Benjamin Netanyahu is now a grave danger to mankind

Global war triggered by a psychopath leading a rogue nation with complete impunity backed by America has only ever been conceived as horror movies. Now it’s real.

The UN-Member State sponsored 1-April-attack-on-an-Embassy was the work of a psychopath, a lot like the Donald Trump-authorized attack on 3 January 2020, near Baghdad Airport that killed roughly a dozen Iraqi and Iranian officials in a civilian area of the city. No indictment, no trial, no opportunity for defence, they were just slaughtered like the embassy officials in Damascus on 1 April.

Machiavellian behaviour patterns of Benjamin Netanyahu suggest egocentricity also indicating psychopathic personality disorder with a significant narcissistic trait, common to this dangerous antisocial behaviour disorder.

Unwavering support for Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide in Gaza

The danger of Netanyahu’s antisocial, impulsive, manipulative, and aggressive behaviour represents a clear and present danger. The Israeli people need to remove him from office, ASAP.

The precise measure of Netanyahu’s personality disorder cannot be determined by evaluation of behaviour but his is likely a significant disorder and danger to humankind as the leader of a state with nuclear weapons. The extreme disdain for human lives other than his own makes Netanyahu a danger to the world right now.

Netanyahu’s disdain for human life includes hostages, fictional infants, the civilian population of Lebanon which he bombs incessantly, officials on Embassy Row which he bombs, the population of Palestine which he is trying to exterminate, and his allies etc. Netanyahu is more than willing to draw the USA into a war with Iran, or any other nation. But these incompetent Americans believe Netanyahu is their friend.

Unwavering support for genocide.

Unwavering support for Ethnic Cleansing and Genocide. Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant in Tel Aviv, Israel, Oct. 13, 2023. Austin traveled to the country to meet with Israeli leaders face-to-face and underscore the unwavering support of the U.S. for the people of Israel and commitment to ensuring Israel has what it needs to defend itself. While in Israel will also see firsthand some of the U.S. security assistance delivered to Israel.  DoD photo by Chad J. McNeeley.

While briefly seeming charming and charismatic, Netanyahu harbours narcissistic traits and lacks any moral principles. Consequently, one may have noticed Netanyahu is unrestrained in his actions, provided they serve his desires.

Initially, he may seem engaging, but he can abruptly turn manipulative, malevolent, or even perilous without any clear trigger. (Suggests:  Seven characteristics-of-a-psychopathic-personality | Psychology Today)

Mr. Netanyahu has decided, according to Professor John Mearsheimer, that for him to make ethnic cleansing work, Netanyahu must first of all, “kill large numbers of people and number two, make the place unlivable. Gaza is unlivable already and the reason is that Israelis are trying to cleanse… and they are starving the people.”

The United States’ Biden administration has very foolishly declared that it backs Netanyahu unequivocally with weapons and munitions to any extent Israel would like. Biden has known all along of the ethnic cleansing campaign and has helped with a range of expensive weapons that have killed thousands of children in the hope that the Palestinians would leave Gaza.

Biden did not anticipate that millions of Americans would not share his disdain for Arabs. Biden did not expect the American public to disbelieve his unsupported sick stories about baskets of beheaded babies and his ambitious venture into the topic of necrophilia in a pathological description of dead women’s bodies making unsupported claims that the Arabs had a form of desire to engage with the women’s cadavers in sexual activities, such as intercourse. He said he had heard reports and seen pictures. White House staff saying the President had not seen any such pictures walked this back. Clearly, Netanyahu has eaten at Biden’s brain.

“It is no wonder that RINJ Women, fighting for the safety of women and children around the world, are enraged?”-Simon Baldock, security analyst in Tel Aviv.

Tens of billions of dollars’ worth of American weapons including those with an uncanny ability to penetrate many floors of a residential building and explode with the blast of a ton of high explosives bringing the building down on all the women and children living inside. RINJ Foundation humanitarian workers have experienced this drama first hand, trying to rescue the women and kids underneath it all but huge excavator machines were needed but unavailable.

The butchers of GazaArt: The Butchers of GazaRosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

By December 2023, Professor Mearsheimer noticed that “Israel had been unable to get the Palestinians out [of Gaza], so they had to start killing more people and make the place more unlivable… the situation is getting worse and worse, and worse,” said Mr. Mearsheimer.

Benjamin Netanyahu prioritizes personal reward over ideology, persistently pursuing his own success believes Shaul Kimhi who wrote this in so many words of his Psychological profile of Netanyahu some 23 years ago.

‘Prioritizing personal reward over ideology’ is evident in Netanyahu’s unwillingness to accept assistance from any U.S. advisors who have ideologies vastly different from his own.

Netanyahu’s approach to those he works with closely is self-centered, displaying behaviours that suggest a high degree of self-involvement, often to the extent that others are disregarded. This characteristic is further evident in Netanyahu’s reported manipulation of colleagues.—Shaul Kimhi, Tel Aviv University

Another distinct trait is Netanyahu’s challenge in appreciating and even accepting perspectives different from his own. Netanyahu’s books and speeches presented no examples of attempts to understand or present perspectives other than his own.

Zack Beauchamp, a senior correspondent at Vox asked in March 2015, “Why is Netanyahu so deeply skeptical of making concessions to the Palestinians? Why does he talk in harsh, almost apocalyptic terms about the threat from Iran’s nuclear program? And why has he fought so publicly with Barack Obama, the president of what’s nominally his closest ally?”

Experts share a view that Netanyahu struggles to separate the personal and public or political aspects of his life.

For instance, during a gathering of senior Likud members following a scandal where high-ranking Israeli government officials were alleged to have interfered with justice, Netanyahu  remarked, “I receive tremendous support from across the nation. They urge me to remain strong and resolute. They are with me; they say, ‘Do not yield. Stand firm; the truth shall prevail.'”

But of course, nobody said that.

Netanyahu’s chronic tardiness for meetings, including those with heads of state, is perceived by foreign leaders, politicians, and others as offensive, insulting, and even degrading. It is safe to assume that Mr. Netanyahu is cognizant of these reactions, as some have been reported in the media, yet they have not altered his behaviour.

Netanyahu views the political arena as a war zone where only the strong prevail while the weak like Joe Biden are left behind. To Netanyahu, the end always justifies the means in politics. This philosophy is evident in his actions and pronouncements.

His behavior is not always driven by aggression, malice, or cruelty. Instead, his dominance and manipulation are the result of a dispassionate, calculated conniving strategy aimed at goal attainment, regardless of the cost to anyone. For instance, once when assembling his cabinet, senior Likud members noted in that he was methodically exacting revenge, subjugating and overpowering party leaders. Those who posed a threat to him were systematically neutralized.

Several distinct, recurring behavioural patterns have been identified since Netanyahu’s emergence into politics.

(1) Mr. Netanyahu preemptively attacks anyone it has been observed, who is perceived as an opponent or a rival. The attack may be direct or indirect.
(2) Netanyahu sems to  aims to shrink and diminish allies, and, if necessary, dismiss those allies who might threaten him in the future. This is expressed in evasion, and derision of prospective rivals, or even allies like Joe Biden who may threaten Netanyahu’s future standing.

Ironclad-support-Austin and Netanyahu

Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III greets Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, Israel, 18 December 2023. Austin and Brown traveled to Israel to meet with counterparts and underscore unwavering U.S. commitment to Israel. (DoD photo by Chad J. McNeeley)

(3) Netanyahu utilizes assistants and colleagues to perform dirty deeds that may arouse anger or dissent. Then, depending on results, he either supports them or denies any personal involvement.
(4) Mr. Netanyahu forms and breaks pacts, drawing people closer or distancing himself from them, depending on current political needs or considerations. Today’s ally may be tomorrow’s rival, and vice versa.
(5) Netanyahu uses people for immediate needs, with no long-term loyalty or obligation.
The testimony of politicians, journalists, leaders, and public figures portray Netanyahu as someone who makes, and even signs promises that he does not keep. As a result, he is considered untrustworthy .

Several leaders (e.g., President Mubarak, President Clinton) have accused Netanyahu of promising them things and then denying ever doing so.

Netanyahu’s conduct suggests that he views duplicity as a norm in politics. He appears to tell varying stories to different people without any psychological discomfort, guilt, or moral reservations. Indeed, Netanyahu has seemed taken aback on more than one occasion when labeled as untrustworthy. Consequently, even his truthful statements tend to be met with skepticism.

The behavior of Benjamin Netanyahu exhibits traits commonly associated with narcissism either as a personality disorder or as a trait of another personality disorder.

Netanyahu demonstrates a propensity for megalomania, intertwining his personal destiny with that of the nation; intense ambition; unwavering commitment to his own objectives, regardless of the cost to others; an inability to acknowledge his shortcomings or accept any responsibility or blame; exploitative interactions; exploiting other persons to achieve his ends; appropriation from individuals; political deceit; absence of personal and political ethics; acute sensitivity to critique; and a heightened concern for his image (according to the American Psychiatric Association, 1994).

Netanyahu’s suspiciousness displayed itself from an early age. Netanyahu notes conspiracy everywhere–whoever disagrees with him is by definition wrong and against him–the enemy. He has viewed the world as a cruel place, with no room for altruism, philanthropy, or true friendship, a continuous Darwinist struggle for survival. Netanyahu sees himself, like his father, as an outsider to the establishment, alienated and discriminated against. He has perceived all political colleagues as rivals and has taken revenge on those caught opposing him.

Netanyahu also possesses some of the characteristics of the authoritarian personality (Adorno et al., 1950; Stone et al., 1993): he tends to deny his weaknesses and to blame others (e.g., the media) for his failures; his relationships with people are manipulative and based to some extent on domination; he sees events and people in terms of power, for which he has very great passion; he is an aggressive leader, suggests Professor Shaul Kimhi.

Netanyahu evaluates the world in stark contrasts. His politics of opposition is conservative and rigid. His primary platform is accentuated nationalism. He plucks the heartstrings of his public supporters, fans the fires of their instincts, promises to institute new social and government structures, and calls on his faithful public to rebel against the existing social order.— Citing: The Multi-national Resilience & Well-being Research Collaboration, Tel Aviv University

Psychological point of view

From a psychological point of view, it seems that the foundation for Netanyahu’s conception of politics is based on several of his personality traits: (a) his inability to take perspectives other than his own into account; (b) the early familial environment in which the history of Zionism was seen as both a direct continuation of the path of ancestors who settled in the land of Israel, and a means to right the historic injustice of the exile of the Jews from their land a in this context, Netanyahu identified deeply with the historical notion of a Greater Israel, which belongs to the Jews. (c) the central message of Netanyahu’s upbringing that ‘nothing should stand in the way of determination’ leading to a feeling of omnipotence, when accompanied by a knowledge of goals and convictions. (d) Netanyahu’s ego-centrism, as clearly illustrated in his ability to sacrifice ideology for personal success.

Another hypothesis about the Netanyahu’s family concerns the place each child has in the family: there is some evidence that Netanyahu lived in the shadow of his older brother Yoni. Furthermore, Yoni’s death altered Netanyahu’s life. In the process of Yoni’s commemoration, he revealed himself to the political world and became a well-known media figure.

Conclusions by several experts:

Netanyahu character traits based on behaviour:

  • suspicion;
  • aggression;
  • megalomaniac perception of himself as savior of the nation from tragic mistakes;
  • abhorrent interpersonal relationship style;
  • and total lack of credibility …

…will be heightened while in a position of leadership. It seems that a good portion of Netanyahu’s past failures and mishaps in office were the product of his character, rather than lack of experience.

Prof. Dr. Walid ‘Abd al-Hay wrote Exclusively for al-Zaytouna Centre in a paper entitled Netanyahu Psychological Studies.

Netanyahu is unlikely to make strategic decisions about conflict resolution unless they contribute to his political survival.

His commitment to establishing a “Jewish state” persists, and as explained by Philosophy Professor Avishai Margalit, the theory of “cognitive dissonance” is increasingly relevant among leaders like Netanyahu and the Israeli electorate. They firmly believe in their democracy, yet they significantly limit democratic principles concerning the rights of Arabs in the territories occupied since 1948, and even within the Zionist left.

This cognitive dissonance is used to rationalize outdated colonial practices.

Conclusion By Shaul Kimhi:

Many wonder at Netanyahu’s meteoric rise to power on the one hand, and his repeated failures as a prime minister, on the other.

Netanyahu’s personality, provides a possible explanation. His character traits–ambition, determination, media skills, superbly rhetorical, and personal charm, are highly suited to the achievement of top political office. However, these traits are not sufficient for an effective administrator. Furthermore, additional traits that did not hinder his rise to the top–-lack of credibility, impaired ability for interpersonal relationships, megalomania, aggression, suspicion, and egocentricity—represent a serious obstacle for a successful state leadership which has always failed..