Israel is exterminating Gazans. Should the Houthis cut the global internet to get your attention?

This is an important update from Gaza by Yemen Dr. Behar Abbasi working to help Palestinians survive an extermination attempt by Israel and the USA in Gaza. At this point, the humanitarian workers in Gaza are also in morbid difficulty.

By Behar Abbasi

The de facto government of Yemen is not what the UN / USA claims. The traditional leaders of the country, the Houthi clan, currently controls the capitol city and the rest of the country while the puppet government of the USA resides in exile in the east of Yemen. Yemen is in a disgusting mess thanks to America and Saudi Arabia which have been at war with Yemen since September 2014.

Houthis claim solidarity with Gazans

People turn out for an annual pro-Houthi rally in Sana’a on 3 June 2022, Sana’a Center supplied photo. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

American War with Yemen began when USA-supported president Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi was ousted in 2014.

This war against Yemen’s Houthis began in September 2014 when Houthi forces took over the capital city Sana’a, which was followed by Houthi officials assuming the government role, welcomed by most of the government infrastructure.

On 21 March 2015, the Houthi-led Supreme Revolutionary Committee declared a general mobilization to overthrow the USA-supported president Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi and expanded their control by driving into all the southern provinces. That’s where things stand today.

America and Saudi Arabia have been bombing the life out of Yemen up to the current moment. 19 Million Yemenis are suffering malnutrition and food insecurity.

The de facto government of Yemen has been attacking Red Sea shipping to Israel to supply the Gaza Genocide via the Red Sea which in part, Yemen is able to control. These Houthis who have ruled Yemen for centuries, are not a bunch of hillbillies, they are a well-structured, functional governing organization with centuries of corporate culture running a nation. has been effective at even sinking a vessel and curtailing the activities of scores of container ships headed to Israel with American and European weapons and munitions.

Presently, Yemen has far too many problems to be able to afford the money, time and energy to be paying attention to the Palestinian problem, but they say they know what it is like to be pushed into forced starvation as the Americans have done via the Saudi Arabia surrogate, to Yemen, they are now doing to Gazans via Israel.

Don’t believe the American facade of sending expired military meals ready to eat to the people in Gaza with parachutes that fail to open, killing the locals.

The quantity of food crashing to the ground is about the weight of a truckload or two from of the hundreds of trucks being blocked from bringing humanitarian aid into Israel by Israeli armed forces. They are blocked by the Israelis in cooperation with the United States and physically supported by Americans and American Forces.

As over a million Gazan lives are threatened with extermination as America and Israel tighten the siege on the country throttling the flow of food and water to the 2 million survivors in Gaza, just like the South Africans have said about Israel’s apartheid over Palestinians, “We know what that is like,” the Houthis have said the same thing about forced starvation: “We know what that is like.”

Out of empathy, these Yemeni patriots are determined to help their brother and sister Arabs in Gaza to prevent their extermination by America and Israel, and they want to cut the underwater seabed communication cables including internet fiber optics. Should they do that to get the world’s attention? They now say they are able to do this having tested the theory.

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