USA in a precarious security state, killing infants, inviting wars

Joe Biden is probably the most deeply hated male in America. Biden is in trouble as he installs intermediate range nuclear-capable missiles in the Philippines; occupies islands within a mile of China; starts bombing Russian territory; spends $billions of the people’s money killing kids and their mothers in Gaza; and unites every one of America’s enemies in a coalition previously thought impossible. Encouraged by American scholars, looks closely at their warnings.

Now that America is out of the INF treaty, the US Army’s 1st Multi-Domain Task Force deployed to the Philippines in mid-April with a new long-range weapon exceeding previously adhered to Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty constraints, said the U.S. Army in April. Consequently, China is adjusting its target grids for the Philippines. This land-based system now in the Philippines is engineered to deploy Raytheon’s current SM-6 air-defence missiles and Tomahawk land attack cruise missiles, targeting distances that span from the Precision Strike Missile’s (PrSM) intended 500-kilometer range up to the 2,776-kilometer range of the forthcoming Long-Range Hypersonic Weapon (LRHW), with the latter two having nuclear capabilities.

The new Biden fake-ceasefire boondoggle could continue the Gaza genocide past the end of 2024. Biden again delays the world’s ceasefire demand to help Bibi kill more Gazans. Does he hope at some point for the absolute disinterest of the U.S. media?

U.S. media outlets already ignore the mass slaughter of children in Gaza, the most reprehensible crime against humanity since King Herod allegedly ordered the massacre of the innocents while Herod was trying to kill baby Jesus around the time of his birth to Mary and Joseph.

The parents in this case were warned about Herod’s treachery. Wise men who visited the family left and returned to the Orient, failing to report to King Herod as Herod demanded. Joseph protected his family from the slaughter of the innocents by fleeing to Egypt, probably passing close to Rafah. Biden and Netanyahu today want all of the people of Gaza, these 2 million remaining Palestinians, to flee to the Sinai desert in Egypt via the Rafah crossing. Egypt beware.

Biden is messing with things beyond his limited ability say his critics.

The United States is in a precarious security status, despised for killing thousands of Arab kids and thousands of women in Gaza while inviting war everywhere else around the globe. Belligerence, angry blurts, and warmongering are Biden’s answers to all problems.

Since 1776, Americans involved themselves in more than 100 wars in only 248 years, according to the history books. The odds are now begging to stack against America if it goes to war against China, Russia and their allies as it now appears to be doing under Biden. America and its violence may be about to lose in a big way, fear some U.S. scholars.

Few things belittle men like Biden, more than the evidence of their brutality toward children as in this anti-war art: Massacre of the Innocents.

Peter Paul Rubens painting, "Massacre of the Innocents" photographed in 2015 at the Art Gallery of Ontario. Photo credit: Micheal John, Feminine PerspectiveOne of the most expensive paintings in existence, part of the Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario, Canada is this Peter Paul Rubens’ Massacre of the Innocents photographed at the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) Canada. Photo credit: Micheal John, Feminine Perspective Magazine. Cropping: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

The picture and its story: few things belittle men more than evidence of their brutality toward children. Whatever happened to that once cherished value? Biblical Massacre of the ‘Innocents of Bethlehem’, as related in the Gospel of Matthew.

Herod the Great, King of Judea, ordered the execution of all male infants who were two years old and under in the vicinity of Bethlehem in the hope of killing the newborn infant, Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Given America’s claim to Christianity, it is reprehensible that the country has been killing thousands of infants throughout its relatively short but extremely violent existence, and now killing unspeakable numbers of children in Gaza.

Sasha Suda, the AGO’s curator of European Art and CEO and director of the National Gallery of Canada, says that when she stands in front of this painting, she feels ‘humbled by the pure skill and virtuoso of the artist… I also feel challenged by the story that it tells.‘ —The Thomson Collection at the Art Gallery of Ontario.

America’s illegal support for Gaza Genocide sets the world afire

Biden up to his chin in Gaza blood

Few things belittle men like Biden more than the evidence of their brutality toward children.  Photo art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

The ICC knows that America is inside Gaza killing Palestinians. Therein lies the end to the jurisdictional challenge.

The International Criminal Court is set to issue numerous warrants which are likely to be disregarded, demonstrating the global rule of law as an inadequately conceived behavioral model. This is akin to the religious commandments from immortals to which humanity adheres, while resembling brainwashed bees in a Pavlovian experiment.

With no rules, as in the case of Gaza, Myanmar and Sudan, wars become a free-for-all with no enforceable limits to the killing of innocent civilian populations. Rodrigo Duterte already discovered that in the Philippines.

“If you break the law, if you commit crimes, if you are a danger to the children, my city, my country, I will kill you.” That is not a rare thing for him [Duterte] to say. So the death squads, as far as we can tell with investigations, as well as whistleblowers, was composed of former Sparrow Units from communist groups.

“Sparrows are assassins, assassin teams working with the communists. They also included former members of the Alsa Masa or other vigilante groups. And they also included former or current police officers.” —Patricia Evangelista

Biden Administration uses AI to ‘salt and pepper’ Social Media platforms with his message about his claimed justifications for killing women and children in Gaza.

The comments, posts and profiles generated by sinister U.S. government agencies under the direction of the Biden Administration are supporting a narrative to bring Biden’s polling out of the tank, but that’s not working either.

Dead kids trump Biden’s version of nirvana in the eyes of Americans. Biden is a foolish liar, repeating the same debunked ‘beheaded infant stories’ and dozens of other lies.

Only the stupid Americans follow a pied piper. Pied Pipers are all liars and draw their followers over a cliff to their oblivion.

Four years of Joe Biden is walking the world into a Global War. Biden is both corrupt and stupid says the evidence.

America is losing its war with Russia despite the full force of NATO weapons being brought to bear against Russia on Ukrainian and Russian soil.

Ukraine does not have the manpower to fight this proxy war for America. Volodymyr Zelenskyy is now a failed leader having to skip 2024 elections and try to lure foreign fighters as millions of Ukrainians flee the country or die. Millions of women and children are living inside internally displaced refugee camps within Ukraine and outside Ukraine. Many have come home only to die.

“Many Ukrainian children are showing signs of malnutrition and stress-related trauma disorders,” says Alona Adamovich who is the RINJ Women director in the region, commanding a humanitarian workforce of over 800 workers across the entire country.

Watch “A war that should have ended 3 summers
ago cost hundreds of thousands of lives.”


Video poster and video courtesy The RINJ Foundation-Ukraine and its NWOB unit, The Nurses Without Borders in Ukraine. Every woman humanitarian working in a women and girl’s shelter or a clinic asks Melissa Hemingway to scribe, “End this War“.

“The slaughter in Donbass which began against the millions of ethnic Russians there has continued since early 2014 but at least the 70,000-troop invasion of Donbass that had amassed on the Donetsk contact line was stopped by the Russian military operation, saving tens of thousands of lives,” Alona Adamovich added.

Needless deaths of hundreds of thousands“Unbearable loss,” is how nurses and doctors in Ukraine describe their patients’ agony from loss of loved ones which complicates the patients’ own injuries and disease. Video capture from footage above. Photo Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

America is in deep over its heads in Asia. It will lose everything if it enters war with Russia and China as well as the rest of the BRIC.

Today, America again militarily occupies most of the Philippines archipelago after blackmailing Ferdinand Marcos who is in big trouble with American Courts. and a massive buildup of offensive weapons has been readied for war with China. At the same time, two islands close to China, one within one to two miles of the mainland have been occupied by American special forces.

China’s recent military exercises around its Taiwan island against U.S. weapons on the island was not just a usual drill, it was a preparation by China to drive out the Americans from its islands.

China’s nuclear arsenal is enhanced by better missiles capable of flying at supersonic speeds and striking as far away as anywhere along America’s east coast. China’s Russian ally is capable of eliminating most of America’s east coast with its deep-sea tsunami nuclear weapons. It will get bloody say all observers, many of whom suggest 2027 but scholars say, “this year or early 2025”. The RINJ Foundation has already warned women and children to evacuate Luzon Island as soon as possible if they are able. “Women urged to take their children, leave the Philippines ASAP“. An October 2023 update said “Philippines in bigger risk of war than we first thought”.

Upgraded U.S. Typhon Long-Range Nuclear Capability missile system in the Philippines now a major target of China say Mil-Sources

The RINJ Women’s organization’s chapters in China maintain strong connections with compassionate members of the People’s Army. When inquired about this issue, they strongly emphasized the “protection of civilian lives, particularly around the nine to twelve military bases utilized by Americans, including the Subic Bay naval base and its adjacent large airport.” They also mentioned that it is the responsibility of the Philippine government to issue these warnings.

Experts say violence in the South China Sea is expected at any time.” That October 2023 warning turned out to be precisely timed. Hostilities have worsened, becoming violent  since then. China tourist visits to the Philippines have plummeted and the war drums are loud on the American side.

A Chinese defense spokesperson on 30 May denounced the recent deployment of America’s long-range missile system in the Philippines, saying the moves of “Philippines and the USA have put the whole Asia-Pacific region under the threat of U.S. weaponry,” according to a Xinhua report.

“The Chinese side is highly vigilant against and firmly opposed to this,” said spokesperson Wu Qian in response to a media query regarding the deployment of the U.S. Typhon Long-Range Capability missile system in the Philippines, reports Xinhua.

Meanwhile China’s rocket divisions claim they are capable of wiping out American installations on Guam, Japan, Philippines, Taiwan, Penghu and Kinmen islands.

By hook or by crook, America has boxed in China including moving more troops into the Taiwan island area, some even within a mile of the Chinese mainland.

“This provocation of the People’s Republic of China is not well received by any of the members of ASEAN with the exception of the Philippines which has a very juvenile government now just learning the ropes with perpetual American guidance,” noted security analyst Simon Baldock from Tel Aviv.

The mass killings of over 26,000 children and their mothers and the 20,000 orphaned children in Gaza—both modest estimates—are Biden’s biggest problem. He is going to be arrested.

“It is only Biden’s arrogance having got away with so many corrupt practices and malfeasance in the past that made him believe he could get away with pre-meditated mass murder and genocide in Gaza,” said a seasoned leader of the private law enforcement agency that is a security contractor to The RINJ Foundation.

Biden’s promise of a Gaza ceasefire is an election distraction supported by massive numbers of fake social media posts generated by artificial intelligence hacks of social media including TikTok.

Boondoggle? Why else would the President of the USA say that he is holding an Israeli approved ceasefire he wants the world to force the Hamas into accepting? Netanyahu is saying, “no, not me”. That is backwards. It’s the same proposal Hamas accepted over two weeks ago but that Israel rejected then and now. Americans don’t know these truths. They are mushrooms.

Israel and America are committing genocide in Gaza or if the Court disagrees for whatever reason, it is at least a mass murder to ethnically cleanse Gaza and the West Bank and Jerusalem. Driving the people out of these areas with mass murder and starvation they eliminate the apartheid accusation against Israel and benefit from being able to take all the land of the Palestinians and its great wealth in oil, gas and precious metals.

Israeli Finance Minister Bezalel Smotrich and Minister of National Security Itamar Ben Gvir, both of the Netanyahu cult-like extremist coalition government, say they will bring down the government and run in an election on their own Party’s merits if a ceasefire is called.

“Israel leveled Gaza and in doing so destroyed Palestinian schools, cemeteries, hospitals, clinics, water desalination plants, sanitation systems, garbage collection apparatus, underground pipes and cables, and are attempting to starve the people in Gaza until they are dead or willing to leave. Our visits to northern Gaza where there are no functioning hospitals are heart wrenching. Seeing children emaciated from starvation and dying slowly is the worst pain imaginable,” said nurse Ai’sha speaking of a recent excursion to deliver babies in a makeshift clinic replacing one that was bombed by the Americans and Israeli’s killing 30 good people including 12 infants and a five-women  medical crew of The RINJ Foundation.

Video: Military force can address only a limited number of issues, and often not effectively, leaving the instigator unsatisfied.

Consider the United States’ involvement in North Korea; the DPRK remains resilient and harbors resentment for the millions of civilian casualties incurred. The
DPRK wants revenge to this day in a war that never ended.

Reflect on the Vietnam War, which was a significant loss for America, and the situation with the Taliban, who were implicated in the 9/11 attacks and later overcame American forces in Afghanistan.

Watch as John Mearsheimer issues warnings. America is heading into trouble.

Watch Professor John Mearsheimer, foremost American scholar plus defence and foreign affairs expert.