This week in Gaza. Israel declared Gaza a Genocide not a War at the Flour Massacre

Deeds speak. Actions supersede all words as in the case of Joe Biden who cancelled a promised ceasefire, bombs Gaza while he says he will air drop some food someday.

Jordan has occasionally been air dropping food and medical supplies to Gaza in the last five months. Joe Biden this week tried to take credit for this humanitarian work as the parachutes rained down on the shore of Gaza and Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) fired their small arms and tank guns at the people trying to gather the food. That was before the Flour Massacre on Thursday.

Gaza Genocide

Israel uses starvation of civilians as weapon

Two images above.
1) Israeli forces kill child then run her over with a tank.
2) Israel is using starvation of civilians as a weapon of war. Toddler Miss Anhar died of hunger in Gaza. This is how the children look in Gaza as they die. Photos submitted by Behar Abbasi. Art, cropping, obfuscation, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

This week, Israel in a de facto sense declared Gaza is a genocide not a war by its actions and its words.

Deeds speak when Israel’s military (IDF) line up a few thousand women and children using food as an attraction at Al Nabulsi roundabout connecting Al Rasheed Street in Gaza to receive humanitarian aid—then mow them down with main battle tank guns and automatic infantry rifle fire wounding a thousand and killing some ten dozen. More will die from their wounds and their failure to receive food.

Israel kills Gazans lining up for food aid

Photo submitted by Behar Abbasi. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

On Thursday, during what has become known as “The Flour Massacre” Israel killed ten dozen Palestinians in Gaza waiting for food in a line up for human aid including bags of flour. “It was chaos, like a riot of people trying to get away with their sack of flour and trying to escape from the gunfire and the tanks which are running over the injured and the dead,” said one attendee speaking to Behar Abbasi. “We went to get flour. The Israeli army shot at us. There are many martyrs on the ground and until this moment we are withdrawing them. There is no first aid or ambulance,” said another witness speaking to al Jazeera’s people on site.

Oxfam has released a statement saying essentially that Israel’s deliberately targeting civilians after starving them is a gross violation of international humanitarian laws and our humanity.

All week, Israeli settlers, protected by Israeli forces, blocked the entry of humanitarian aid to Gaza through the Karem Abu Salem entry point.

Sources now claim that the Joe Biden re-election campaign in the USA is unable to attend rallies because of massive protests. Kamala Harris has needed to cancel her colleges and universities campaign tour because of extreme and massive protests against the Biden Administration’s Gaza Genocide.

The RINJ Foundation’s security contractor protecting midwives and nurses in Gaza said in a casual conversation with a nurse in Gaza that it has been required while operating overwatch guard positions to kill American and Israeli armed forces personnel who are often attacking birthing clinics and killing the health care workers—even the mobile workers.

When this information was referenced at a meeting of senior RINJ Women officials, Dale Carter, security director, reported that at the risk of losing Palestinian midwife volunteers, the women health care workers needed the armed protection.

“If they are dead, they cannot perform the much-needed OB/GYN care women in Gaza need. The guards are removing name tags of deceased attackers and leaving the deceased for their units to recover where that is indicated,” Ms. Carter said according to a spokesperson at the meeting who relayed the pertinent points. “They also have body camera video, which we require as a policy,” Ms. Carter had also added explained the spokes.

“ female workers do not work in war zones without security protection to the extent indicated by circumstance. Actually, today most of all the work we do is in war zones where women are extremely vulnerable. The exception is for our training facilities which are not in war zones,” explained Ms. Geraldine Frisque, spokesperson for the global women’s rights NGO. Ms. Frisque was at the meeting.

“The team in Gaza concurs with our findings over the past 15 years, apply still in Gaza.

“The biggest risk women and girls face is gender-based violence and murder. Women and girls are exposed to unprecedented rates of sexual violence, abuse, and torture in war conditions.

“Conflict enforces the objectification of women and girls, as they are often seen as useful means of punishing the men as weapons of war, being used by perpetrators of violence to assert control over a population.

“In Gaza between 70% and 90% of all deaths, varying from region to region in Gaza, are women and children.”

Ms. Frisque added that, “women-only is a job requirement to do the midwife work and the nurses doing more complex and critical OB/GYN work due to religious considerations where only women are allowed to do this work. But women and children are not considered to be real people in war zones hence protection is essential, or we would never get a single soul to perform this dangerous work.”

Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson Mao Ning said on Friday that Beijing was shocked and annoyed by the Flour Massacre incident and strongly condemned the killings adding that “China urges the relevant parties, especially Israel, to cease fire and end the fighting immediately; that Israel earnestly protect civilians’ safety; ensure that humanitarian aid can enter; and avoid an even more serious humanitarian disaster,” spokesperson Mao  Ning said.

The United Nations Security Council held a closed-door emergency meeting late on Thursday but failed to issue a statement due to America’s veto.

Global condemnation of Israel’s Gaza Genocide is growing. American Veterans are burning their uniforms this week.