Israeli Genocide prioritizes killing women and kids ‘because they are animals too’. A kid wrote a letter from heaven

The author of ‘because they are animals too’ in this article’s headline is an IDF Major. RINJ Women’s CSO believes the true casualty count in Gaza includes 250,000 children already.

Let’s try to keep our humanity alive. We open this article with this poem which move was inspired by an IDF Major who said to us, “Israel’s mission prioritizes killing off the women and kids because they are animals too,” That was a shouted reply in response to an aggressive question about the 75% percent of Palestinian deaths being women and children. A Letter From Heaven is the artistic work of CJ Heck.

Article by Behar Abbasi in Gaza & Micheal John in Middle East Asia

We share this poem in memory of the children lost to armed conflict all over this ugly world.

Mommy, Daddy, how I miss you
and I know you’re missing me.
There are windows here in heaven
and every day I look and see

my toys all in the toybox
and my dolls up on the shelf,
but I can’t pull them in my wagon now
nor hold them to my heart.

My little rocker’s empty
and your arms feel empty too.
I can see the sadness in your face.
Mommy, Daddy, I love you.

My music box is quiet
but I don’t need to hear it play.
Mommy, Daddy, it’s not needed now,
angels here sing every day!

Please don’t worry that I’m lonely,
there are children everywhere.
We are all His little angels
and there’s so much love up here.

Mommy, Daddy, please don’t cry for me,
heaven’s such a lovely place.
God says you did your very best
and your love shows in my face.

Mommy, Daddy, when you need me
just look up and say a prayer.
I will see you through the windows
and I’ll hear your voice up here.

Article by Behar Abbasi in Gaza and Micheal John in Middle East Asia

Tens of thousands of children have been slaughtered in Gaza. Of the total deaths, 75% are women, children, and the elderly.

Women suffer most in evil men's wars

Women suffer most in evil men’s wars. Rosa Yamamoto

Video: Leading U.S. Presidential candidate tells 65 million U.S. watchers of a CNN debate that Israelis should “finish them [Palestinians] off”, and as a slur, calls his opponent, Joe Biden, a “Palestinian” as a disdainful slam.

Millions of Americans cheered for this. It’s not just for the Biden administration that complicity in a bloody genocide wins votes, it wins votes for Trump too because as well as Biden and Trump being White Supremacists, it’s most of the American population too.


Biden’s response to former president Donald Trump’s slur, calling Biden a “Palestinian” is to imply that the Biden team has been slaughtering Palestinians with zeal and supporting Israel doing more than anyone.

RINJ Foundation workers are always in Gaza and have seen that Biden is telling the truth, inasmuch as knowing by seeing that America with Israel have turned Gaza into a wasteland which will be uninhabitable for decades according to numerous experts interviewed on this question. Gaza is uninhabitable due to rotting corpses human and animal, chemical war compounds leeching into and from the soil, rodents and rotting rubbish.

America is biggest supporter of Gaza Genocide

Biden has been very effective in the strategy for killing the women and children of Gaza to exterminate the Palestinian Population remaining in Gaza. Image of Biden is taken from CNN live video.  Rosa Yamamoto

America’s hundreds of 2000 pound bombs sent to Israel  (14,000 MK-84 2,000-pound bombs shipped since October) are being dropped through the roofs of Gaza’s residential apartment buildings in broad daylight when mothers and small children are at home. See the video below.
The bombs with triggers in their tails detonate after passing through some 8-10 stories of the building causing an event that brings the building to the point of implosion which crushes the occupants under rubble. Watch the video showing this event at Hamad Towers in Khan Yunis, Gaza, Palestine.

“Rescuers cannot reach the suffocating Palestinian children under the powdered concrete many meters deep. In few cases they have found children and women who have suffered suffocation in the higher floors which are now at the top of the rubble pile that fills in the cavernous hole the massive bomb has created deep in the ground,” explains nurse Ai’sha who has worked in Gaza, this time, since 9 October 2023, and previously many times since 2014 in various crises. Normally she works in occupied East Jerusalem and West Bank.

“Those that make it to medical care are still having powdered concrete spooned from their mouths, and cleaned from their nostrils and sinuses,” explains Behar Abbasi as Ai’sha nods her confirmation.

At 01:57 in the video above, viewers can see the peculiar shape of the tail and the large size of this BLU-109 2000-pound ordnance as it destroys another entire building.

As Feminine-Perspective Magazine has reported since October 2023, the USA has selected for Gallant and Netanyahu’s extermination of the people in Gaza, a 1987 designed 2,000-pound bomb for destroying Gaza residential buildings leaving little to no evidence of the number of deaths. After FPM articles were drawn to Biden’s attention, he decided to hold back on more deliveries in May of these weapons when he was angry with Netanyahu.

What just five of the 14,100* American-selected BLU-109 bombs does. None of the people in these five buildings made it out. There was nothing but a hole left from these smaller buildings full of women and children during the day.

 The 2000 Pound Bomb: What is it and How it Works 

The 2000-pound bombs Biden was talking about holding back in May when he was angry with Netanyahu for embarrassing Biden in public, is constructed using several key components that combine to create a highly efficient penetrator bomb that can destroy apartment buildings and kill every Palestinian inside the building. In the daytime when these bombs have been used since last October, in the hundreds, only young mothers and samll children are at home.

Hundreds of these bombs have been used on hundreds of buildings in Gaza to kill an average of 800 to 1200 people in each building. America is responsible for killing over 120,000 Palestinian women and small children in Gaza. This data is according to biostatistical expert evaluations who say that America has chosen the weapons.

The beauty of this bomb for the criminal committing genocide is that it hides all the evidence. It buries those mothers and small children under tons of the building’s debris because the enormous bomb is designed to penetrate through around nine stories and then explode deep down causing the building ti implode oin all its occupants. Tghe effect is like what happened to the twin towers in New York CIty in 2001. America and Israel do this too, to small children and their young mothers and elder family members.,

Here are the main components and their construction:

  1. Hardened Steel Casing: The outer casing of the BLU-109 bomb is manufactured from hardened steel, specifically designed to withstand the impact forces upon target contact. Typically, this casing is around 0.5 inches thick and exhibits a cylindrical shape with a pointed nose.
  2. Penetrator Rod: Positioned at the center of the bomb, the penetrator rod is a lengthy and narrow steel rod. Made from a high-strength steel alloy, its purpose is to penetrate the target using kinetic energy. The penetrator rod generally measures approximately 4 feet in length and weighs several hundred pounds.
  3. Warhead: Located at the rear of the bomb, behind the penetrator rod, the warhead is designed to detonate after the penetrator rod has successfully penetrated the target. It typically consists of a high-explosive material, such as Tritonal or Composition B.
  4. Guidance System: The BLU-109 bomb incorporates a guidance system that allows for precise targeting. Different guidance systems, including laser-guided and GPS-guided technologies, can be utilized with the BLU-109 bomb.
  5. Fins and Tail Assembly: To ensure stability and guidance during flight, the BLU-109 bomb has fins at its rear. These fins are instrumental in controlling the bomb’s trajectory. Additionally, a tail assembly situated at the end of the bomb assists in stabilizing it during flight. At 01:57 in the video above, viewers can see the peculiar shape of the tail and the large size of this ordnance.


A USA GBU munition is made of two parts 2000 lb BLU-109 and a JDAM tail kit.

U.S. Air Force Col. Lucas Teel, 366th Fighter Wing deputy commander of operations (mid), uses a mechanical torque wrench to further secure the fuse that is installed into a BLU-109 bomb body at Mountain Home Air Force Base, Idaho, Oct. 28, 2020.

A GBU munition is made of two parts a 2000 pound BLU-109 and a JDAM tail kit.

U.S. Air Force photo by Airman 1st Class Akeem K. Campbell. Photo is cropped and resized for digital publication. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Maybe the patriarchy could stop being so disgusting and start now to Care for the children and their mothers.

What we saw on 7 October was jailors attacked by their inmates from an open-air prison where the warden and guards behave like savages killing the women and children because the population has been reduced to women and children after the men have been rounded up or killed. The jailers had begun killing all the women of Palestine, even prominent women like Shireen Abu Akleh.

“Shireen Abu Akleh is held in the highest reverence by RINJ Women and was named a Shero for 2022 for her professional coverage of the Palestinian crisis and her extraordinary fairness, her love, her humanitarianism, and the leadership she has demonstrated for women in every walk of life but particularly in her chosen field of journalism,” said Dale Carter, security director for The RINJ Foundation

The Palestinian attack on 7 October 2023 was allegedly unexpected. But Netanyahu knew because Egypt, Turkey and Jordan told him they had heard the chatter.

695 Israeli civilians were killed that day, according to Bituah Leumi, Israel’s social security agency. Many of these deceased civilians were killed by friendly fire.

Five casualties from the Hamas attack were babies aged 0-5. Three of them were under the age of 3. None were beheaded. (Data at the six-month mark since the beginning of the war—

“According to Israeli military estimates, the investigation into the battles at Kibbutz Be’eri will be the first report released in July,” and Channel 12 is saying this was friendly fire, reports Melissa Hemingway from Tel Aviv.

373 Security forces were killed including Palestinians, also some Israelis were killed by friendly fire and others killed in firefights lasting three days of heavy fighting between the IDF, police and the Al-Qassam Brigade soldiers who arrived in motorized parachutes. Additionally, some 71 foreigners were killed, some by Israeli fire in the most chaotic deployment of military ever recorded in Israel, according to a retired Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) officer.

“The very young men, children in 2018, who attacked Israel on 7 October 2023, were born and raised as innocents in a prison camp, living under apartheid since birth. Without basic human rights and justice, they had no hope for a better life in the Gaza concentration camp.”—How the 7 October attack on Israel is justified by IQB


“When demons try to kill a little girl they try to kill part of us—the soul of all women—a part of humanity all women must protect. That’s how I feel but I can’t find words to express the feeling very well. I will go to where I last saw her if I can and fulfill what I could not do for her by caring for all the remaining children.”

The child girl within the woman

‘The child girl within all woman.’ Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine


On 12 October 2023, the RINJ Foundation from central Gaza called out America, Canada, France, Germany, England, Japan and others on the genocide taking place in Gaza. Instead of reacting properly, all of these countries worsened the genocide citing 40 decapitated dead infants and millions of raped women in Israel. These were all preposterous lies. The accused then withdrew all funding from the United Nations in Gaza, UNWRA with the exception of Canada which increased its funding for the relief efforts of UNWRA and Trudeau made an about face, turning against the complicity in a genocide and standing up to the proponents of the Gaza slaughters. Some other countries eventually pushed backwards a little, but most have continued to help exterminate the people of Gaza as the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court have both accused.

For America, crimes against humanity are common behaviour. Following suit, Canada and Britain have a long history of the same conduct. At least the American leaders and the Israeli leaders are going to prison for these crimes.

Analysis: Is it a psychosis when military occupiers of Palestine commit genocide assuming impunity?

October 2023 Coverage of the Gaza Genocide from Gaza.

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