Gaza Strip headed for human health collapse, catastrophe

Escaping death and horror is the daily activity of people surviving in occupied Palestine amidst 2ooo tons of daily solid waste, rats, and America’s massive bombs.

Israel is still riled at Palestinians’ 7 October-mockery inside Israel of the Israeli’s daily behaviour in Palestine with hostage takings, beatings, murders, mayhem just as the Israelis have done for years on a larger scale. The Palestinian attack was totally unexpected.  695 Israeli civilians were killed that day, according to Bituah Leumi, Israel’s social security agency. Many of these deceased civilians were killed by friendly fire.

Five casualties from the Hamas attack were babies aged 0-5. Three of them were under the age of 3. None were beheaded. (Data at the six-month mark since the beginning of the war—

“According to Israeli military estimates, the investigation into the battles at Kibbutz Be’eri will be the first report released in July,” and Channel 12 is saying this was friendly fire, reports Melissa Hemingway from Tel Aviv.

373 Security forces were killed including Palestinians, also some Israelis were killed by friendly fire and others killed in firefights lasting three days of heavy fighting between the IDF, police and the Al-Qassam Brigade soldiers who arrived in motorized parachutes. Additionally, some 71 foreigners were killed, some by Israeli fire in the most chaotic deployment of military ever recorded in Israel, according to a retired Israeli Defence Forces (IDF) officer.

Israelis are now complacent about the 2,000,000 Palestinians now facing death from starvation, induced disease, and war-weapon trauma. Nobody cares about the slaughter of innocent civilians. They say there is no innocence in the occupied Palestinian territories.

Gaza Strip headed for human health collapse, catastrophe

Gaza Strip headed for human health collapse, catastrophe. Photo UN/Abed Zagout. Photo is enlarged and cropped. Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine

Biostatisticians have pioneered disease tracking methods and are applying them to Gaza

“Access to wastewater is nonexistent because over 95% of the pipes in Gaza are gone due to Israel’s deliberate bombing attacks, but waste material is all over the streets and allies. Additionally, it should be noted that the facilities for 2,000 tons of solid waste removal per day have been gone since October 2023. This disaster is having unprecedented impact on the human condition in Gaza.

“From our best surveillance data gathered since 7 October 2023, by a few Gaza health officials plus the work of our partners’ two-dozen medical professionals on the ground, using deductive reasoning we have estimated there are 392,000 Gazan war casualties including trauma cases and induced disease and starvation. This is a modest estimate. Over 100,000 children under five are suffering diarrhea while enduring hunger and dehydration plus infectious diseases like chickenpox, scabies, and upper and lower respiratory infections. This set of conditions is particularly alarming and at the present rate of illness and deaths we are predicting an unprecedented human catastrophe,” said Dr. Frederick Harris, a career biostatistician.

“Siege-induced cases of meningitis, peritonitis, malnutrition, severe diarrhea leading to morbid dehydration, pneumonia, COVID-19, measles, hepatitis, jaundice and a litany of parasitic conditions are present in the population at epidemic levels, all part of Israel’s plan to intensify its planned genocide in the Gaza Strip,” said Dr. Fred Harris of the Civil Society Partners Against Disease (

“Adding to this spread of disease and severe malnutrition are the concerns about Israel’s’ failure to apply the principles of distinction, proportionality and precaution and Israel’s deliberate military assault on hospitals, clinics, ambulances and other EMS facilities exacerbate the health crisis exponentially,” said Dr. Harris.

“Furthermore, there has been a concentrated effort by Israel and its partners to kill journalists and medical professionals in Gaza thus hundreds are now dead due to assassination with the help of Americans and their technology,” added Dr. Harris, his voice rising in pitch.

Gaza Genocide – Bodies buried by residents in basement mass graves. Photo: Behar Abbasi Art, cropping, enhancement: Rosa Yamamoto / Feminine-Perspective-Magazine