Trudeau has experience, stability, to meet the moment

Comment: Urging caution in troubled times.

The world is in a mess. People are crazy angry at everything; many are killing each other in wars, over 55 right now, and the mental health of the global population is flagging badly.

The one asset Canada has to bring diplomacy and calm sensibility to each crisis, is the experience and stability of Justin Trudeau.

Justin Trudeau meeting the moment

Justin Trudeau, meeting the moment. Photo credit: Office of the Ukrainian President. Photo is cropped. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Canada is better off than most countries but like America, Canada is falling back. Life is not easy right now. The cost of living is obscene and home ownership for the generation coming of age is gloomy if not impossible. But Canada, suck it up. In many parts of the world, life itself isn’t even possible for everyone.

America is dragging Canada down but not down the drain. That won’t last. The world is in a new paradigm post pandemic, and much adjustment is needed. Both America and Canada have momentum downwards coming out of the SARS-COV-2 pandemic but that is already changing.

Sharing our women’s clinics solar power secrets to fight climate change. – (

The wealthy possess everything and ride rough waves smoothly, while ordinary individuals struggle to afford three meals a day on top of their mortgage or rent payments.

The global litany of crises of wars and climate disasters is having a devastating effect on the cost of living and crushing consumer confidence everywhere.

Canadians are accustomed to an easy life, but the massive destructive forest fires should have signaled that change is not just in the wind, change is needed to survive.

Canucks did not want to pay attention to Justin Trudeau talking about reducing Canada’s Carbon footprint since 2015, but Canadians really screwed up—the feared 2 deg. increase in global temperatures hit momentarily on 9 November last year. So too did many catastrophes.

Trudeau did not bring us the Climate crisis. We did. How do we fix this fast?

Reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Stop burning your trash! No more open fires.

Install solar panels around your home tomorrow. Start small and expand as you learn how. The RINJ Foundation has been doing this all around the world out of necessity.

Get an electric car or motorbike if you can. Stop driving smoking bandit vehicles and carpool if you can. Sell your gas guzzler or convert it if possible before its value plummets. Get a bicycle and ride it everywhere or walk. Use public transit.

Use electricity or clean-burning natural gas for cooking and avoid all polluting devices and methods. Forget the open fires and bar-be-ques.

The United Nations environment programme and most others urge that ceasing meat consumption and concentrating on plant-based foods is advisable. Eating fish can be acceptable, provided the source is trustworthy and the product is uncontaminated. Plant-rich diets may help reduce the risk of chronic illnesses such as heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and cancer.

Walking to the market to purchase food is a good start. Sustainable local agriculture can consume up to 56% less energy, generate 64% fewer emissions, and support higher biodiversity levels compared to traditional farming, according to the United Nations environment programme.

Take it a step further by cultivating your own fruits, vegetables, and herbs. They can be grown in a garden, on a balcony, or even a windowsill. Consider establishing a community garden in your area to engage your neighbors.

Please refrain from wasting food. Millions of people globally suffer from food insecurity. Serve no more than a cup of rice and maintain high protein levels with nuts, beans, small fish, and locally sourced vegetables.

Liberals lose a Toronto Byelection and caucus members freak out, like brats.  Wow. Some inexperienced newbies want the whole Cabinet replaced. Check history. The sitting government loses byelections as a matter of course, especially when the electorate is getting pissy about life.

Liberals lose a stronghold riding in a Toronto byelection. Poor babies. You got spanked by an angry electorate—angry at everything. You didn’t work hard enough to win the byelection.  How many polls did the complainers canvass?

Today, in Canadian politics, if you want a win, you must work it hard and get out and meet every voter and show them care. Learn their needs and then get to work fixing those deficits.

The Toronto—St. Paul’s riding had a byelection four days ago and the Liberal candidate lost by about 500 votes, in the realm of recount territory. The riding is a federal electoral district in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, that has been represented in the House of Commons of Canada since 1935, mostly by Liberal Party members.

Many times, Feminine-Perspective Magazine has slammed the PM on many issues and heaped praise on other occasions. It’s what this journal does. The thing about Trudeau is that he listens to the people.

Women in Canada who support diplomacy over violence, caring and sharing, and gender equality, support Justin Trudeau into the future because the instability around the world must be met by our most experienced and stable leader. That person is Justin Trudeau. There is nobody else. This is not a time for high risk-taking at the helm.

An Editorial by the Editor and Staff of Feminine-Perspective Magazine