Proof USA, Israel and cohorts committed Genocide. It is Spring 2024, a time of death and tears.

“Gaza conditions of life are calculated by the Netanyahu government to cause, with USA support, the extermination of Palestinians in Gaza,” says biostatistician.

Genocide-Joe tries to back-peddle but the ferocity of the genocide is now irreversible. The tonnage of bombs dropped on civilians in Gaza is American tonnage and like before, America’s genocides succeed. To this day the downtrodden people of North Korea will never forget and never stop hating what America did to the Korean citizenry by 1953.

The people of Gaza who are now undernourished and suffering infectious disease will die early because of the extermination efforts against them. The evidence is in their massive numbers of deaths; their infections, their starvation and their exposure to the elements of nature this past winter.

Air-dropping expired meals ready to eat (MRE) with faulty parachutes killing Gaza victims in hordes of hope looking for any crumb of food has not mitigated the animus toward the United States over the Gaza Genocide.

“When a man murders his wife, he is not exonerated by putting a flower on her coffin,” noted one of the nurses in central Gaza.

Unequivocally, seen by countless witnesses, tons of daily bombing, coordinated by American boots on the ground and in the air have been part of the reprehensible extermination of Palestinians in the Gaza strip.

The outcome we see today was predicted by scientists with data gatherers in Gaza.

“In late 2023, we constructed a projection for Gaza using decades of data from Asia including the Middle East, especially Yemen. The projection for Gaza was 1.32 million persons dead or with serious functional impairment and pending early death, among those victimized by atrocities from 7 October 2023 to the end of March,” explained biostatistician Dr. Fredrick Harris of the Civil Society Parters against Disease (CSPAD) in Singapore.

“These are civilians, mostly women and children, who are under protection of laws that exist, but the institutions intended to enforce the laws and protect the human species from itself are being nullified by the perpetrators of genocide, namely the very racist nation of the United States which has abused its position in the United Nations Security Council and vetoed three major global efforts to stop the slaughter of women and children in Gaza,” added Dr. Harris.

Hundreds of thousands of Gazan women and kids cry themselves to sleep at night this spring.

Born in war, gone in war.We all sat in a dark tent; a newborn baby had gone to sleep hence conversation was in whispers. Behar talked about a baby she delivered in November; killed in March by a bomb. The mother was gone already—the injured brother who had been caring for the lovely baby, was sobbing in a corner of our tent.  “I feel now,” said nurse A’isha, in a comforting tone, “that the baby is in heaven in her mother’s arms, weeping like us for her dear uncle who cared for a baby more than himself, who loved and adored his missing sister and her baby.”  A’isha quietly wept as we all realized this story is about hundreds of thousands of Gazans crying themselves to sleep this night, many not far from our tent where the sobs are often heard in the night between bombing and shelling attacks. *Photo courtesy The Nurses Without Borders. Photo is cropped and lightened for publication. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine


The devastating impact prediction is being realized.

“The numbers of dead or imperiled civilians in Gaza today are very close to our forecast,” explained an experienced biostatistician from Singapore.

“The phenomenon is mitigated mildly by the extraordinary effort of humanitarian workers of the UNRWA agency struggling to distribute the small quantity of food and supplies that trickle through the Israeli blockade which in essence has always been there, said Dr. Kathy Poon of the Civil Society Partners Against Disease.”

The few reports of hunger-deaths from dilapidated hospitals barely give a picture of the overall situation.

“EMS medical workers and midwives are traveling all over Gaza through slime and grime, rubble and dead bodies and their accounts support our prediction that by the end of March, 1.32 million Palestinians will be dead or pending early death,” explained Dr. Harris when asked about where the field data comes from.

“No matter how the situation changes, the people in that category will die an early death due to malnutrition and disease owing to the toll they take on the human body. Several variables beyond a healthy lifestyle are known to influence longevity. Scientists have known this for hundreds of years,” said Mr. Harris.

As reported in the Lancet Published: October, 2023 (DOI:, “The sum of exposure to different xenobiotics and stress factors in the living and working environment accumulated during the individual lifespan, known as the exposome, affects both quality of life and longevity.

“Disease and absolute starvation have been killing Palestinians since October. It’s no good anyone pretending they did not know. The siege against Gaza is intended as an extermination in the same way humans exterminate rodent pests: starve them to kill them,” added Dr. Harris.

“Over 50,000 war casualties per month is the rate now regardless of what Hamas have to say as they downplay the deaths in Gaza while facing recrimination for triggering another apartheid fiasco by poking the Israeli hornets’ nest.

“American and Israeli carpet bombing civilians just like America did in North Korea, Vietnam and Iraq; destruction of life-supporting infrastructure including water, sewage and hospitals; the spread of over six morbid infectious diseases; the lack of nutritious food; lack of safe, clean drinking water; the plummeting  decline of public health from a bad start; the lack of any proper shelter and sustenance; and the disastrous state of the Gaza healthcare system, exacerbate the deliberately inflicted harm on Palestinians creating conditions of life calculated by the Netanyahu government to cause the extermination of the Palestinian people in Gaza,” Dr. Harris observed.

“Tests conducted in Singapore based on specimen collections flown out of Gaza via Israel show the spread of Hepatitis, Dysentery, Cholera, and a plethora of other infectious disease.

“On site we have Yemen’s Dr. Behar Abbasi who is working as a nurse practitioner in Gaza.

The 2023-2024 Israeli/American bombing of Gaza, starvation warfare and denial of healthcare which has caused 265,000 casualties in Gaza including 32,000 deceased, 75,000 wounded and over 45,000 missing and presumed dead or injured under the rubble of Gaza, and disease and famine predicted to lead to 1.32 million persons dead or with serious functional impairment pending early death by the end of March 2024 according to solid biostatistical evidence.

‘The projection for Gaza is 1.32 million persons dead or with serious functional impairment, pending early death, among those victimized by genocidal atrocities from 7 October 2023 to the end of March 2024, including even Israeli and American military and support personnel localized and imprisoned in the Gaza Strip.’ 1.32 million Palestinians, Israelis, will die in Gaza by March unless genocide stopped (

Stop killing women and children in Gaza. Immediate Ceasefire is needed. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine