joe Biden and Benjamin Netanyahu have belittled the crime of rape which both American and Israeli soldiers are infamous for this criminal misconduct. These men also taint jurists and the jury pool around the world creating a perception that rape of women is just a frivolous false accusation too often abused. False rape claims have plagued women, girls and trial prosecutors the world over.

According to IDF sources who wish not to be identified, Israel has enough bombs and artillery to lay waste to “most cities in the Middle East after all the larger cities of Europe have been flattened.”

“Netanyahu on behalf of Israel is demanding full support from all its allies,” says a woman close to the Israeli de facto PM. “But appealing to other potential allies has angered Biden. You know the rest,” she said.

This is a facade.

The United States has not held back any weapons from Israel according to delivery schedules. Biden still maintains “Our military support for Israel is ironclad.”

Biden makes the same worthless statements about the Philippines every time China water cannons Philippines coast guard vessels and other vessels in the South China Sea, dozens of times, not without provocation, but in any case, Biden’s words are worthless manipulations.

Behind the scenes they still talk

They are still talking in the shadows. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III speaks with Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Gallant prior to a bilateral exchange at the Pentagon, Washington, D.C., 26 March 2024. They continue to talk regularly. DoD photo by U.S. Navy Petty Officer 1st Class Alexander Kubitza, Office of the Secretary of Defense Public Affairs.

There are 2 weapons delivery schedules of bombs and artillery rounds to Israel. There is an official schedule of weapons to Israel approved by Congress and that is what Biden is now speaking of withholding in part—a small part; and the other schedule that is secretive and withheld from Congress hence the only information obtains is from its workers in the USA, and in Israel. Since the heritage of most RINJ Foundation seniors is Israeli, there are many in Israel and many in the USA.

We believe but cannot confirm three ways that America, Israel, and the Israeli settlers are a tag-team blockage of the humanitarian aid routes into Gaza.

“A source from the American side told me, ‘The Biden government also has this fetish about Hamas. Biden’s strange stories of 40 decapitated infants and pictures of women being raped by men who must have been wearing Hamas badges on their willies or how would Biden know the identity of these busy men doing hundreds of rapes as Biden claims,'” reported Melissa Hemingway on Monday from the United Nations in NYC.

“My source was humorously cynical about the President and said that Biden is the laughingstock of Washington DC among women on Embassy Row and in places like George Washington University campus. Not only was Biden admonished by his staff for making up those stories, but he forgets being repeatedly caught and scolded for the lie and repeated the lies often. He never saw any such pictures or other evidence say the staff but also, it’s impossible,” added Melissa Hemingway. 

Since Sunday, Gaza has not received any aid says a spokesperson for UNRWA.

“If the White House truly wanted humanitarian aid shipped into Gaza, the babies and children of Gaza would be eating like little princes and princesses, tonight and every night. Instead, they go hungry with tears across their cheeks caused by the pain from their empty tummies,” said Dale Carter through clenched teeth. She is the security director of The RINJ Foundation.

“A limited supply of flour remains in Gaza, but there is a shortage of fuel, which is necessary for operating pumps and desalinating water, as well as a lack of medicines and food,” Ms. Carter explained further. She has been spending time in Gaza for the purpose of briefing a new team of security consultants providing security training and gear while protecting a fresh team of traveling women’s health care workers.

IWD 2024 Women calling for Cease Fire RINJ Women urge cease fire.“An immediate Ceasefire is being urged in Palestine by all humanitarians in the world who are ignored by the worst sociopathic leaders, yet the irony is that one of those humanitarians or more will be the ones at the deathbed of these assholes helping them try to survive,” once said by the late Dr. Buni Nemef, our dear sister, friend and colleague.

According to the UNRWA, the population of Gaza is suffering from severe exhaustion and trauma amid ongoing bombardment throughout Gaza.

The RINJ Foundation has filed documents with the International Criminal Court and with the International Court of Justice as an observer in an effort to share data.

“People are doing whatever they can to flee the Rafah area,” says Behar Abbasi who is a doctor from Yemen, a founding member of RINJ Women, and she is now leading the Nurses Without Borders in Gaza, a sub-unit of The RINJ Foundation. Behar was unable to say where exactly the tired population was evacuating to but warned that Khan Yunis is not a candidate because it is under a bombing siege.

The battle of Khan Yunis, escalating into the siege of Khan Yunis by late January, commenced on December 1, 2023, during the Israeli invasion of the Gaza Strip that year—(Source: Wikipedia).

“Our biggest concern is the people who need immediate medical attention; oh, things like pharmacology therapy and treatments like dialysis,” Behar said, sounding very tired over the satellite phone.

The courageous Abby Martin Speaks out to Piers Morgan

Click to watch.

“Our biggest problem is that there is no food when the women are on the move. The only thing we really have is flour. It is used to make a variety of baked goods using herbs and spices that can be fetched either from the sea or land and dried for later use. But while the women are packing up their tents, kids, and belongings, they are not baking food from their scanty supplies. It breaks my heart to see how overstressed these women are, but I tell them, ‘At least we are alive, unlike thousands of our sisters.’

“We help as much as we can. Ai’sha has actually had some of our midwives and nurses cut into their sleeping time to help scramble through the nights and get people on the move in the evacuation of Rafah. Overcoming many families’ inertia is the biggest obstacle. People are exhausted,” Behar added.

“Some men help but most men are long gone, for years due to IDF caused routine attrition. Women and children live in Gaza, not men, for years. Dr. B used to tell me this information all the years she was coming here and running training clinics for the local workers. Oh I am sorry… I miss her so much.” We observed a moment of silence [or a quiet time to cry at the loss of a dear friend and beloved colleague.].

RINJ women the world over are staging presentations consistent with local culture in support of Palestinians.

“Obstructing Humanitarian Assistance has been the biggest threat to Gaza and the worst killer since 7 October 2023. We have heard the hospital workers’ reports, but we have also seen the landscape of Gaza. It is a mass grave. It is the worst smell of death we have ever encountered,” said one of the nurses who has children in Gaza and thus at her request we have never named.

Obstructing humanitarian assistance constitutes a grave breach of international law say numerous lawyers and scholars who have briefed staff.

Such actions are considered international crimes, and the perpetrators may be prosecuted in national or international tribunals.

The United States has recently exercised its veto power against a UN Security Council draft resolution that sought to establish “humanitarian pauses” for the delivery of critical aid to the population of Gaza.

In Israel, protests have resulted in the obstruction of humanitarian aid trucks entering Gaza for the third consecutive day.

Israel’s government is now more like the government of Myanmar than any other in the world.

Meanwhile, in Myanmar, the military regime and its security forces have enacted new travel bans for humanitarian workers, obstructed aid routes and convoys, destroyed supplies not intended for military use, assaulted humanitarian personnel, and disrupted telecommunication networks.

The Myanmar military junta leader, and illegitimate leader, Min Aung Hlaing or his  State Peace and Development Council, ordered the killing of RINJ women workers in Myanmar in 2020 and were successful in killing three local workers in their homes with the help of males who were soldiers, and rats. The RINJ Foundation was in Myanmar conducting tests and antiretroviral pharmacological solutions for Myanmar’s soldiers who have been raping Rohingya women causing a massive HIV epidemic among local soldiers who had raped the same women. The goal was to stop the spread of this deadly disease among women victims of the Myanmar military.

The RINJ project of discretely testing soldiers for HIV in Myanmar sought to correlate test results in Bangladesh and to determine the spread of HIV among Myanmar soldiers and Rohingya victims of the genocide.

The RINJ Women are thankful to all parties who assisted in the projects and urge both the Israeli military and the Myanmar military to conduct compulsory HIV testing within the ranks and treat infected soldiers.

“Rape by soldiers in Gaza,” commented Behar Abbasi, ” is spreading disease among soldiers who rape the same girls and women. STDs and HIV is a secondary concern to famine and acute disease threats but in the long term, HIV untreated is a killer and brought back to women in Israel it is a deadly punishment for soldier’s unprofessional and salacious behaviour, including rape of Palestinian girls and women and the thousands of Gaza women imprisoned short and long term by Israeli soldiers.

“Another disease we have seen spread through rape is hepatitis. Test and treat is an urgent need but pointless for a person dying from sever wounds, cholera or malnourishment.

“The spread of disease in Gaza to medical workers is a severe issue,” added Ms. Abbasi.